Thursday, September 27, 2007

Summer nights

I have been offline for a long while, and trust me, it was not because my life was uneventful!
I simply did not manage to have an internet connection and some solo time at the same moment. Since no one knows I keep this blog, not KS, not my family, not my friends (and surely not my colleagues!!), I could not post.

Last week, I was sent to Bretagne, in the north of France, for a seminary. I was the only one of my team, while all the Paris office was there. Now, I only once talked about thins kind of work meetings, but to make things clear I’ll tell right now they mainly consist of:
- meeting people (since it’s a man business, GUYS!)
- drinking
- dancing
- partying all night long
To summarize, the main goal is to have everyone remembering you, without being major scandal/gossip material.
My own strategy to reach this goal is to avoid chicks (they inevitably lead to competition), fairly participate to day-time activities (in order to avoid appearing dumb), and give my all at night time activities (namely partying), without public displays of affection.

This seminary was held in a top class sea front hotel, and night time activities took place at the local club (and at the casino, but I’m no money gambler). Since I don’t think you’re interested in the training activities, I’ll go straight to the partying part of the event: on the daytime, I’ll only say that I ditched as many courses as possible, to go swimming and sunbathing instead, which pretty much gave me a wonderful look. Summer days, drifting away, but ah, oh the summer nights!

On the first night, I met this Italian guy who introduced me to the whole Paris team, but, since I was a bit sick I didn’t stay out late. On the second night, however, I was on a party mood, and I soon enough made a bunch of new friends, and headed to the club with them.
While I was talking over drinks to D., the Italian guy, he told me “Look, Kevin, has made it pretty clear he’s targeting you, so I’ll let you have fun” and moved to another group. Now Kevin, with whom I hadn’t talked a lot so far, was the It boy of the seminary: tall, golden brown hair, piercing blue eyes, the real It boy. He soon joined me and we went dancing, and time went by so fast it was soon time to go back to the hotel.
On the next evenings, Kevin pretty monopolized me, drinking, chatting and dancing. Although I had made it pretty clear that I was not available (I told him from the beginning “Look, I have a live-in boyfriend, it’s pretty serious and in no way I’m going to cheat on him”), he spent all his free time with me, and I really had great fun (plus he is a great dancer). On our last night there, we drunk a bit too much (but nothing catastrophic), danced and sang aloud over Grease “Summer nights”, and around 4AM he gently tried to kiss me while dancing a slow song. I shifted so we just ended up cheek to cheek, and soon after I called it a night. To his honour, on the following day he was just as sweet and kind as always, which I really appreciated, and hugged me goodbye after loading my luggage on the train.

The best part of all was that I really managed to meet people, and at the same time the constant presence of Kevin by my side kept drunken nuisances away.

PS: this is my 100th post…..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taking it easy!

At work, we have pretty much nothing going on. Every year, when September comes, there is this weird moment during which everyone is ready to start new missions, the management keeps talking about soon to start projects, and in the end nothing really comes up until the end of the month. It seriously can drive your stress to high levels, but, in time, I learnt to deal better with it. Which means, I basically don’t care and don’t make expectations on what management says at this particular time of the year.

Instead of worrying, on the last two afternoons I totally ditched work and focused on more important issues instead.
First of all, this is the very special time of the year when scouting for boots begins. Remember, there is no such a thing as too many pair of boots: we’re girls, after all!!! Since I’m fond but also fussy on boots, it usually takes me a few weeks at least to find the right pair. Last year I finally settled on black suede, 4 inch stiletto heels, round point, embroidered with delicate flowers on the leg, knee high. After seeking for longer then usual, at November end I found them at an independent small boutique that only charged me 100 Euros! And, they are still totally trendy this year!

This year, however, I’m looking for tanned leather ones. Main features are pretty the same: heels around 4 inch (although I would rather avoid stilettos, just to change), round shape, knee high. Boots that are shorter than my knee happen to make my legs look crooked, or at least I think so.

Yesterday, however, I already took a break from boots shopping, to go swimming with Laurent instead. I glided in water for more than one hour, and it was soooo good!! Seriously, I’m not a great swimmer, but after 20 minutes or so of heating, my motions become as smooth as those of a seal (I know, dolphin would sound better, but I don’t swim THAT wall!).
After all this exercise, we went eating Japanese, and Lolo caught me up with my old office gossip, which was funny: apparently during the annual training in Cannes, held in July, all the guys from the Paris office asked about me while they had totally forgot all the names of my male co-workers. Weird? Hah!

24 hours ‘til KS will step in at home… I can’t wait!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's a small world

I’ve always been a bit of a Coyote Ugly kind of girl, dancing wildly just for the fun of doing it.
Anyway, the guy started dancing with me, and it was fun. It got even funnier when I realized he wasn’t French, but from the USA!
He soon left just to come back a few minutes later with two beers, handing me one, which I must say, I really needed, since I was sweating like a pig.
When we toasted he leaned near and told me “Can I tell you something? You’re f***ing HOT!!”.
Ok, honestly? I liked it, I mean, how long had it been since someone told me something like that? Plus it was clear from the look on his face that he really meant it. Besides, since I’m not such a bad gal, I told him “Thanx! But seriously man, I have a boyfriend!”
“So where the hell is he?”
“Down under!!”
And we both started laughing, because it was kind of hilarious that we were at an Aussie pub, celebrating the Australian team, while KS was in Australia!
By this time, I expected him to focus on someone else, which he didn’t, so I said “Look, you seem a really nice guy and you’re definitely cute, but I’m so not gonna cheat on my man!”
“And I respect you even more for that” was his answer!

At the same time, Maria was fraternizing with a cute Aussie kid (meaning that a few minutes later they were soooo French kissing!!!), while we went on dancing.

Maria took over soon after, and when the guy I was dancing with told me he was leaving soon also, I decided to call it a night as well. We stepped outside and went on chatting a bit, so I found out he’s from Dallas but living in Europe for a work-exchange program. Cool, ain’t it?

Since it was impossible to find a cab, we all started to walk, and they offered to walk me home. It was almost a one hour walk, so we chatted a lot, and I really had a good time. When we finally made it to my place, he gave me a kiss on my cheek and handed me his business card. It was only when I was upstairs emptying my pockets that I realized he does the same job I do, for the same company I work for, in the Zurich office!!

We ended up emailing each other on Monday, and I really had a blast.

Meanwhile, I managed to talk to my dear love, KS, who is finally coming back on Friday morning: I can’t wait to hold him and kiss him for hours and hours!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad girls

Last weekend was like, crazy.

But let’s begin from the beginning. On Friday afternoon, my motivation to go partying was like, zero, nada. I had a wisdom tooth (one of the two left!) that was pushing its ways out, and a slight temperature.
Maria, however, didn’t even consider staying home.
So, I threw on my favourite innocent/naughty dress, light golden make up, and we went to the coolest lounge bar of the city, for apero and some dancing.
The rugby match was on, though, and since France lost the opening match of the World Cup, there was a certain lack of ambience, so at midnight we decided to head home like two patented Cinderellas.

Now, as some of you maybe know, on Saturday the Australia vs. Japan match was on here in the city. Australian guys were everywhere, and by midday people were cueing for the tube outside my apartment (and I live 400 metres for the tube!!!).
Once the match was over, Maria and I briefed quickly and agreed to meet around 10PM at her place, to go celebrating at the Australian pub, which happens to be our favourite hang-out place (and the fact that people dance on the tables probably has something to do with it…)
We met at her place, and got dressed: I chose white, ass-clinging jeans with a heavy silver belt, silver sandals with stiletto 5 inches heels, and a baby blue corset that manages to hide belly fat and lift breasts, without being uncomfortable. Maria had a matching look with colours inverted, and we both chose glittery eye crayon, black mascara and a cute shiny lip-gloss. Seriously? We looked good.

The doormen made us skip the tail of people trying to get in, and this was definitely good premises: in France, it doesn’t happen easily. We made a beeline to our favourite table, got rid of our jackets and climbed up to dance.

Okay, like, seriously? After 30 seconds guys were all over us!!!

The AC was off, so I was sweating like hell and thinking about stuffing some ice in my corset when my favourite tune came on: I heard Prince screaming “Get Off”.

And then, this cute blond haired guy started dancing with me…

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts and plans

So, since KS holiday is now in its second half, the countdown till his coming back has begun, and in 10 days I’ll be able to hug and kiss my love!

Just a few minutes ago I spoke to Laurent, ex colleague and good friend, (this link summarize all the posts concerning Lolo, since I haven’t written ‘bout him in a while) and it really felt good to hear the news, the gossip about my old job crew (which is, by the way, breaking apart, but who cares?). Plus, I’ve missed Laurent during the summer, especially I missed having a laugh with him, not to mention his wife’s always precious advices! Anyway we agreed to meet next week for lunch, so we can catch up a little bit more.

In the meanwhile, Maria and I are going out every night this week! Nothing incredible, the schedule is:

Movies on Wednesday
Hammam & SpA on Thursday
Pub and a bit of dancing on Friday
…and on Saturday we’re definitely hittin’ a club, downtown!

Not bad huh? Besides, this is the only consolation for KS being away!

By the way, I have tried to call Andrea the Hunter to see if he wanted to visit for the weekend, but I can’t seem to reach him… Could it be he’s working, for one?

And, we all now both Maria and I will flirt a bit at the club, but we also know that, for me at least, it will be little innocent flirting! Nothing healthier for a girl than seeing guys looking at her appreciatively!

It is now two weeks that I’m eating healthy (and a bit dieting) and I’m doing my gym regularly, and I’m proud to say I’ve lost 2 kilos already! 2 or 3 more to go and I’ll be in my best shape!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Since work was going slow, I took a few days off and joined the Parents in Zermatt.
Now, if you have never heard of Zermatt, google it, and then fee free to dream!!

Now that I'm back, I have to deal with a major issue: I miss KS. A lot.
I call him about three times a week, since he's in Australia, but I try not to abuse, or he'll get a huge huge bill. And anyway, even if I call him, I don't really know what to say a part from what's new (not much in these days), and that I miss him.

Karine, my boss, told me this morning about the possibility of going to Milan for a week or so, which would be great, as I could see Andrea the Hunter. And party. And drink. And flirt.

More tomorrow!

The reason I haven't posted in a while is that I was here: