Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The show is coming on

Tonight my coworkers and I are leaving for the annual work meeting, which is held this time at a skiing station in the French Alps. The whole Paris office is joining as well, and we’ll be staying at a wonderful 100% all inclusive (read: open bar!!!) Club Med.
I’m totally excited: for the next few days I’ll combine two of my favourite activities: skiing and partying. Add the divine SPA of the hotel, which will allow me to relax after skiing and pre-party, the fact that Kevin has been bugging me about dancing together the whole time for the last two weeks or so, and I guess you’ll understand why I’m so motivated!

Weather forecasts announce three sunny days, while it has been snowing until yesterday night, so the snow will be great. A Champagne apĂ©ro is waiting for us tonight, I got legs and bikini line waxed yesterday, and I’m ready to go!

Oh, I totally forgot, I wrote about my tentative plans with the Sponsor in my last post: in April, we’ll hit the Haute Route from Chamonix (Mont Blanc) to Zermatt (Mont Rose) on mountaineering ski. We’ll try the hardest and most spectacular of the different paths that lead from Chamonix to Zermatt, crossing between three countries (France, Italy and Switzerland) and trekking through the best part of the Alps… That’s why I’m finally back to hard-core working out: over the last week I went running or hit the gym EVERY day for at least 50 minutes (and yes, I’m really really sore, but who cares?)

Now, I’ll go back to work in order to be ready to leave when the time comes tonight, but as soon as I’ll come back I promise to fill in with all that will happen at the seminary!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not-so-girlie weekend

KS being out of town for the weekend, Maria and I had planned a great girls weekend: Saturday night at a classy wine bar and then dancing at ou favourite bar, sunday at noon meeting for the books market by the river, and, to end with some relax, an aftrnnon at the hammam followed by coffee at the nearby Starbucks.
This would have allowed us to have fun on Saturday night and to gossip on Sunday afternoon (and to discuss Maria eventual Saturday night crush).

That's why yesterday night at seven o'clock I was slapping on some mascara while my thoughts were fully concentrated on an important matter: was I going to wear my new 5inch tan leather boots, or the old 4inch black suede ones? As you all girls understand, the issue was pretty serious.
While making up my mind, however, my cell phone rang, and the display spelled Maria. Frowning I picked up: I wasn't even late!
Turned out, Maria was very very sick and asked me to take her to the hospital.
So I wore my tennis shoes (sniff), grab KS car keys and headed out calling KS to know where he had parked the car.
We made it to the hospital, and it turned out she had a stomach infection like, apparently, half of the city has in these days. The doc was kind and everything, gave her some pills and a prescription, andtold us she could go home for the night, so I took her back, prepared some veryvery light dinner, a tea for rehydratation, made sure she was going to be okay and left after her roommate got home.
When I got home it was around 1AM, I wiped off my make-up, made a mental note to cancel our hammam reservation and went straight to bed.

It was probably the weirdest girls night I ever had.

The good news is that I hit the gym yesterday and went running today for the first time since I ad my tendon accident. And I somehow managed to run 45 minutes, which usually corresponds (at my page) to 8km. Not great, but after 5 months without running or walking, not so bad even.
Now I'm pretty sore everywhere (that was another reason to go to the hammam: get a massage!!), so in order to forget pain I'll head to te books market on my own, I guess..

Oh, I have also some tentative plans for the spring, but I'll tell you next time...

Monday, January 14, 2008


Last week, after going to a fried’s place for a conspicuous dinner, I stared at my own reflection in the mirror. I turned to see my profile, and it looked as if I was pregnant. Although I haven’t really put on extra-weight, I realize I have lost a lot of muscles, while I have gained a lot of belly and ass fat.

And, the company’s seminary, with SPA and swimming pool, is in two weeks, so I have finally started a salad and fruit diet. I know it’s extreme, but I also include a lot of home-made soups, and I’m only doing it for two weeks, so it’ll do.
What’s much more important is that I still cannot run, and I can hardly walk for more than 5 minutes, due to my Achill tendon which is ragged. This has been going on for 5 months now, and the consequent lack of running is the main cause of my body transformation. So I guess I need to stop being lazy, hitting the gym twice a week is evidently not enough, I need to go back to swimming 1,5 mile two-three times a week, and I need to do it urgently.
The only lucky thing is that I can ski without any problem: apparently ski boots are enough to sustain my ankle without forcing the tendon.

On Saturday morning we totally hit the sales, looking for suits, jeans and shirts for KS… I’m probably the only girl around here who didn’t buy a single thing for herself during the winter sales!!
The best thing of the week was that we went skiing on Sunday (yesterday). It has snowed all over last week, while yesterday it was sunny, and we really had a great day, going for some freeride in the woods (the only way to avoid risking an avalanche those days..) in the morning, and moving to regular slopes in the afternoon.
I know, I’m such a ski-addicted… Then again, when you grow up in the middle of the Alps like I did, I guess it gets under your skin, it’s something you cannot live without.
However, the loss of muscles I experienced deeply affects my skiing. As much as freeriding in the morning was okay, it was partly because KS isn’t used to it, so we took things easily. Besides, over the afternoon I grew more and more tired, in the end skiing not half as well as I could. Even worse, this morning I ache all over!!!!
So I cancelled lunch with Maria, my friend, to hit the gym.

Tomorrow night I’ll leave to go to Bretagne, for a three days job, and next weekend KS will be out of town.
Now this means Maria and I will totally hit the clubs, dance and so on…. Can’t wait for the weekend!!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year's thoughts

When I left KS to go home to see my parents for Xmas, I didn’t know it would be a 12 hours journey. I had no clue I would travel in overcrowded trains, wait for hours in freezing cold stations for trains that had been cancelled. Seriously, 12 hours to do 600km? I could have flown to the USA in that time.
Anyway, I finally made it, and when I finally arrived I found out that the Panther had a bad flu, so I practically was in charge of the Christmas lunch (and I adored it!!).

The Sponsor took me some blood to make blood tests after Xmas, and as a result I am now on a no-fat diet: my cholesterol turned out to be pretty high, so no more desserts for me :-(

As soon as I came back to France, I got flu myself. I hardly managed to cook New Year’s Eve dinner (we had about 20 people), and then went to bed while everyone else was partying… sigh!

But between Xmas and New Years Eve, I went skiing for a couple days, and it was great! I did some mountaineering ski and some freeride, and I really did enjoy (bonus for Dad joining me for a mountaineering ski one day!!!)

In other news, the Parents are both applying strong pressure for me to go back to Italy on permanent basis. It is true I don’t manage to go home often anymore and everything, and I knew this would come sooner or later… And I have no clue about how I’ll deal with KS about this…

“Oh how I wish for soothing rain, all I wish is to dream again. My loving heart, lost in the dark, for hope I’d give my everything!”