Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer is almost over

Ladiiiiieees and gentlemen !!
DDgirl is back !!!

Okay, I didn’t post for a while, as you all know I’ve been in Italy until August 17 to see the Parents, and then I was too lazy…
While on vacation, I took KS hiking the Mont Rose, 4.554mt AND his first 4K!!! It was actually his birthday present, and although it’s been a bit tough for him, he was really happy afterwards. We also spent a few days together by the lake, with my Parents, and then he left to go hiking for a few days with his dad, while I spent one more week with my Parents, doing a LOT of sport, relaxing a bit and enjoying my annual gala dinner of August 15.

Sadly, I’ve been back to work for one week already…

But, last weekend, it was KS’ dad 50th birthday party.
On Friday night we drove to their place (in southern France, about one hour and a half from our home). I had baked A LOT of cakecups on Thursday, and although it was tough to pack them for the journey, I managed to deliver them to KS mother all intact!!!
On Saturday we just hanged out all day by the swimming pool, playing water games, volley, eating, drinking and so on. By Saturday evening there were 40 people there, and we had roasted a pig on a fire in the backyard.
Side note: as you may or may not no, I don’t eat any meat or fish, but I don’t have big problems cooking it. However, it really annoys me when people spend half an hour crying out “Look at that poooooor piggy, his nose is sooo cute” and then when I serve it on their plate eat like it was their last meal. Either you don’t eat meat, either you shut up, but please do not give me all that hypocrisy! (the best thing is shut up anyway and let eat those who want to. In the end, KS’ brother in law and I were the ones who had to cut the meat in pieces when it was cooked, since no one else had the gut to do it!! I mean how stupid is that?

Oh, and there was also an embarrassing moment when KS uncle (married to his father sister) approached me commenting my bikini and then grabbed my ass. I tried not to make a scene, but cried out “Hey KS, your uncle is touching my ass and you just stand and watch?” Everyone laughed and the stupid asshole did not dare to approach anymore, so I guess I acted right (I really did not want to make a scene, but he needed to be put in his place!!)

Okay that’s all for now!!