Monday, October 29, 2007

The boys are H.O.R.N.Y.

Andrea the Hunter called me, and it was great to talk to him, he was in a good mood and made me laugh quite a lot. He told me stories about how he’s hanging out with a girl who lives in Dublin, while he’s in Milan (“hanging out” with someone who lives 1500 miles away is the strongest form of commitment he’s ever been into), about how he cannot manage to drink as much as Irish Chick does and so on.
Then he got more serious.
“I miss you, DDgirl. I never loved living in Milan, but without you it’s so boring, it’s almost unbearable, there’s no one always as ready as you to party all night long, to chat and so on”
And then I asked it.
“When are you coming to see me?”
“Oh DDgirl! I do long for it”
“Then hop on a train next Friday! Or on a plane! We have a spare room, you can hook up with all the girls here and everything, what’s the problem?”
“The problem is, I cannot sit down sharing a Long Island and all my dirty secrets with you, and I cannot flirt with you all night long because there is your boyfriend.”

He had a point. All my exes have come to know Andrea enough not to worry about the two of us, and anyway we would go out a lot without the BF of the moment, since we used to live practically next door. Killer Smile has never met him, and we live together, and a night à la Andrea & DDgirl with him wouldn’t be possible. Plus, KS is pretty jealous.
Still, Andrea could make an effort, I mean, we haven’t met in almost one year!!

I got back to town, to a grumpy KS, who was a bit pissed I had left him for the weekend (always the same story there), and the week was pretty awful: I left with a colleague I don’t like much, to go working at a mine in the central mountains, where it was awfully cold (the offices were not heated) and there was no toilette. Seriously. Of course, I had my period, so I wanted to pee every hour or so. I know, this is TMI, but can you imagine it? At least I had brought along a heavy cashmere jumper made by Granny!
Of course, being us in nowhere land, no internet connection was available.

All along the week, the only funny thing was Kevin’s text messages, until one evening I wrote him: “It’s so damned cold here, I’m becoming an ice cube!”
His answer “Cool, I’ll drop you in my drink, and once the drink is over I’ll lick you everywhere”.
WTF??? Is it me or all my male friends are strangely horny????

Monday, October 22, 2007

A weekend in Italy

So last Friday I stepped out of my office at 5PM, sped to Rugbyman office and met him to head towards Italy. As I probably mentioned, the network of Italians expats had found me a lift to go to Turin: from there, I was to catch a train for one more hour, and then the Sponsor (aka dad) would pick me up.
Only when he stepped out of his office, I realized where did I already know Rugbyman from: he’s Maria (my best friend)’s ex. WTF, I thought, this is none of my business.
Rugbyman has gained this nickname thanx to his obsession with rugby (he also used to play). Anyway, Maria called me as soon as we got in the car, and asked me who was I with. I made her understand, and she started making a scene. Like, WTF?? She started saying that now I’ll become friend with Rugbyman and dump her. AS IF.
So I calmed her down, made arrangements to go to the movies on Monday and dancing on Friday and hung up. Luckily, Rugbyman didn’t make any comments.

The journey was pretty unremarkable, until the Sponsor picked me up. Since I knew he had seen an eye-doctor, and I had booked an appointment to have my myopia reduces by laser, we talked about both things, and then, just like that, he told me next month he’ll go through chemotherapy, and that the Panther (aka Mom) does not know (she thinks he’s having just a check).
Now, the Sponsor always says “It’s nothing serious” when it’s about him, but hey, we’re talking about chemo, it’s not something you take for a cold!!!! So I’m pretty much freaking out about the whole thing.

The weekend itself, was great. I love fall by the lake, the weather was cold but sunny, and I took long walks with the Panther and my niece (the Sponsor was working on Saturday). It went way too fast, as always, but knowing I’ll go back again on November 1, it wasn’t even that hard to come back to town on Sunday night.
While on the train to Turin, Andrea, the Hunter, called me…

Friday, October 19, 2007

Quick note

Hey everyone,

I thought I would just drop a quick note. Work has gotten super-busy all in a sudden, and I really had no time to post.
I'll be back on Monday though, hopefully with juicy tales to tell!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Whenever I'm down, I call on you my friends...

Last week I had to go to Paris for a few job meetings. Work has been pretty slow, lately, and I’m not complaining about it: although it’s boring not to have something to really focus on, it doesn’t hurt to have a little time for myself, not to mention that I’m able to stay a bit more than usual at home with Killer Smile.

Did I already mention how much I dislike going to Paris?
I know, you all think I’m crazy. The thing is, I don’t go there on vacation. I have to confront myself with the damned underground at 8AM in the morning, knowing there is some 80% of chances that my stockings will break (I always keep a spare pair in my notebook case), that I’ll probably be late, that by the time I reach our offices in the western outskirts, I’ll surely be sweaty and my clothes will be crumbled (if not stained).
Furthermore, people in Paris are not friendly. I mean, most of the times, when you go there for a meeting, at noon everyone will leave and I end up walking miles alone, not knowing what to do of my break (since the office is in the outskirts, I can’t even go shopping ).
As expected, all this happened last week (add I had to wake up at 5AM to catch the train to be at the meeting on time).

So that’s why, around 1PM I was walking around, texting Maria now and then to exchange some gossip. Earlier in the week, I had bought a new brown suede skirt (a bit short, but gorgeous!) and I was wearing in with my suede beige boots (4 inch heels, obviously) and a cute beige cashmere coat with its cute wool hat.
And then, I bumped into The Little Prince.

Who was like, the last person I was hoping to meet on Earth.

I was so surprised that, when he asked if I was in a hurry, I said no. Mistake number one: he immediately offered to take me to lunch.
I wasn’t hungry, and I hate eating with The Little Prince, because he always criticizes my veggie diet, my manners, everything. So I did Mistake number two: I proposed a coffee instead.
He agreed, but soon enough he was already reproaching my bad eating habits (meaning I don’t eat enough, according to him).
In order to avoid writing a whole book instead of a post, I’ll summarize all what he told me:
- I wasn’t dressed in an appropriate way for work (I wasn’t wearing a tailleur, and the skirt was too sexy, according to him)
- My accent, when I speak French, is too pronounced, and I should do something about it
- When asked, I couldn’t say what the plans for the rest of my life were, so according to him, at 25, I should have a plan, my ideas should be more defined
- When he spotted my cell phone (wrapped in a cute Hello Kitty cover), he said I totally need to grow up.
Of course, this is just a summary. In the end, I headed back to the office depressed. I mean, I already feel so and so about Paris, but the Little Prince has this ability to make me feel totally inadequate, lonely and lost.

Luckily for me, while I was walking back to the office, Kevin texted me
Kevin: “Hey Stranger, what’s up? Dinner tonight?” (He recently started calling me Stranger)
DDgirl “Dunno… I’m a bit in a blue mood
Kevin: “That’s exactly why you need a hottie like me to take you to dinner

He had a point. Late in the afternoon we made arrangements, he picked me up at my hotel at 8PM, and we spent a nice evening eating gnocchi, talking about how we both ended up doing this job, about Paris, about exes, and so on.
On Friday, we met for lunch, and at 6PM he took the underground with me to the train station, hugging me goodbye before I stepped onto the train, without forgetting to compliment my skirt and my boots.
It’s cool to have once again a friend in Paris!

Monday, October 08, 2007

A charge to keep I have

For the whole week, I thought about this matter almost all the time. I remembered whenlast year the Parents called me to tell me to go home, because Pops was dying, and there were no vacancies on the flights next morning, so I hopped on a train praying to see him again. While I was waiting for my coincidence in Geneva, the Sponsor called me to say Pops was gone. No one ever reproached me, but I never forgave myself not being there for him. When I finally arrived, it was a Saturday late morning. The funeral was planned on Monday, and when I called the HR woman at my old job, she told me if I couldn’t provide a certificate written in French, I did not have the right to take my Monday off. So I had to leave and I could not attend the funeral.
This, to try to explain what it means to me to not be able to hop on a plane and be home in two hours every time I wish so.

But life goes on, and so I went back to KS, to my daily life, to my job. Only, knowing something had changing, without being really able to explain anyone else what it meant. Once more, I realized how scared KS was to see me leaving, and I knew it was my burden, I couldn’t throw it on him. So I put a smile on my face and went on, I called the Bro to tell him I wasn’t going home for the weekend and tried to focus on work.

And work, lately, was simply great. Although I’m not on any special assignment, Karine, my boss, finally gave me the quarter evaluation, and I am proud to say it is excellent. The once boring hours of the early afternoon have been more funny thanks to Kevin who IMs me all the time.

All in all, September gave me new friends, a little flirt, and somehow made home 5 more hours far away from me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The storm breaks

Kevin understood something was wrong, and held my hand under the table, questioning me with his eyes from time to time. Me, I decided to drown my worries in alcohol…

It was already half past eight or so, some of the group had already left, and then a song I love started playing : it was Moby, in a duo with this French singer, Mylène Farmer, and it goes like: “Hold on people that slipping away, hold on to this while it's slipping away. All that we needed tonight, are people who love us and lie, je sais les douleurs et les doutes, et partir est ce que on redoute…”
(the French words meaning “I know pains and doubts, and leaving is what we fear”)

Being that I was already tipsy, those words hit me, and I started thinking about how much I missed my family. Kevin stared at me for a few seconds, than stood up and said “We’re leaving”, which of course made everybody else think there was something going on between us, until one of the girls decided to come with us. We stepped out, me always without saying a word, to find ourselves under a pouring rain in chaotic downtown Paris. Helene, the other chick, was way drunker that I was, so I let Kevin hold my hand, I didn’t care about gossip, I needed something to hold on to. As soon as Helene asked to wait for her while she bought cigarettes, Kevin hugged me and inquired “What’s wrong baby? Is it because you cannot see your parents next weekend?”
I quickly exposed my fears, he hugged me once more and tried to calm me down. Helene came back, and I took the underground to my hotel, I didn’t feel like going out anymore, and I needed to check this damned matter.

As soon as I stepped into my room, I called my love, my dear Killer Smile, to ask him to check on the internet. When he confirmed my fears, I just started crying like a baby, I couldn’t help. He was very supportive, but I knew it wasn’t fair to put all this burden on him, so after a few minutes I excused myself and I hung up. I called the Sponsor (aka daddy), and with him I really cracked down. I kept weeping until he proposed to take his Friday off, drive the whole way and come to pick me up: at this point, I realized I was exaggerating. But I couldn’t help, this thing hit me in a sudden: I was not going to be able to go visit the Parents whenever I wanted anymore. Going home twice per month? It was over. Having the certitude of being able to go and see them at any minute, if anything was wrong? It was over. Seeing my nephews grow up, week after week and not only three times per year? It was over. And, it hurt like hell.

My cell phone rang, it was Kevin who wanted to check on me. I didn’t feel like talking, so I didn’t pick up but texted him instead. He was concerned about me, I explained him what I had just found out and so on.

On the next day, I went back to town…

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A storm on the horizon...

After KS birthday, I had to hop on the bullet train to Paris, on Sunday night, in order to attend a few days of training in the capital.
Since courses started on Monday morning pretty early, my colleague Caroline and I were obliged to get there on Sunday night, which sucked quite a lot, especially since, due to the Rugby World Cup, finding an hotel in Paris those days it’s hard. We managed to find a place downtown, but it definitely wasn’t the hotel once would dream of.

On Monday morning, we arrived early, so I made a bee-line to the coffee table and spent a few minutes savouring the coffee, which, for once, was delicious (in case you didn’t know, I am totally caffeine addicted!!). I was still standing there, when someone came and hugged me from behind! I was even more surprised when I turned to see it was… Kevin! And I was surprised, because he was not listed in the training convocation!
He explained me he had only been contacted on Friday night and that we would be in the same team for the whole training, which was nice, because I didn’t know anyone else in my class.
On Monday night, we went out for drinks with friends, and we had a blast!! And then, on Tuesday afternoon, I tried to get a ticket to fly back to Italy… And something was wrong with the web site, ‘cause the tickets were out at three times the usual rpice.
I thought AirFrance was having issues, it had already happened before, so I didn’t give it a second thought and went out for drinks with a few others. Since we had finished classes at 5PM, it was pretty early, but beer and shots came fast, offered by the senior managers.
Kevin had settled next to me, and some jokes were made on the fact that we had been working together for the whole day, besides we had scored a good performance, so nobody was exaggerating in teasing us.
However, I started to think about the plane fares, and to worry about it. Kevin understood something was wrong, and held my hand under the table, questioning me with his eyes from time to time. Me, I decided to drown my worries in alcohol…

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just a quick update...

After coming back from the North coast, I finally managed to spend a good weekend with my Killer Smile. And it was about time!!!
Since it was his birthday, we had plenty of friends who came along, and we threw a huge party on Saturday night. I spent the whole day cooking (we were about 20 at the party!), and when the first guests arrived around 5PM I quickly threw on jeans, my favourite tank top and some make up, and started pouring wine.

The party was a huge success: we hanged out at pour apartment until midnight or so (by the time all the others were quite tipsy) and then moved to KS favourite place, aka the Aussie bar!!
Everyone spent the rest of the night dancing on the tables, drinking, laughing and having a great time. Unluckily, around 3AM, KS jumped over my toe and eventually broke it. I therefore waited in a corner for the others to get tired, and we finally went back by cab (since I couldn’t walk), and the party went on at our apartment, until 6AM.

KS was really happy and loved the party, which made me feel good, because he’s complaining a bit about the two of us not spending enough time together…
On Sunday night, I had to go to Paris for a 3 days training… But that’ll be in the next post…