Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to trality

I’ve been a baaaaad baaaaaad blogger.
I came back from vacay this week, and honestly? It was effing hard. I totally loved my tropical vacation with KS. We had such a good time, such a great weather, not to mention the island was magnificent. We’ve seen the volcano erupting, we’ve surfed, we’ve dived, we’ve trekked, and of course we drank vanilla rum!!
Coming back was very hard: KS stayed for one more week, so I had to go through the 11hours flight alone, and while there were 35 degrees at the beach, when I got to Paris on Monday morning at 6AM it was freezing, and snowing. UGH!

I’m leaving France in 7 days, I still have no place to stay in Milan (although I may have an opening thanx to a friend), I haven’t started packing yet. I’m quite depressed honestly. I know this was my choice, but I’m leaving and I’ll be separated fro KS for a couple months at least: it’s really really hard after living together for more than 2 years.
And I hate moving, so I’m super lazy when it comes to calling the mob phone company, closing my bank account etc etc.

Tonight I’m going to a party with a friend, and then tomorrow I’m gonna cook all day in order to prepare frozen meals to leave behind for KS, so he won’t live on sandwiches all the time.

Yesterday night the colleagues prepared me a leaving party at the office and it was really nice from them. There were plenty of verrines and spoons, and Italian white wine, and I had a few very nice gifts.

Okay I know this is a shitty update, but I don’t wanna start crying, so it’ll be all for now…