Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Le Petit Prince: flashback

So, as I still cannot help mentioning him awfully often (ouch), I shall probably flashback a bit to explain my relationship with le Petit Prince.

When I was still working in Italy, I was sent for a mission in Tuscany for the French office, and the client's director of legal affairs joined us. I was supersingle at time (well, I had a Toy boy, but really nothing serious), so when he asked me out for my birthday I accepted. We got together, and I joined him in Paris the next weekend. Although he lives in Chicago, he's 100% French, and he spends almost half of the year around Europe for work.

To summarize things, I fell in love, and when I was offered a job in France, I discussed the matter with him during a lusty weekend around Italy, and he encouraged me to move. So I did, only to discover he dumped me the day I arrived to France. Oh, and did I mention I did not speak a single word of French?

However, he's a major client, so I meet him now and then. In late winter he came back and we got together again, then we left on holiday with his whole family (meaning his parents, his hot brother and his cousins), and then... yeah, he dumped me once more, saying he loves to spend his time with me but he'll never fall in love with me.

Did I mention he broke my heart twice??

Now, I refuse to hear from him unless it's job-related, but... I still feel something is not yet completly over, between the two of us (did I really just admit this? OMG!!)

I'd better go on and think about Tuscan Guy! Who may or may not ask me to Tuscany next weekend. Mmmmm, I'll keep you posted on that!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday lazyness

So, here we are, Monday morning back to work, the office begins to be populated and doesn't look like twilight zone anymore. Alex, my favourite co-worker, is back from holidays, which is great. Blackbeard, alias big big boss, is back, which is a bit less good, especially as the poor man is jetlagged from his 4 weeks vacation in Vietnam (poor guy, huh?), so he's behaving even worse than usual. Anyway.

The weekend with Tuscan Guy was mindblowing. We visited the city, hanged around, got drunk, and had huge amounts of sex. I kissed him goodbye at the airport yesterday night, and he wants the two of us to be together, so I'll probably visit him in Tuscany soon. Great!

Besides, I must not forget we live so far away, and I've already scared myself with long-distance relationship (former le Petit Prince), so I gotta keep a low profile on this.
Le Petit Prince, by the way, called during the weekend (how does he dare??), but I let him on answering machine. I'll tell you later about this!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tuscan dreams

Okay, I don't need to panic. The coolest guy I ever met, tall, blond, big blue eyes, nice and kind, is arriving in a few hours. Here, chez moi. Just to see me, you see what I mean? He lives in Tuscany and he's taking a plane to come to town. To. See. Me.

Doesn't matter that I moved to a smaller apartment last week and then left for holidays, so I still have boxes full of things all around. I can manage it. Maybe.
Just in case you didn't know, my 2006 motto is "No more Drama", so I'll just keep it cool, and this afternoon I'll leave the office with discretion around 2PM, go home, clean up and then get to the airport to pick him up. Wow!

Something tells me I would be a perfect housewife, living in Tuscany and having 4 kids, in a nice cottage in the countryside. Am I running a bit? oh, c'mon, let me indulge for once!!!