Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowy December

I should have imagined it would end like this.
Yesterday night I went home in the snow (because we had several snow storms over the last few days), and I was shivering. Once at home, I realized I had a temperature (well, I had 39.6°, over 103F), so I stuffed my face with aspirin, antibiotics, cough syrup, all in accordance with the Sponsor’s direction, and went to sleep.

Whatever. Exhaustion demands its price I guess.

Today I went to work looking like a beaten shit, but the project is finally over, so tonight I headed home at 6PM, like a normal girl.
It was still snowing a little bit.

Now, this is totally random, but I’ve been lusting about Lou, lately. Well, I kind of had a weird dream in which I was hopelessly in love with him, a couple of nights ago (of course I’m not in love with Lou, it was just a vivid dream), and then he posted a picture on FB in which all his hotness is disclosed….
Well, I’ve blurred the face (okay, someone did it for me... thanks darling!), because I’m not going to post a recognizable friend’s pic here, but please, just take a look at his abs…..

So now do you understand how come I may be occasionally mouth-watering?

Anyway, I still haven’t heard from him and Kissy about Winter break, so I hope they might come on vacay with me! And I just found out KS will be there the whole time by the way. Which is great, I know. But it was not what I was expecting, and KS doesn’t get along that well with my other friends from the mountains (language has been, so far, a big wall between him and them). But maybe he’ll get along with my vampires Kissy and Lou? We’ll see…

Tomorrow I’ll finally go home for my much deserved winter break… I can’t wait to get home!!!
Bro and weird wife are spending the whole Xmas break in Germany.
As for me, what I long for, is some mountaineering ski and some free-riding on my own, on silent, snowy slopes, followed by noisy nights at the only bar of the village with my friends.

I have done only little Christmas shopping this year, but I’ve been too busy with work, and those who love me will understand. (But hey, Polish Chick, I know you’re reading, and I’ve got a little something for you! I hope to see you soon!)

This is it, people. I wish you all the best possible Christmas, and may next year bring all you wish for. I don’t think I’ll be able to post before January 4 or so, but who knows? In the meantime, take good care!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The coolest party of the year

Yesterday night, the annual Christmas party of my company was on. It was held in one of the coolest venues of the city (as usual). It was supposed to show that things are starting to get better, the economy is getting back on track and all this bullshit. The Company Xmas party is always a big deal anyway.

The party was amazing. The venue is an old church which was converted in this uber-stylish club. Beautiful.

There were all my friends from work, and I managed to chat or dance a little while with all of them, plus I met some other colleagues that I did not know before. I handed out business cards, drank champagne, smiled a lot, laughed at good jokes, shaked hands. Than I hit the dance floor with my friends and had a blast.
What’s best, I looked great in my black Trussardi dress paired with 4 inch suede boots. My stomach was unusually flat, my makeup was just enough without being too aggressive, my hair looked good. I don’t remember talking to anyone that didn’t compliment my looks in some way.

At least, this is how I imagined it. Because in truth, while the party took place, I stayed at work until 2AM (wearing the above mentioned black dress, for what it's worth). Then I went home, and this morning I even skipped the gym because I was back at work at 7AM, hands shaking from the lack of sleep, spots on my face, hair messier than ever.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


They talk about two damned kilos of TNT.

And if the whole thingdid not collapse is because the losers who put the bomb were unable to do it well in first place, so it did not explose completly but just the starter did.

Fuck all the violent pigs. That's all I gotta say.

Monday, December 14, 2009

So good and so sad

I went back to France, spent quality time with KS, and met Lolo’s new girlfriend.
And then I hanged out with Lolo, just the two of us, for hours and hours.
Then I came back, just to dive in an insane DDworld following this daily schedule:
6.00 AM: wake up
6.30 AM leave home, ride my bike to the gym
6.50 AM threadmill for 40 minutes, quick shower, stuff my face with fresh orange juice
8.00 AM get into the tube and go to work
8.30 AM work (lunch break from 1.30PM to 2.00PM)
Sometime between 11.00PM and 2.00AM: go home, throw all clothes on the floor, throw myself in bed.

And then again, and again, and again, day after day. So I neglected my blog as well as my friends, family, cat… everything. Hell, this is so insane I even have a HUGE spot (which is rare for me).

What I want to write about, is Laurent.
As I said, we chatted for hours at Starbucks, and it was so intense. We talked so much, and he asked me some questions about the first weeks I had spent in France back in 2005. I told him something I had buried deep in my heart and not talked about for years, and when I was done he was in tears. Lolo, who always wants to “save” those around him, told me he never had suspected anything like that (we first met shortly after that dark episode), and then I explained him how he had helped me even if he had not known it. After all, he was my first real friend in France.

He told me all about his girlfriend, and about his marriage, and I understand how hard it must be for both him and his wife. What worried me most, however, was that when I told him “Look Lolo, this Blondie really seems into you, so try and be happy with her”, his answer was
“That is the problem, DDgirl. Blondie is great and I care a lot about her, but I don’t feel I could be really happy with her”

It was a strange day, intense, as I said. It felt so good to be able to hang out together and talk about old times, and at the same time, talking about his problems and my old stories was so distressing!
In any case, I’m really glad we could catch up like this. It also made me remember why we became such good friends in first place: because he’s such a good man.

KS was a little sick over the weekend, he had a bad cold and everything, so I did my best to pamper him as much as I could. It was good to spend some time just the two of us, without doing anything special, just cuddling, drinking warm tea and so on.

This is for my beloved boyfriend!

So happy Christmas,
I love you baby,
I can see a better time,
when all our dreams come true.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just because you feel good (doesn't make you right)

A while ago, Laurent, my favourite ex-co-worker (and ex manager), told me he had issues with his wife and had moved out. This was pretty sad, because they have two little kids and they were an adorable couple (ok, I’ve always had a crush on Lolo’s wife: she was everything I wanted to be!).
A couple of weeks ago I called Lolo and he told m he though his marriage was really over, and he went on explaining me how bad he felt about it: I always considered Lolo as a good man, he was always so full of attentions for his wife, so I believed him.

Tonight he called me because he knows I’ll be in France soon and wanted to set a day to hang out together. And then he dropped the bomb.

“I want to introduce you somebody”
I waited for him to go on, holding my breath.
“She’s your age, you know? We could meet for drinks on Saturday night, with your boyfriend. And then we could hang out, just the two of us, I mean, on Monday, so we can talk properly, and you’ll tell me what you think about her. But I’m sure you’ll like her”.

Like her? What are you, crazy? I hate her already.
Because the only reason that kept me from tearing your clothes off when we were in Norway, from thinking about you 24/7, back when I hadn’t met KS yet, was that I loved your wife.

That night in Norway, you wanted to rip off my sundress as much as I wanted you to. Instead, we hanged out watching the sunset, reinforcing our one year old friendship, telling us shameful stories and getting tipsy on white whine, while watching a sunset that lasted for hours.

Now this was a long time ago, years already. We’re still good friends, although we don’t work the same job, don’t live in the same country anymore, we keep in touch and we miss each other. Last summer Lolo had planned with his family to travel to Italy and visit me for a couple days; instead, they split in August, so they didn’t go anywhere at all.

Lolo, I want to be a good friend and not a lousy one, so I’ll meet your girlfriend and act nice, although apparently she’s already jealous. Hell, I’ll even tell you I’m glad you’re doing fine. Because I do hope you’re happy.
But the truth is I don’t want to meet your girlfriend. The truth is I already hate her.

And the worst part is, if this all makes me so sad, but I'm not sad for me, I'm sad because I enjoyed so much hanging with your wife, she is such a beautiful person. I'll never forget, when I would date a new guy, you would offer advice on sex and such matters, she would offer advice oon what to cook for him (and how), it was so much fun!

But I swear, I’ll behave. I'll be a good friend.

(I really wish you would be reading, my friend. I miss you so much. I know these are hard times for you, and I truly want to give you all my support. I'll do my best, I promise, again.)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wait a minute

From: Andrea the Hunter
To: DDgirl
Subject: AAA looking for DDgirl


Where are you? What are you up to, these days?
I haven’t heard from you in a while, is everything okay? I bet you’re working too much, as always. You should give it a break, get a day off and go to a SPA, things like that.
Or maybe I’m worrying too much, but I know if you had anything exciting you’d be spilling it by mail, so I bet you’re depressed. And do you know what happens when you work too much? You stop exercising, you eat junk food, you’ll develop a fat ass and maybe even zits, and who is going to get you laid then?
I’m kidding of course, babe!

I don’t really have big news. I’ve been road-tripping for a while, full-mooning in Koh Phangan, then I was in Koh Tao for a while and now I’m back in BKK at my place.

Whatever, I’m worried about you DDgirl and I don’t like worrying so get in touch.

Always yours

I got this mail yesterday.
My first reaction: WTF? I even double checked the sender, since this does not sound like the usual Hunter.
Then I realised I haven’t written him in two months or so. Bad!
Even worse, I realized I’m not keeping in touch with plenty of friends. Between working too much (The Hunter has a point, but it’s easy to say when you DON’T WORK), and the family drama, I’ve been so exhausted over the last three or four weeks, the only thing I manage to do when I get home at night is get to bed. Hell, I actually count how many hours I have to work till Christmas break to fall asleep! (My current estimate: 240 more or less… considered December 7 and 8 are holidays, it’s quite a lot…)

Back to the Hunter, however, I must confess I was touched by his email. Especially by the part quoting zits and fat ass.
I mean, it has always been the same way: I worry about him. Not vice versa.
Oh well, I’ll try to write him back tonight! Oh, and I'm meeting a friend for drinks. Need to spice up my social life.