Monday, October 30, 2006

One way, or another, I'm gonna getcha

The weekend was great, I hanged out a lot, drank far too much, socialized with a potential new girlfriend, and so on…
And you know who’s back today?
Nicolas! He texted me on Saturday night:
Hi baby, how r u doing? Sorry about being MIA, I’ve been working away, as usual, but I’ll be in town next week, so how about a night out?? Kiss

I answered immediately and we went on messaging for a while. We’re on a date for tomorrow night, I can’t wait for it!!! Especially as after that, with the exception of a long weekend in Italy, I’ll be working in nowhere land for six damned weeks (did I already mention that?)

Sunday night, anyway, was great, the girls and I were really hot and we actually hanged out ‘till 5:30AM, changing three discos. Crazy, it really made me feel like I was back to college!
Oh, and there may have been a little kissing at about 4AM on Sunday morning, but anything after 3AM does not count, huh?!

Back to reality, I’m concentrating myself on a real big issue: to have or not to have sex with Nico? Although my body says YES YES YES, my mind (and Andrea, best guy-friend ever, who’s been advising) say NO, absolutely not.
Still, I’d better cool down, as it wouldn’t be the first time he cancels me at the last minute, so…
Stay tuned if you wanna know how it ends!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Leaving on a jet train, I dunno when I'll be back again...

Here I go with the bad news. I’m leaving (as usual) for six weeks (no wonder) to go to the middle of nowhere in southern France (not even by the sea).
And my boss still has the nerves to ask me how come I am single (meaning how come I am a spinster, but he’s not brave enough to say it this way).

To go on with bad news, the new guy who’ll be working with me is married (so no potential boyfriend material on this side), and my fave manager, the adorable Laurent won’t be working on this project. Sigh!!

Altogether this means that, unless a miracle happens during the weekend, Nicolas is out of the games (at least for me), as I probably won’t cross his ways until late December.
So, this is probably a good thing as I should really better stop thinking about him, but it’s awful to see chances disappear like that, really.
It is true however, that I still hope to see him during the weekend, as I’m staying in Lyon. But, I’m afraid he’s going to the mountains for the opening of the skiing season (he’s a snowboarder, and that should be enough for me to despise him. Because yes, as I’m a mountaineering and freeride ski teacher, I can’t help but despise snowboarders!). So, I can probably say goodbye to Nicolas and just go on with my life.

Well, I’m awfully tired, as yesterday I went clubbing once more, so I guess I’d better try to work a bit!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Too many evenings!

Yesterday night it was Girls Night Out, so we hanged out at my fave pub (as usual), where an organized evening for young lawyers was going on.
The K, anyway, is always great, and as soon as I crossed a guy I knew, I made him introduce Nat (girl-friend out with me yesterday night) and I to all of his friends. Fifteen minutes later we wall all toasting and dancing, and it definitely went on ‘till faaaaaar to late. That, plus a bit too much whine led to a hard wakening this morning J

I still have no clue about where I’ll be working during next 6 weeks, I only know the guy in charge of the project (hence the guy to whom I’ll have to refer to directly) will be hired tomorrow, so he has 0 experience. Which means, I’ll have to work my fingers to the bone to do my job plus part of his. Wow! Let’s hope he’s cute & smart at least!

No one I know will be around for the weekend, so I still have no clue about what to do… maybe sleeping and going jogging is not such a bad idea, though…
Good news came yesterday night btw, as the Panther has been operated and was feeling fine, she should go home today, hopefully!

Do I need to say Nicolas is still MIA? I’m not stalking him though. Gotta elaborate a new plan about him. I guess I’ll call Andrea, my best boy-friend for logistic help!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brand new

This morning I was concentrating on some data I received, when the phone rang, showing a mobile number I did not know.
It was my brand new assistant (who I have not met yet, as he’s following some classes somewhere). Obviously a guy (did I mention I am the only girl of the team?), obviously French.

The guy calls me “Madame”. I mean, Madame as if I was a 50 years old witch boss, do you believe it???
I hope at least he’s nice, (although no one cute has been ever hired in this team, sigh). By now all I know is he’s one year older than I am and he’s engineer. However, I said I won’t date any more colleagues, so he’s OFF LIMIT!

Did I send a message to Nicolas yesterday night? I’d love to say no, but I must confess I did. And of course he did not answer. And I still haven’t checked whether he goes skiing or clubbing next weekend. If he goes clubbing, I’ll probably cross his ways, and therefore have plenty of news on next week posts. If I don’t….

The Panther is being finally operated today, so in the next few days I’ll probably be able to decide whether to stay in France, move somewhere else or go back to parents pace… we’ll see!
Meanwhile… stay tuned!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Here I am, back from a long weekend at my parents’ place.
The Panther hasn’t yet been operated, so there is this kind of “non-said” hanging around, from time to time. It was a resting weekend, however, plenty of nice chatting, eating the Panther’s fab meals, sleeping, pampering Salomé (our cat, or homecoming queen if you prefer) and so on.

The Manager has called to invite me to a theater piece in Milan, and to ask me to join him visiting his parents in Venice next weekend. Obviously I declined both, and obviously he seems to believe we’re together. Given his usual smartness and intelligence, this is completely weird: how many times did I tell him WE ARE NOT A COUPLE??? Plenty of times, trust me. Still!

Changing subject, Miriam, college girlfriend, called last week. Her boyfriend, who’s in Albany for a mission (he’s a soldier… no comment) apparently is going to give her the ring.
Only, she doesn’t seem so sure about getting married. Honestly, since they got together, she cheated on him so many times I lost count. Okay, I’m a bit old fashioned and he’s always abroad for the Army, but still… I wouldn’t call that love. Oh, and I have a clue he cheats as well. Bah, the girl is a bit complicated if u wanna know my opinion. Or maybe, I’m just worried about watching my friends getting married while I’m heading down on the Spinster Highway.

Just to go on with some drama, I dreamt of Nicolas last night. What can I say about him? Papa told me “To stay out of trouble, when you find your man, make sure he’s for real” and I know he’s not. Mama told me not to mess with sorrow, but I always did, and Lord, I still do, I keep breaking the rules. I still feel the heat and the taste of the kissing, shattered by the rain. Cut it off DDgirl! All I want is to see him craving for me. Sorry people, I might be a dork, but the guy deserves it!

Eventually, in November I’ll go to a seminary in Barcelona, with most of European juniors of my company, plus one of my fave ex-coworkers, a manager half from Argentina half from the USA, tooooooo cool. I can’t wait for it, I’m even planning to have my hair dressed in braids as I usually keep it in summer…

Monday, October 16, 2006

MIA / Not MIA?

So, the week went on between emergency on the job, overeating, self-disgust and so on.
Plus, I missed a great night out on Thursday thanx to the national strike that’s going on since a week ago.
On Friday, luckily, I had planned a night out with the girls at my fave pub (for the happy hour), plus disco later.
I did not resist the urge to message Nico “Once more, drinking rosé at the K…”. He answered me immediately, but we didn’t meet, as he went home quite early after the tiring week. He asked me out by message on Saturday night, but, to be honest, I was already dead sleeping.

The best things about the weekend were that I re-styled my flat for the winter and a long Sunday walk with Maria.

On Saturday I just put away the straw mats, the batik and the mosquito net. Besides, I wore on my bed the winter white coverlet, the white baldachin (excuse-me if I’m styliiiish), the white rugs AND the white pillows for the chairs.
Okay, I swear, it DOES NOT look like a hospital, it’s just kind of creamy, ok? Anyway I love it!

Maria and I danced all Friday night right until 4:30AM, but not a single decent guy in view, argh! Music was great however, plus we hanged out book-shopping on Sunday afternoon, weather astonishingly warm given the season.
And, I even managed to go running and to clean up home. And to cook some pretty good and healthy staff. Hey, I’m almost proud of myself!!

Oh, Laurent, my fave manager ever, called my on Friday and Saturday to know if there were any news about the Nico thing, but as usual, what can I say about it?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Call me when you're sober

Yesterday evening I came back from Southern Italy, after a great sunny weekend.
As I had agreed to call Nicolas, I turned on my mob (ok, I had it off since Friday night… I needed holidays!!), and I found a message from him, dated Saturday evening, that said:
Babe, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow… Nico
Great! So, I called him and, after a few rings, got to his voice mail. I just said that I was back and willing to know if he wanted to make arrangements for the evening.
He didn’t call back.
So I’m definitely swinging between two ideas:
- he is somehow afraid to get to the point with me
- he only calls me when he’s drunk

Anyway, I’m waiting for Laurent, so we’ll discuss this matter and he’ll give me a more objective opinion.
In any case, Nico will be away for the whole week.

Back to my weekend, I can only say WOW. We stayed in this wonderful hotel, I went swilling in the sea (it was that warm!), ate delicious food, visited those small seaside towns you always hear about and so on.
And now I’ll go back to work, as I cannot afford to be fired!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Not so good/not so bad

Yesterday night I was hanging out with the girls at my fave pub, where I’ve always been with Nicolas, so I didn’t resist the urge to send him a message:

I’m at K… and I crave for you…

He called back. He had just come back to town, was at the office, working. We made arrangements to meet one hour later.
At about 10:30PM he messaged me “I’m too tired babe, I’ll go home to get some sleep”.
Delusion rising, I stared 10 seconds at the girls, and made up my mind.
I left and called him. He was on answering machine, so I said “Hey Nico, it’s DDgirl, I’m leaving from the K, I’ll be at your place in some 20 minutes” and switched off my mob.

The poor guy was at his flat, surrounded by working papers, awfully tired, and had to leave at 6AM this morning. He was a bit distressed in the beginning, but than got kinder, and gave me a lift home.
So, once more, we did not have any sex, but a veeeeery long goodnight kiss, we had it.
Oh, and as I’m leaving for Naples this afternoon, he asked me to call him on Sunday as soon as I’m back to town. Which, I’ll surely do, but if we don’t meet Sunday I swear I won’t stalk him anymore!

Meanwhile, the Manager will pick me up at the airport tonight, and I plan to totally suntan tomorrow, and to eat all this wonderful Mediterranean food!

I’ll keep you posted

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Walk like a cat, act like a Panther

Yesterday I had the phone interview for the dream-job in Switzerland. And I did… GREAT!
So great they already sent me an assessment to be carried out on the web, plus I’ll soon have another interview.
Of course, you don’t believe the Panther was glad about it, do you?

I called her yesterday night, by the way, in order to avoid the usual guilty-feeling “you never call me” (as if!!).
She acted completely Panther-style: all purr-purr cat like in the beginning, just to suddenly get irritated “Careful I look sweet but I might kill ya” style. You know, like when your cat scratches you so suddenly while you’re pampering her??
The Sponsor, (aka daddy) emailed me this morning:

From: Sponsor
To: DDgirl

I overherad the Panther talking to you yesterday. She’s as usual: sweet and killer, but basically angry with your Bro, so don’t worry. What are you doing for the weekend?

The thing is, I am going to southern Italy, near Naples, with The Manager. Yes I am: after all, as I’ve already said, I AM a sinner, and life is short.
The fact that Nicolas is MIA (and away for work) did help to persuade myself, either.

Talking about work, Laurent, my fave manager ever, keeps saving my ass from awful jobs. Why does he have to be so married (and why do I like his wife?). Why does it happen that I don’t get involved with married men?
Well, this is an innocent work-relationship, so DDgirl, don’t even think about it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Autumn's sweet, we call it fall

“Summer has come and past, the innocents will never last…”
October has come, when I start to have the horrible phase “What did I do from January ‘till now? Am I stuck?”.
Add to this the weekend just spent in the Swiss Alps with my parent.

The Panther (aka my mother) has scored so many guilty points that I stopped counting them after 2 hours we were together. Nothing new, just usual matters: why do I live broad and oh so far away, why am I single and incapable of living a stable relationship, why don’t I live like a nun but I keep going away on weekends with different guys (!), etc. etc.

However, the Panther is having a hard time due to some issues the doctors have about something in her breast, so I really acted kind and sweet. At least I did my best.
Okay, the better part of the weekend was getting slightly drunk on luxurious Chardonnay with the Sponsor (aka daddy). After all, I still AM daddy’s little princess!
A great thing was also lying naked in the Jacuzzi swimming pool in front of the Matterhorn, catching sun, reading and sipping lemon tea. All this at 2222 meters on the sea!!

Okay, I’ll get to the point. Nicolas.
After his no show-big lie, I was messed up and angry, so I decided to give it a cut. The day after, I called him and simply explained him how I knew he lied. He was nice and all sorry, and excused. At night he wrote me he hoped I wasn’t mad at him, and that he’s not the kind of guy looking for a seriously relationship. I just said “Nor am I”, so we’re still on and should date soon. But we’ll see.

Meanwhile, The Manager keeps emailing me. The Manager is an awfully rich, intelligent, keen man who asked me 18 months ago after one year of friendship. He apparently still wants me, and proposed me to join him next weekend near Naples; for some sun tanning, shopping, swimming,…
And to be honest, if I find a cheap flight, I’ll go.
Oh, c’mon, stop staring at me this way: I AM a sinner, so what???

Last thing: tomorrow I’ll have the interview for that job in Switzerland…