Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meet the parents

Okay so this is the news: Killer Smile wants me to meet his father and his little sister. On Saturday. Like, the day after tomorrow.
Since I was sixteen, I am affected by the syndrome “Will his parents like me?”. I dunno why, really, I mean, usually I just put on the “I’m a little angel” show and parents adore me. But hey, these people are French, and I’m the less French person in the world, so, who knows? They might simply HATE me.
So, do not panic DDgirl, right?
I guess I’ll just have KS brief me a little, plus I’ll ask advice to the girls about how to get dressed. Too bad that Maria isn’t back yet!!!!

Besides that, KS will be out for a guys night tonight, and all the girls are out of town, while I’m dying to go out in my brand-new miniskirt (I know I should be saving instead of shopping, but…). So, that’s why I’ve gotta go to find someone to go OUT!!!!
Oh, there also a history involving more about Eastern Slut, but you’ll have to wait ‘till next post… Sorry!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Could it be I'm falling in love?

Guess who was stupid enough to try to take a trendy, brand new coffee machine to Italy, declaring it was a hand-luggage at the airport? If you guessed DDgirl, you're right.

On Friday, I left early t get to the airport. The wind was so strong that the bus to the airport had to slow down. That, plus the arguments about my coffee machine with the metal detector guy, made me lose the plane. Luckily, I managed to make them change my ticket with another one for the last flight of the evening, and eventually I was at my parent's place by 11PM.
The Panther was enthusiastic about the coffee machine (her birthday present, by the way). However, she did manage to drive me nuts over the weekend, basically because:
  • I have tried to convince her to come to town to pay me a visit (last time she came, well, it was more than one year ago)
  • She keeps asking when am I going back to stay with them, give up working and just help her at home (is she mad or what???)
  • First thing going home I found a message from Miss Perfection, aka The Girl I Hate Most on the planet, aka The Girl Who Lives at My Parents' Place.

What are the good news? Well, first of all coming back to Killer Smile place on Sunday night and having sweet tender sex. Second, Killer Smile wanting me to move in at his place (which, I said, I'm not ready for, but we'll re-discuss it in January). Oh, and maybe also third, me fantasizing about something involving KS, candles, my baldaquin bed, massage oil and maybe a patch on my eyes, tonight....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mourning (WARNING: this post is depressing)

Two nights ago Maria's mom died. It was unexpected and everything happened so fast: she got a call that her mother wasn't doing well in the evening, so I bought her a ticket for the first fly leaving for Italy and she left at 4AM in the morning.
By the time she got there, her mother was already gone, so basically she spent half of the time since at the phone with me crying desperately. Poor Maria..

Of course I'll try to take care of her as soon as she'll be back, but I understand her feelings: guiltiness assaults us expatriates in these cases. Guiltiness because she wasn't there, guiltiness because she couldn't tell her mommy goodbye. In a word, because of what we are: expatriates.

I'll be going to my parents' place as well for the weekend, as The Panther has her birthday, and because it'll be the last time 'till Christmas I'm paying them a visit, I've taken the afternoon from work, to leave a bit earlier than usual.

Getting to happier topics, KS and I had a great night out yesterday, with his collegues and friends. We probably drank a bit too much (both on a headache this morning, hum).
And he asked me to go to live together in January.
'Till next time

Monday, November 20, 2006

Saturday Drama

The job dinner went well, Killer Smile enchanted all my colleagues and no one dared saying anything not nice. Everything fine so, huh? But for the fact that, in the middle of the evening, he actually confessed that, before we had met, he had had a one night stand with the Eastern Slut. Yes, you got it well. So I mean, why did they met again? We fought a bit while we were walking back home, but in the end he sincerely apologized and I let it fall.

Saturday night I had planned to go clubbing with Maria, while Killer Smile and his friends said they would have watched a match of rugby to join us later.
Maria was definitely motivated and we decided to go for a black and white night: she dressed 100% in black, while I was completely in white. Plus I dressed my hair in an updo, and to be honest, we did look great.

The plan was to go to the Cosmopolitan bar, to move to the Australian Pub next door as soon as the guys would join us.
The evening begun greatly, the ambience was cool and we shortly got on the bar to dance wildly. When KS and friends arrived, we decided to move next door. It was just when we got in that I realized Maria was looking for her Hottie, who had never called back after their one night stand.
Unluckily, Hottie arrived shortly after. With another girl. Maria freaked out, started crying, and finally KS and I walked her home. And there KS showed how lovely he is, by remaining there with me while I tried to cheer up my friend and by cooperating saying her what a jerk Hottie was. We finally left around 4AM, headed towards my place, both saddened by Maria’s bad emotions, but at the same time we realized how lucky we are of having one each other.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The boy is mine

The boy is mine
November 17, 2006

Yesterday night it was this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time. As living in this town means being Beaujolais addicted (and anyway, wherever you may go in the world, who dislikes it??), everybody was out in the streets yesterday night, and the fact that we passed from last week’s -4° to yesterday night +20° didn’t hurt either.

Nath had called me in the afternoon and she looked a bit depressed, so we decided to go out when Killer Smile (who happens to be Nath’s best friend) called to ask us to join him and his friends to taste the new Beaujolais. We agreed and decided to ask Maria to join us as well, so soon we arrived downtown. The streets were crowded with people partying and laughing, and the three of us were really high.
When we arrived to our rendez-vous, it turned out that KS’s “friends from work” were his brother in law (nice guy, I had already met him) and two foreign girls, one of which was a striking blond from Eastern Europe. Who was clearly flirting with KS.

Now, as everyone knows, not only I’m a drama queen, but I’m also deadly jealous.
I started making things clear by French-kissing KS to say him hello. Introductions were made, and I decided to try to act decently, so I started to talk to Maria to catch up with her gossip news. Eastern slut evidently had not got my hint, as she went on flirting as if I wasn’t there. However, as my 2006 motto is “No More Drama”, I decided not to freak out in public. Maria realized I needed help and, cool as she is, she immediately involved KS in one to one conversation, and switched place with me so that I was next to Eastern slut, and I started to talk to her. She appeared to be glad about it (honestly, KS English ain’t that good), and it avoided further public flirt. I felt quite smart about my strategy, until she told me it was actually the second time she met KS, and she liked him a great deal!!
Too much is too much, so I quickly managed to get to the bar with KS and briefed him about how unpleasant this was. Of course he said it was all in my mind (ok, he’s great, but let’s not forget he’s a guy). I didn’t want to argue, so I let it go, and ten minutes later he was all apologizing and pampering me (in front of Eastern slut).
She left right after, telling me how glad she was of having met and how she hoped we could go out again altogether. I smiled and said enthusiastically “You bet!” (meaning “You bet it won’t happen again”).

We headed home one hour after, me singing “The boy is mine, I’m sorry that you, seem to be confused: he belongs to me!”.
KS definitely gained forgiveness as soon as we got into my bed, and I’m looking forward for tonight job dinner (for which Maria has borrowed me a black mini, that I’ll wear with my brand new stiletto boots)
Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Freak out

Office gossip is higher than ever.
Today Tabbie, worst manager ever, started teasing me about a picture of me in a disco, that apparently was circulating on the internal network.
He teased to the point I freaked out.

I freaked out because I have some blanks about the night with Nico, back in September, and I worried it could be something really hot to handle.
As Tabbie is detestable, as soon as he realized I was worried about it, he took the teasing to a higher and higher level. I immediately texted Laurent (fave manager and spiritual guide ever), who called me right back and calmed me a bit, although he could not do any magic.
Only in late afternoon someone emailed me the pic, and it wasn’t half that awful: it was taken ages ago, and all that you can see is me and a guy (only his back, plus is not a coworker) dancing together. Okay, he’s kissing my cheek (almost my neck), but I mean, WTF????

The good thing is I found out the bastard who sent it all around. The guy, known as Sharky, actually asked me out a few months ago and I thanked and said no. I confronted him (via mail, as I’m stuck in Nowhere Land, in case I had not mentioned that already), and he answered in a much too proud way.
So, I decided to act really bitchy, and handed all over to Laurent. His answer:

From: Laurent
To: DDgirl

Tell the little shit that I’ll be more than glad to expose his anti-professional behavior at December evaluation meeting.
How about bringing along Killer Smile to Friday Dinner? That should stop gossip.
Take care

You see why I adore him?
Back to nice things, Killer Smile has been sweeter than ever, and he takes care of me while I’m sick, supports me in everything and does plenty of nice things like lighting candles in his bedroom and giving me half an hour of back massage when I come back from work exhausted and nervous at 11PM.
Plus, yesterday night he dropped the bomb. After making love, he said he thinks he’s falling in love with me.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Maria's Australian tendencies

Here I am, back at work (still in Nowhere Land by the way), with an awful cold.
Anyway, what deserves to be narrated is the weekend.

On Friday night I had agreed to meet with Killer Smile at his place, as he was hosting his friends for an aperitif. By the time I got there, I had spoken to Maria, who was evidently willing to go dancing, so I persuaded everyone that going to The Ayers Rock was a great idea since my beautiful, single friend would be joining us.
The Ayers Rock is an Australian pub where everyone dances on tables, on rock and revival music, very popular in town. By the way, it’s also where Killer smile and I met.
By the time we got there, around midnight, it was already crowded and smoky, but there was a good ambience. Maria was beautiful in tight jeans and a black top with separate sleeves, while I had chosen a low profile (jeans and playboy pink top).
We danced and drunk, until I realized Maria had an eye on someone, so I invited him to dance on our table, which he immediately did. 20 minutes later the pub closed, and Maria left with her hottie shouting across the pub “Bye baby, I’ll call you tomorrow!”. General laugh.

The way back to KS place was funny although a bit weird: we walked for a while, and then decided to take a bike from the distributors located all around the town. Only, as soon as he got on it, he fell: I didn’t realize he was so drunk! So I took charge of the situation, had him e put in place on the saddle, while I rode all the way! I won’t even try to describe the way everyone we crossed laughed at us!!

Saturday we just hanged around KS bed all morning (and afternoon) until I left to join Maria for shopping and gossip about her night (which was apparently great, but hottie hasn’t called since).
Then we headed towards my place, cooked together and had a lusssssty dinner (diet starts today, ouch!). Sunday we just hanged around the old part of the town, drinking hot whine (to cheer Maria up from hottie being MIA), and then I had KS for dinner.
In all this, I managed to get a flue, so now I’m at work feeling like a shit. Sob!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Roses and white whine

When I was 16, my first love dumped me. After a few months, he came back for good.
For a while I acted like I didn’t want him back, and pretended I had another boyfriend. Then, one night, I was out with Bro and really drunk, when he materialized with 17 red roses, and I surrendered.
I was 16 and dumb, and I remember clearly I thought: “Wow, so that’s how it feels to get roses! And I guess from now on it’ll happen quite regularly”.

I’m in the middle of my twenties, had plenty of boyfriends, good guys, but as much romantic as a brick wall, and I never got roses since. Until Wednesday night.

I went back to town on Wednesday, tired and near to die of starvation, and I wasn’t really motivated to see anyone, but Killer Smile insisted to stop by and say hello, so I said ok.
He arrived with roses, red and white since he knew I love white ones, and a bottle of Chardonnay.
I mean, how lovely is this?!?

The other side is that it’s 10 days since I got more than 4 hours of sleep in one night, as it’s high working season and I’m doing crazy hours.
Yesterday, by the way, we got back to the hotel at 1AM in the morning, straight from work, but we were all feeling quite high, so we decided to wear our swimsuits and go to the swimming pool. We swam, drank beer, joked and teased one each other until 2AM. By the time, my new senior had tried to splash me in the swimming pool, and I had managed to make him loose his balance so we both fell in. Only, he was wearing trousers and shirt and didn’t have anything else to change into, so today he was wearing the same suit

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cry me a river

Guess who sent me an email over the last night? No, you’ll never get it right, because it’s so weird I can hardly believe it myself.
But read it yourself

From: Little Prince
To DDgirl
Subject: hi babe

I was just wondering how are you doing, long time I didn’t see you. Marc-AndrĂ© (my big boss, by the way) told me you’re still living in France and you’re doing well.
I hope it is true.
I’m sorry things went wrong between the two of us – can’t help but missing you.
I’ll be in town sometimes around November end/December beginning – how about a drink?

Take care
Little Prince

I meditated carefully before answering. I always try to be cool with exes, but the man has really exaggerated. Plus, it’s not the first time he tries to get into my panties since last time he dumps me. Basically, he does it every time he’s in town.

From: DDgirl
To: Little Prince
Subject: RE

Little Prince,
I’m glad to see you’re still around and doing well. However, I thought I made it clear last time you called me: as far as possible, we won’t meet. So please stop acting like you wanted to give us another chance, don’t even make you sad about it. You must have forgotten that it was you who dumped me twice, leaving me all alone in a foreign country. Last time, you said you would have never come back guy, the damage was down.
So if now you think you want me back for good, well, you should have thought about it earlier.

Take care


Okay, maybe it was a bit hard, but revenge tastes sweet. Or, maybe, it hurt me more than him, but that’s done, so let’s go on.

As I’m still stuck in Nowhere Land, I did not see a lot of Killer Smile in these days, with the only exception of Monday night when I slept at his place.
And yes, he keeps being sweet and adorable all the time. How does he manage? Well, I have no clue, but I definitely won’t complain.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Family chronicles

The weekend is finally over, so I hope I can finally get some rest.
Weird, considering I did not even go out a single night all over the weekend, but listen to this.

I had to visit my parents, and the whole family was heading there: Bro with his wife, their to babies, and our eldest bro (Crea) with his girlfriend.
That’s why on Friday night, instead of go clubbing, I just had dinner with Maria, stopped by to kiss bye bye Killer Smile (who was leaving to go and see his parents as well), and went to bed. Saturday morning I woke at 4:30AM, ready to leave. At home, I spent the whole afternoon organizing the party for my niece 2nd birthday, until 6PM, when everyone arrived and I had to look after the two babies (2 years and 3 months respectively) and help the Panther preparing a huge dinner. Oh, and I was also dealing with a bad back-ache.
The party was a success, and then I honestly headed towards my bed, craving for a well deserved night of sleep.

Did I mention the two babies sleep in my bedroom, at parents’ place?
By the way, Luca, the youngest, was incubating a slight temperature. Basically, I spent the night walking by the house with the 2 of them in my arms. OUCH!
The Panther woke me at eight AM (after more or less 2 hours of sleep), to go for a walk together just the two of us, and chat a bit. Which felt really good, as she finally recovered from her operation and everything, but.. ouch!
The rest of the morning was spent preparing a cake for my niece so that she can take it to kindergarten on Monday (oh, and I also baked some chocolate muffins for Killer Smile), having lunch, and then I finally left to go back to town.
Sleeping on the train would have been tempting, but KS has promised me a massage section for my more and more aching back tonight, so I had to work a bit in order to have a free night.
And in case you were wondering, yes, I know he’s adorable, and that’s why I’ll leave you now head towards his place!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Stand by me

I. Did. It.
I blew off Nicolas.
Okay, I’ll explain. Thursday night I came back to town from nowhere land where I’m currently working, to go out with all the audit crew, where I was supposed to catch up with Nico.
As I arrived in town at around 9PM, I went straight to the pub, still wearing my most striking black tailleur (short skirt, mind!) and my new lovely stiletto boots.
Nicolas was already there, and, although he was being all nice at the beginning, after a while he moved on to talk to others, and for a while I only remained around because I was joking with a hottie friend of him.
But, mind you, I don’t know whether he was getting jealous or something, he started acting really annoying, so I ended up confronting him.
When he claimed that his sexy messages are only due to “his occasional lusty moments”, I decided that enough was enough, and clearly explained the jerk to f**k off.
My Romeo like assistant saw everything and took me to his table, bought me a beer and cheered me up. Why is he so attached by the way? Probably because he’s not only strikingly handsome, but also sooo sweet? Yeah, it’s gotta be that.
I had already drunk too much considering I had to wake up at six and it was midnight already, so I decided to go home, when I got a message from Killer Smile.
I left, called him and made arrangements to meet him at my place.

When I arrived, he was already there, waiting for me in the frosty night (yeah, we already have -5 Celsius!). He looked so sweet!
So yes, we did make love, slowly, passionately, intensely.
I had almost forgotten what it feels like to sleep in someone’s arm, and how good is to kiss someone in the icy morning, when both of you form a small cloud with every breath.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ooops I did it again

I bet you wanna know about Halloween!
And just in case you were wondering, no, I did not catch up with Nico, as he was ill.
However we’ll meet on Thursday as there is an evening with the audit crew.
So, I went out with Nathalie, a friend of mine, for a girls night, and we went dancing at the Cosmo. Music was great, barman so cool, shots tasted awfully good and it was all really quite nice. I had twisted my hairs in cute sexy locks, was wearing my favorite innocent/malicious strappy dress, and after a while the barman got me dancing on the bar. It was soo Coyote girl style!!
Anyway, around 1AM friends from Nathalie called and said they were in the Aussie dancing bar next to ours, so we moved to reach them.

Turned out that Nathalie’s best friend loved dancing the way I like (in a word: dirty), and after a while (and two sex on the beaches) we started kissing. He is cute, but in some strange way: nothing astonishing about him, but I like his ways and his looks altogether. We’ll call him Killer Smile hereinafter.
The night finished chatting at his place, with Nathalie, Killer Smile and his friends at KS place, and at 6AM Nath and I headed home, after I persuaded KS that sleeping together was not a good idea. Oh, and yes, he did ask me my phone number.

And yes, he did call me yesterday morning, and took me to the park during the afternoon, for a long nice walk. And he also acted supergentleman escorting me to the supermarket while I picked up stuff for dinner with a friend, and helping me carrying everything home.

So basically I don’t know what you think about it, but I do see some potential boyfriend material there.
The only things are:
- he’s Nathalie’s best friend
- I don’t feel ready to have a new boyfriend.

Did I really just admit this? Ok, basically it’s true. And there are plenty, oh plenty of so good reasons for it.
So that’s why I’ll still see Nicolas tonight.