Sunday, December 24, 2006


Back to my parents place, I steal a few minutes from my nanny-cook activity to jot a few lines on latest events.

During the week, plenty of nice moments with Killer smile, but the mosts remarkable evenings were Wednesday and Thursday.
Wednesday night it was the Summer party at the Australian Pub: outside it was -10 Celsius, inside +30, they had filled the floors with sand, and all the girls (Maria and I leading, of course!) were dancing in swimsuits, while the guys wore shorts, Hawaiian shirts and so on.
KS and I had started drinking together at 7PM, and then we danced ‘till 4AM…
KS and I were really on a sexy mood, dancing a bit dirty, n' I could tell it wouldn't be long
Till he was with me, yeah me, singin'

I love rock n' roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby
I love rock n' roll
So come an' take your time an' dance with me!

Of course, we ended home making love… I won’t even try to describe my look on Thursday morning!!!

Thursday night I was craving for my bed, but I decided to stop by at Maria’s place to exchange Xmas presents and so on. She popped out a bottle of wonderful white whine, offered me a bijou, and, just when I was ready to leave, sorted out her brand new karaoke.
We started singing like idiots, all old songs of the eighties, and laughed all along. Which was indeed a very good thing, as Maria isn’t having a good time at all, so every moment of joy is a gift to her.

Back to earth, this morning KS woke up at 5 to take me to the airport: time to go back to my parents place. We hugged and kissed until the very last minute, and he was so lovely… Could it be that I’ve finally found someone who is nor a looser nor a workaholic, who’s not scared by my lifestyle and my job, someone who can just love me as I am?

Okay, my niece is hunting my cat, I’ll need to rescue her before they start fighting!!!
Have a Merry Xmas you all!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Friend of Foe?

Do you remember about Nath, the friend who introduced me to Killer Smile?
She’s been acting weird, lately, as if we were best friends since ages and so on, while it’s not the case. I mean, we go on well together, but that’s all.
Anyway, my sixth sense told me that she was not so enthusiastic about KS and I as she claimed, and things proved I was right.

The first thing that astonished me was how she got friend to Eastern Slut. She keeps calling her and so on, and I mean, what the fuck!! Shouldn’t she be on my side?
I started realizing she was backstabbing me a while ago, but KS prayed me not to confront her until we were really sure what it was all about.

Until, last week, she apparently told all KS friends that I’m deadly jealous of his ex-girlfriend (???) and that if I cross her ways I’m going to kill her (!!!). Just to drop the final bomb, she even told so to mentioned KS ex girlfriend herself.

Okay, I know I AM jealous. But, I’m not jealous of KS’ ex girlfriend who he dumped about two years ago. So this whole thing is just ridiculous.
Besides, what is far from being ridiculous is that Nath is obviously talking behind my back, not to say that she’s trying to put bitterness between KS and I. The question is: Why is she doing this, while acting as best friend ever each time we meet?

And how I am going to deal with this?
No clue yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Water and Snow

Christmas is almost there, and, for once, I’ve got almost all Christmas presents. Here we go:

  • The Sponsor (aka Daddy): ski bonnet and scarf
  • The Panther (aka Mom): a bell for home that sings like a bird (I know, it’s weird, but she’s going to love it
  • Niece and Nephew: clothes, games, candies…
  • Old Auntie (the best one of the family): wind bells for her garden
  • Maria: a book she will simply adore, some traditional chocolates and a short poem
  • Kia (my best friend in Italy): an animal-shaped hot-water bag (she suffers cold…)

As for Killer Smile, I gave him his present over the weekend (he brought me skiing for the we, as Xmas present!!). It was a snowboarder backpack, filled with a side-zipped pull, a scarf matching his new coat, nutella, candles (he adores candles), some chocolates and a book.

Well, I said ALMOST: I only miss the most difficult presents: Bro and his wife. And I have no clue about what they would like. Ouch!

Talking about the weekend, well, it was simply great. We got to the trendiest French ski resort, checked in at the hotel on Saturday morning, and then skied until 4PM.
When we got back, I realized that the hotel (which was quite charming) had sauna and swimming-pool. So we headed there, swam a bit, took a sauna, and meanwhile everyone else got away. Back to the swimming pool, we started kissing, which quickly turned into making out a bit and…. Yeah, ok, I’ll admit: wi did have sex into the hotel swimming-pool. Am I disgusting? Maybe. Am I kinky, naughty? Surely. But Lord, it was MINDBLOWING!
The rest of the weekend was very nice also (although not so remarkable, hehe), and now I’m back in town until Saturday morning.
Yeah, Saturday morning, because then I’ll be leaving to sped Xmas with the DDfamily (Oh. My. God.)

Back to KS, he’s more and more lovely. I only wish he gave up his Eastern girl-friends, but I’m too coward to ask him to. More about jealousy and drama in the next post!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to town!!

Finally, I managed to find an internet connection!

So, the main event has been, of course, the dinner with Killer Smile parents. Parents, like his father AND HIS MOTHER (in my experience, moms are far more dangerous for your relationships than dads).
It actually went surprisingly great, with no drama at all. Almost unbelievable, huh?
So, to resume, we went to this small place next to KS’s quarters, to eat a cheese based dinner (fondue, which I simply adore, as I can be a real pig sometimes). We did plenty of nice small talk, jokes and so on, and apparently they even liked me.

However, my life cannot be drama-less, can it?

That’s probably why I had to leave on Monday morning at 5AM to go to Paris. Only, the hotel for the week was in the outskirts. Like, the outskirts where they burnt cars and few people died during last year’s riots. Plus, I had to work with two pigs that usually aren’t part of my team, and we didn’t exactly socialize.
Anyway, on Tuesday morning I realized how nice the hotel was: over the night, fleas had bitten my entire right arm!! I was so nervous by night (in another hotel, luckily) that I got angry when KS hinted he was a bit jealous of me when I’m away for work, and I argued badly, just to feel sorry and miserable right after.

To make it short, I managed to cross KS in Lyon for Friday night, as on Saturday he was busy and on Sunday morning I had to leave for Rome, for work.
Basically, I worked, worked, worked worked….. with a little drama on Sunday morning, when, one hour before leaving for the airport, I accidentally locked myself out of my flat. I seriously considered the option known as “call daddy and start crying hysterically” but than realized I had no time to implement it: I needed ACTION! Somehow I managed to find a 24/7 service that dealt with it. They came in some 5 minutes, didn’t even break the door (they have a kind of magic key that opens everything) and… charged me 150 Euros (grrrrr).

To get to the present, I need to find all the Christmas presents like, now. Tomorrow KS is taking me to a ski resort for the weekend (nice Christmas present, huh?), so today is the last chance.
Only, I have promised to prepare a dessert for tonight (dinner at KS’s best friend) I have to prepare my backpack for ski, do the laundry as I have nothing clean left, oh, and work ‘till 6PM at least.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Short notice

Just to let you know, I'm not dead.
I'm just stuck on a job in Paris outskirts, where I have no connection.
Sorry everyone, I'll catch up in the weekend!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meet the parents

Okay so this is the news: Killer Smile wants me to meet his father and his little sister. On Saturday. Like, the day after tomorrow.
Since I was sixteen, I am affected by the syndrome “Will his parents like me?”. I dunno why, really, I mean, usually I just put on the “I’m a little angel” show and parents adore me. But hey, these people are French, and I’m the less French person in the world, so, who knows? They might simply HATE me.
So, do not panic DDgirl, right?
I guess I’ll just have KS brief me a little, plus I’ll ask advice to the girls about how to get dressed. Too bad that Maria isn’t back yet!!!!

Besides that, KS will be out for a guys night tonight, and all the girls are out of town, while I’m dying to go out in my brand-new miniskirt (I know I should be saving instead of shopping, but…). So, that’s why I’ve gotta go to find someone to go OUT!!!!
Oh, there also a history involving more about Eastern Slut, but you’ll have to wait ‘till next post… Sorry!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Could it be I'm falling in love?

Guess who was stupid enough to try to take a trendy, brand new coffee machine to Italy, declaring it was a hand-luggage at the airport? If you guessed DDgirl, you're right.

On Friday, I left early t get to the airport. The wind was so strong that the bus to the airport had to slow down. That, plus the arguments about my coffee machine with the metal detector guy, made me lose the plane. Luckily, I managed to make them change my ticket with another one for the last flight of the evening, and eventually I was at my parent's place by 11PM.
The Panther was enthusiastic about the coffee machine (her birthday present, by the way). However, she did manage to drive me nuts over the weekend, basically because:
  • I have tried to convince her to come to town to pay me a visit (last time she came, well, it was more than one year ago)
  • She keeps asking when am I going back to stay with them, give up working and just help her at home (is she mad or what???)
  • First thing going home I found a message from Miss Perfection, aka The Girl I Hate Most on the planet, aka The Girl Who Lives at My Parents' Place.

What are the good news? Well, first of all coming back to Killer Smile place on Sunday night and having sweet tender sex. Second, Killer Smile wanting me to move in at his place (which, I said, I'm not ready for, but we'll re-discuss it in January). Oh, and maybe also third, me fantasizing about something involving KS, candles, my baldaquin bed, massage oil and maybe a patch on my eyes, tonight....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mourning (WARNING: this post is depressing)

Two nights ago Maria's mom died. It was unexpected and everything happened so fast: she got a call that her mother wasn't doing well in the evening, so I bought her a ticket for the first fly leaving for Italy and she left at 4AM in the morning.
By the time she got there, her mother was already gone, so basically she spent half of the time since at the phone with me crying desperately. Poor Maria..

Of course I'll try to take care of her as soon as she'll be back, but I understand her feelings: guiltiness assaults us expatriates in these cases. Guiltiness because she wasn't there, guiltiness because she couldn't tell her mommy goodbye. In a word, because of what we are: expatriates.

I'll be going to my parents' place as well for the weekend, as The Panther has her birthday, and because it'll be the last time 'till Christmas I'm paying them a visit, I've taken the afternoon from work, to leave a bit earlier than usual.

Getting to happier topics, KS and I had a great night out yesterday, with his collegues and friends. We probably drank a bit too much (both on a headache this morning, hum).
And he asked me to go to live together in January.
'Till next time

Monday, November 20, 2006

Saturday Drama

The job dinner went well, Killer Smile enchanted all my colleagues and no one dared saying anything not nice. Everything fine so, huh? But for the fact that, in the middle of the evening, he actually confessed that, before we had met, he had had a one night stand with the Eastern Slut. Yes, you got it well. So I mean, why did they met again? We fought a bit while we were walking back home, but in the end he sincerely apologized and I let it fall.

Saturday night I had planned to go clubbing with Maria, while Killer Smile and his friends said they would have watched a match of rugby to join us later.
Maria was definitely motivated and we decided to go for a black and white night: she dressed 100% in black, while I was completely in white. Plus I dressed my hair in an updo, and to be honest, we did look great.

The plan was to go to the Cosmopolitan bar, to move to the Australian Pub next door as soon as the guys would join us.
The evening begun greatly, the ambience was cool and we shortly got on the bar to dance wildly. When KS and friends arrived, we decided to move next door. It was just when we got in that I realized Maria was looking for her Hottie, who had never called back after their one night stand.
Unluckily, Hottie arrived shortly after. With another girl. Maria freaked out, started crying, and finally KS and I walked her home. And there KS showed how lovely he is, by remaining there with me while I tried to cheer up my friend and by cooperating saying her what a jerk Hottie was. We finally left around 4AM, headed towards my place, both saddened by Maria’s bad emotions, but at the same time we realized how lucky we are of having one each other.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The boy is mine

The boy is mine
November 17, 2006

Yesterday night it was this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau Time. As living in this town means being Beaujolais addicted (and anyway, wherever you may go in the world, who dislikes it??), everybody was out in the streets yesterday night, and the fact that we passed from last week’s -4° to yesterday night +20° didn’t hurt either.

Nath had called me in the afternoon and she looked a bit depressed, so we decided to go out when Killer Smile (who happens to be Nath’s best friend) called to ask us to join him and his friends to taste the new Beaujolais. We agreed and decided to ask Maria to join us as well, so soon we arrived downtown. The streets were crowded with people partying and laughing, and the three of us were really high.
When we arrived to our rendez-vous, it turned out that KS’s “friends from work” were his brother in law (nice guy, I had already met him) and two foreign girls, one of which was a striking blond from Eastern Europe. Who was clearly flirting with KS.

Now, as everyone knows, not only I’m a drama queen, but I’m also deadly jealous.
I started making things clear by French-kissing KS to say him hello. Introductions were made, and I decided to try to act decently, so I started to talk to Maria to catch up with her gossip news. Eastern slut evidently had not got my hint, as she went on flirting as if I wasn’t there. However, as my 2006 motto is “No More Drama”, I decided not to freak out in public. Maria realized I needed help and, cool as she is, she immediately involved KS in one to one conversation, and switched place with me so that I was next to Eastern slut, and I started to talk to her. She appeared to be glad about it (honestly, KS English ain’t that good), and it avoided further public flirt. I felt quite smart about my strategy, until she told me it was actually the second time she met KS, and she liked him a great deal!!
Too much is too much, so I quickly managed to get to the bar with KS and briefed him about how unpleasant this was. Of course he said it was all in my mind (ok, he’s great, but let’s not forget he’s a guy). I didn’t want to argue, so I let it go, and ten minutes later he was all apologizing and pampering me (in front of Eastern slut).
She left right after, telling me how glad she was of having met and how she hoped we could go out again altogether. I smiled and said enthusiastically “You bet!” (meaning “You bet it won’t happen again”).

We headed home one hour after, me singing “The boy is mine, I’m sorry that you, seem to be confused: he belongs to me!”.
KS definitely gained forgiveness as soon as we got into my bed, and I’m looking forward for tonight job dinner (for which Maria has borrowed me a black mini, that I’ll wear with my brand new stiletto boots)
Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Freak out

Office gossip is higher than ever.
Today Tabbie, worst manager ever, started teasing me about a picture of me in a disco, that apparently was circulating on the internal network.
He teased to the point I freaked out.

I freaked out because I have some blanks about the night with Nico, back in September, and I worried it could be something really hot to handle.
As Tabbie is detestable, as soon as he realized I was worried about it, he took the teasing to a higher and higher level. I immediately texted Laurent (fave manager and spiritual guide ever), who called me right back and calmed me a bit, although he could not do any magic.
Only in late afternoon someone emailed me the pic, and it wasn’t half that awful: it was taken ages ago, and all that you can see is me and a guy (only his back, plus is not a coworker) dancing together. Okay, he’s kissing my cheek (almost my neck), but I mean, WTF????

The good thing is I found out the bastard who sent it all around. The guy, known as Sharky, actually asked me out a few months ago and I thanked and said no. I confronted him (via mail, as I’m stuck in Nowhere Land, in case I had not mentioned that already), and he answered in a much too proud way.
So, I decided to act really bitchy, and handed all over to Laurent. His answer:

From: Laurent
To: DDgirl

Tell the little shit that I’ll be more than glad to expose his anti-professional behavior at December evaluation meeting.
How about bringing along Killer Smile to Friday Dinner? That should stop gossip.
Take care

You see why I adore him?
Back to nice things, Killer Smile has been sweeter than ever, and he takes care of me while I’m sick, supports me in everything and does plenty of nice things like lighting candles in his bedroom and giving me half an hour of back massage when I come back from work exhausted and nervous at 11PM.
Plus, yesterday night he dropped the bomb. After making love, he said he thinks he’s falling in love with me.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Maria's Australian tendencies

Here I am, back at work (still in Nowhere Land by the way), with an awful cold.
Anyway, what deserves to be narrated is the weekend.

On Friday night I had agreed to meet with Killer Smile at his place, as he was hosting his friends for an aperitif. By the time I got there, I had spoken to Maria, who was evidently willing to go dancing, so I persuaded everyone that going to The Ayers Rock was a great idea since my beautiful, single friend would be joining us.
The Ayers Rock is an Australian pub where everyone dances on tables, on rock and revival music, very popular in town. By the way, it’s also where Killer smile and I met.
By the time we got there, around midnight, it was already crowded and smoky, but there was a good ambience. Maria was beautiful in tight jeans and a black top with separate sleeves, while I had chosen a low profile (jeans and playboy pink top).
We danced and drunk, until I realized Maria had an eye on someone, so I invited him to dance on our table, which he immediately did. 20 minutes later the pub closed, and Maria left with her hottie shouting across the pub “Bye baby, I’ll call you tomorrow!”. General laugh.

The way back to KS place was funny although a bit weird: we walked for a while, and then decided to take a bike from the distributors located all around the town. Only, as soon as he got on it, he fell: I didn’t realize he was so drunk! So I took charge of the situation, had him e put in place on the saddle, while I rode all the way! I won’t even try to describe the way everyone we crossed laughed at us!!

Saturday we just hanged around KS bed all morning (and afternoon) until I left to join Maria for shopping and gossip about her night (which was apparently great, but hottie hasn’t called since).
Then we headed towards my place, cooked together and had a lusssssty dinner (diet starts today, ouch!). Sunday we just hanged around the old part of the town, drinking hot whine (to cheer Maria up from hottie being MIA), and then I had KS for dinner.
In all this, I managed to get a flue, so now I’m at work feeling like a shit. Sob!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Roses and white whine

When I was 16, my first love dumped me. After a few months, he came back for good.
For a while I acted like I didn’t want him back, and pretended I had another boyfriend. Then, one night, I was out with Bro and really drunk, when he materialized with 17 red roses, and I surrendered.
I was 16 and dumb, and I remember clearly I thought: “Wow, so that’s how it feels to get roses! And I guess from now on it’ll happen quite regularly”.

I’m in the middle of my twenties, had plenty of boyfriends, good guys, but as much romantic as a brick wall, and I never got roses since. Until Wednesday night.

I went back to town on Wednesday, tired and near to die of starvation, and I wasn’t really motivated to see anyone, but Killer Smile insisted to stop by and say hello, so I said ok.
He arrived with roses, red and white since he knew I love white ones, and a bottle of Chardonnay.
I mean, how lovely is this?!?

The other side is that it’s 10 days since I got more than 4 hours of sleep in one night, as it’s high working season and I’m doing crazy hours.
Yesterday, by the way, we got back to the hotel at 1AM in the morning, straight from work, but we were all feeling quite high, so we decided to wear our swimsuits and go to the swimming pool. We swam, drank beer, joked and teased one each other until 2AM. By the time, my new senior had tried to splash me in the swimming pool, and I had managed to make him loose his balance so we both fell in. Only, he was wearing trousers and shirt and didn’t have anything else to change into, so today he was wearing the same suit

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cry me a river

Guess who sent me an email over the last night? No, you’ll never get it right, because it’s so weird I can hardly believe it myself.
But read it yourself

From: Little Prince
To DDgirl
Subject: hi babe

I was just wondering how are you doing, long time I didn’t see you. Marc-André (my big boss, by the way) told me you’re still living in France and you’re doing well.
I hope it is true.
I’m sorry things went wrong between the two of us – can’t help but missing you.
I’ll be in town sometimes around November end/December beginning – how about a drink?

Take care
Little Prince

I meditated carefully before answering. I always try to be cool with exes, but the man has really exaggerated. Plus, it’s not the first time he tries to get into my panties since last time he dumps me. Basically, he does it every time he’s in town.

From: DDgirl
To: Little Prince
Subject: RE

Little Prince,
I’m glad to see you’re still around and doing well. However, I thought I made it clear last time you called me: as far as possible, we won’t meet. So please stop acting like you wanted to give us another chance, don’t even make you sad about it. You must have forgotten that it was you who dumped me twice, leaving me all alone in a foreign country. Last time, you said you would have never come back guy, the damage was down.
So if now you think you want me back for good, well, you should have thought about it earlier.

Take care


Okay, maybe it was a bit hard, but revenge tastes sweet. Or, maybe, it hurt me more than him, but that’s done, so let’s go on.

As I’m still stuck in Nowhere Land, I did not see a lot of Killer Smile in these days, with the only exception of Monday night when I slept at his place.
And yes, he keeps being sweet and adorable all the time. How does he manage? Well, I have no clue, but I definitely won’t complain.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Family chronicles

The weekend is finally over, so I hope I can finally get some rest.
Weird, considering I did not even go out a single night all over the weekend, but listen to this.

I had to visit my parents, and the whole family was heading there: Bro with his wife, their to babies, and our eldest bro (Crea) with his girlfriend.
That’s why on Friday night, instead of go clubbing, I just had dinner with Maria, stopped by to kiss bye bye Killer Smile (who was leaving to go and see his parents as well), and went to bed. Saturday morning I woke at 4:30AM, ready to leave. At home, I spent the whole afternoon organizing the party for my niece 2nd birthday, until 6PM, when everyone arrived and I had to look after the two babies (2 years and 3 months respectively) and help the Panther preparing a huge dinner. Oh, and I was also dealing with a bad back-ache.
The party was a success, and then I honestly headed towards my bed, craving for a well deserved night of sleep.

Did I mention the two babies sleep in my bedroom, at parents’ place?
By the way, Luca, the youngest, was incubating a slight temperature. Basically, I spent the night walking by the house with the 2 of them in my arms. OUCH!
The Panther woke me at eight AM (after more or less 2 hours of sleep), to go for a walk together just the two of us, and chat a bit. Which felt really good, as she finally recovered from her operation and everything, but.. ouch!
The rest of the morning was spent preparing a cake for my niece so that she can take it to kindergarten on Monday (oh, and I also baked some chocolate muffins for Killer Smile), having lunch, and then I finally left to go back to town.
Sleeping on the train would have been tempting, but KS has promised me a massage section for my more and more aching back tonight, so I had to work a bit in order to have a free night.
And in case you were wondering, yes, I know he’s adorable, and that’s why I’ll leave you now head towards his place!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Stand by me

I. Did. It.
I blew off Nicolas.
Okay, I’ll explain. Thursday night I came back to town from nowhere land where I’m currently working, to go out with all the audit crew, where I was supposed to catch up with Nico.
As I arrived in town at around 9PM, I went straight to the pub, still wearing my most striking black tailleur (short skirt, mind!) and my new lovely stiletto boots.
Nicolas was already there, and, although he was being all nice at the beginning, after a while he moved on to talk to others, and for a while I only remained around because I was joking with a hottie friend of him.
But, mind you, I don’t know whether he was getting jealous or something, he started acting really annoying, so I ended up confronting him.
When he claimed that his sexy messages are only due to “his occasional lusty moments”, I decided that enough was enough, and clearly explained the jerk to f**k off.
My Romeo like assistant saw everything and took me to his table, bought me a beer and cheered me up. Why is he so attached by the way? Probably because he’s not only strikingly handsome, but also sooo sweet? Yeah, it’s gotta be that.
I had already drunk too much considering I had to wake up at six and it was midnight already, so I decided to go home, when I got a message from Killer Smile.
I left, called him and made arrangements to meet him at my place.

When I arrived, he was already there, waiting for me in the frosty night (yeah, we already have -5 Celsius!). He looked so sweet!
So yes, we did make love, slowly, passionately, intensely.
I had almost forgotten what it feels like to sleep in someone’s arm, and how good is to kiss someone in the icy morning, when both of you form a small cloud with every breath.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ooops I did it again

I bet you wanna know about Halloween!
And just in case you were wondering, no, I did not catch up with Nico, as he was ill.
However we’ll meet on Thursday as there is an evening with the audit crew.
So, I went out with Nathalie, a friend of mine, for a girls night, and we went dancing at the Cosmo. Music was great, barman so cool, shots tasted awfully good and it was all really quite nice. I had twisted my hairs in cute sexy locks, was wearing my favorite innocent/malicious strappy dress, and after a while the barman got me dancing on the bar. It was soo Coyote girl style!!
Anyway, around 1AM friends from Nathalie called and said they were in the Aussie dancing bar next to ours, so we moved to reach them.

Turned out that Nathalie’s best friend loved dancing the way I like (in a word: dirty), and after a while (and two sex on the beaches) we started kissing. He is cute, but in some strange way: nothing astonishing about him, but I like his ways and his looks altogether. We’ll call him Killer Smile hereinafter.
The night finished chatting at his place, with Nathalie, Killer Smile and his friends at KS place, and at 6AM Nath and I headed home, after I persuaded KS that sleeping together was not a good idea. Oh, and yes, he did ask me my phone number.

And yes, he did call me yesterday morning, and took me to the park during the afternoon, for a long nice walk. And he also acted supergentleman escorting me to the supermarket while I picked up stuff for dinner with a friend, and helping me carrying everything home.

So basically I don’t know what you think about it, but I do see some potential boyfriend material there.
The only things are:
- he’s Nathalie’s best friend
- I don’t feel ready to have a new boyfriend.

Did I really just admit this? Ok, basically it’s true. And there are plenty, oh plenty of so good reasons for it.
So that’s why I’ll still see Nicolas tonight.

Monday, October 30, 2006

One way, or another, I'm gonna getcha

The weekend was great, I hanged out a lot, drank far too much, socialized with a potential new girlfriend, and so on…
And you know who’s back today?
Nicolas! He texted me on Saturday night:
Hi baby, how r u doing? Sorry about being MIA, I’ve been working away, as usual, but I’ll be in town next week, so how about a night out?? Kiss

I answered immediately and we went on messaging for a while. We’re on a date for tomorrow night, I can’t wait for it!!! Especially as after that, with the exception of a long weekend in Italy, I’ll be working in nowhere land for six damned weeks (did I already mention that?)

Sunday night, anyway, was great, the girls and I were really hot and we actually hanged out ‘till 5:30AM, changing three discos. Crazy, it really made me feel like I was back to college!
Oh, and there may have been a little kissing at about 4AM on Sunday morning, but anything after 3AM does not count, huh?!

Back to reality, I’m concentrating myself on a real big issue: to have or not to have sex with Nico? Although my body says YES YES YES, my mind (and Andrea, best guy-friend ever, who’s been advising) say NO, absolutely not.
Still, I’d better cool down, as it wouldn’t be the first time he cancels me at the last minute, so…
Stay tuned if you wanna know how it ends!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Leaving on a jet train, I dunno when I'll be back again...

Here I go with the bad news. I’m leaving (as usual) for six weeks (no wonder) to go to the middle of nowhere in southern France (not even by the sea).
And my boss still has the nerves to ask me how come I am single (meaning how come I am a spinster, but he’s not brave enough to say it this way).

To go on with bad news, the new guy who’ll be working with me is married (so no potential boyfriend material on this side), and my fave manager, the adorable Laurent won’t be working on this project. Sigh!!

Altogether this means that, unless a miracle happens during the weekend, Nicolas is out of the games (at least for me), as I probably won’t cross his ways until late December.
So, this is probably a good thing as I should really better stop thinking about him, but it’s awful to see chances disappear like that, really.
It is true however, that I still hope to see him during the weekend, as I’m staying in Lyon. But, I’m afraid he’s going to the mountains for the opening of the skiing season (he’s a snowboarder, and that should be enough for me to despise him. Because yes, as I’m a mountaineering and freeride ski teacher, I can’t help but despise snowboarders!). So, I can probably say goodbye to Nicolas and just go on with my life.

Well, I’m awfully tired, as yesterday I went clubbing once more, so I guess I’d better try to work a bit!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Too many evenings!

Yesterday night it was Girls Night Out, so we hanged out at my fave pub (as usual), where an organized evening for young lawyers was going on.
The K, anyway, is always great, and as soon as I crossed a guy I knew, I made him introduce Nat (girl-friend out with me yesterday night) and I to all of his friends. Fifteen minutes later we wall all toasting and dancing, and it definitely went on ‘till faaaaaar to late. That, plus a bit too much whine led to a hard wakening this morning J

I still have no clue about where I’ll be working during next 6 weeks, I only know the guy in charge of the project (hence the guy to whom I’ll have to refer to directly) will be hired tomorrow, so he has 0 experience. Which means, I’ll have to work my fingers to the bone to do my job plus part of his. Wow! Let’s hope he’s cute & smart at least!

No one I know will be around for the weekend, so I still have no clue about what to do… maybe sleeping and going jogging is not such a bad idea, though…
Good news came yesterday night btw, as the Panther has been operated and was feeling fine, she should go home today, hopefully!

Do I need to say Nicolas is still MIA? I’m not stalking him though. Gotta elaborate a new plan about him. I guess I’ll call Andrea, my best boy-friend for logistic help!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brand new

This morning I was concentrating on some data I received, when the phone rang, showing a mobile number I did not know.
It was my brand new assistant (who I have not met yet, as he’s following some classes somewhere). Obviously a guy (did I mention I am the only girl of the team?), obviously French.

The guy calls me “Madame”. I mean, Madame as if I was a 50 years old witch boss, do you believe it???
I hope at least he’s nice, (although no one cute has been ever hired in this team, sigh). By now all I know is he’s one year older than I am and he’s engineer. However, I said I won’t date any more colleagues, so he’s OFF LIMIT!

Did I send a message to Nicolas yesterday night? I’d love to say no, but I must confess I did. And of course he did not answer. And I still haven’t checked whether he goes skiing or clubbing next weekend. If he goes clubbing, I’ll probably cross his ways, and therefore have plenty of news on next week posts. If I don’t….

The Panther is being finally operated today, so in the next few days I’ll probably be able to decide whether to stay in France, move somewhere else or go back to parents pace… we’ll see!
Meanwhile… stay tuned!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Here I am, back from a long weekend at my parents’ place.
The Panther hasn’t yet been operated, so there is this kind of “non-said” hanging around, from time to time. It was a resting weekend, however, plenty of nice chatting, eating the Panther’s fab meals, sleeping, pampering Salomé (our cat, or homecoming queen if you prefer) and so on.

The Manager has called to invite me to a theater piece in Milan, and to ask me to join him visiting his parents in Venice next weekend. Obviously I declined both, and obviously he seems to believe we’re together. Given his usual smartness and intelligence, this is completely weird: how many times did I tell him WE ARE NOT A COUPLE??? Plenty of times, trust me. Still!

Changing subject, Miriam, college girlfriend, called last week. Her boyfriend, who’s in Albany for a mission (he’s a soldier… no comment) apparently is going to give her the ring.
Only, she doesn’t seem so sure about getting married. Honestly, since they got together, she cheated on him so many times I lost count. Okay, I’m a bit old fashioned and he’s always abroad for the Army, but still… I wouldn’t call that love. Oh, and I have a clue he cheats as well. Bah, the girl is a bit complicated if u wanna know my opinion. Or maybe, I’m just worried about watching my friends getting married while I’m heading down on the Spinster Highway.

Just to go on with some drama, I dreamt of Nicolas last night. What can I say about him? Papa told me “To stay out of trouble, when you find your man, make sure he’s for real” and I know he’s not. Mama told me not to mess with sorrow, but I always did, and Lord, I still do, I keep breaking the rules. I still feel the heat and the taste of the kissing, shattered by the rain. Cut it off DDgirl! All I want is to see him craving for me. Sorry people, I might be a dork, but the guy deserves it!

Eventually, in November I’ll go to a seminary in Barcelona, with most of European juniors of my company, plus one of my fave ex-coworkers, a manager half from Argentina half from the USA, tooooooo cool. I can’t wait for it, I’m even planning to have my hair dressed in braids as I usually keep it in summer…

Monday, October 16, 2006

MIA / Not MIA?

So, the week went on between emergency on the job, overeating, self-disgust and so on.
Plus, I missed a great night out on Thursday thanx to the national strike that’s going on since a week ago.
On Friday, luckily, I had planned a night out with the girls at my fave pub (for the happy hour), plus disco later.
I did not resist the urge to message Nico “Once more, drinking rosé at the K…”. He answered me immediately, but we didn’t meet, as he went home quite early after the tiring week. He asked me out by message on Saturday night, but, to be honest, I was already dead sleeping.

The best things about the weekend were that I re-styled my flat for the winter and a long Sunday walk with Maria.

On Saturday I just put away the straw mats, the batik and the mosquito net. Besides, I wore on my bed the winter white coverlet, the white baldachin (excuse-me if I’m styliiiish), the white rugs AND the white pillows for the chairs.
Okay, I swear, it DOES NOT look like a hospital, it’s just kind of creamy, ok? Anyway I love it!

Maria and I danced all Friday night right until 4:30AM, but not a single decent guy in view, argh! Music was great however, plus we hanged out book-shopping on Sunday afternoon, weather astonishingly warm given the season.
And, I even managed to go running and to clean up home. And to cook some pretty good and healthy staff. Hey, I’m almost proud of myself!!

Oh, Laurent, my fave manager ever, called my on Friday and Saturday to know if there were any news about the Nico thing, but as usual, what can I say about it?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Call me when you're sober

Yesterday evening I came back from Southern Italy, after a great sunny weekend.
As I had agreed to call Nicolas, I turned on my mob (ok, I had it off since Friday night… I needed holidays!!), and I found a message from him, dated Saturday evening, that said:
Babe, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow… Nico
Great! So, I called him and, after a few rings, got to his voice mail. I just said that I was back and willing to know if he wanted to make arrangements for the evening.
He didn’t call back.
So I’m definitely swinging between two ideas:
- he is somehow afraid to get to the point with me
- he only calls me when he’s drunk

Anyway, I’m waiting for Laurent, so we’ll discuss this matter and he’ll give me a more objective opinion.
In any case, Nico will be away for the whole week.

Back to my weekend, I can only say WOW. We stayed in this wonderful hotel, I went swilling in the sea (it was that warm!), ate delicious food, visited those small seaside towns you always hear about and so on.
And now I’ll go back to work, as I cannot afford to be fired!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Not so good/not so bad

Yesterday night I was hanging out with the girls at my fave pub, where I’ve always been with Nicolas, so I didn’t resist the urge to send him a message:

I’m at K… and I crave for you…

He called back. He had just come back to town, was at the office, working. We made arrangements to meet one hour later.
At about 10:30PM he messaged me “I’m too tired babe, I’ll go home to get some sleep”.
Delusion rising, I stared 10 seconds at the girls, and made up my mind.
I left and called him. He was on answering machine, so I said “Hey Nico, it’s DDgirl, I’m leaving from the K, I’ll be at your place in some 20 minutes” and switched off my mob.

The poor guy was at his flat, surrounded by working papers, awfully tired, and had to leave at 6AM this morning. He was a bit distressed in the beginning, but than got kinder, and gave me a lift home.
So, once more, we did not have any sex, but a veeeeery long goodnight kiss, we had it.
Oh, and as I’m leaving for Naples this afternoon, he asked me to call him on Sunday as soon as I’m back to town. Which, I’ll surely do, but if we don’t meet Sunday I swear I won’t stalk him anymore!

Meanwhile, the Manager will pick me up at the airport tonight, and I plan to totally suntan tomorrow, and to eat all this wonderful Mediterranean food!

I’ll keep you posted

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Walk like a cat, act like a Panther

Yesterday I had the phone interview for the dream-job in Switzerland. And I did… GREAT!
So great they already sent me an assessment to be carried out on the web, plus I’ll soon have another interview.
Of course, you don’t believe the Panther was glad about it, do you?

I called her yesterday night, by the way, in order to avoid the usual guilty-feeling “you never call me” (as if!!).
She acted completely Panther-style: all purr-purr cat like in the beginning, just to suddenly get irritated “Careful I look sweet but I might kill ya” style. You know, like when your cat scratches you so suddenly while you’re pampering her??
The Sponsor, (aka daddy) emailed me this morning:

From: Sponsor
To: DDgirl

I overherad the Panther talking to you yesterday. She’s as usual: sweet and killer, but basically angry with your Bro, so don’t worry. What are you doing for the weekend?

The thing is, I am going to southern Italy, near Naples, with The Manager. Yes I am: after all, as I’ve already said, I AM a sinner, and life is short.
The fact that Nicolas is MIA (and away for work) did help to persuade myself, either.

Talking about work, Laurent, my fave manager ever, keeps saving my ass from awful jobs. Why does he have to be so married (and why do I like his wife?). Why does it happen that I don’t get involved with married men?
Well, this is an innocent work-relationship, so DDgirl, don’t even think about it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Autumn's sweet, we call it fall

“Summer has come and past, the innocents will never last…”
October has come, when I start to have the horrible phase “What did I do from January ‘till now? Am I stuck?”.
Add to this the weekend just spent in the Swiss Alps with my parent.

The Panther (aka my mother) has scored so many guilty points that I stopped counting them after 2 hours we were together. Nothing new, just usual matters: why do I live broad and oh so far away, why am I single and incapable of living a stable relationship, why don’t I live like a nun but I keep going away on weekends with different guys (!), etc. etc.

However, the Panther is having a hard time due to some issues the doctors have about something in her breast, so I really acted kind and sweet. At least I did my best.
Okay, the better part of the weekend was getting slightly drunk on luxurious Chardonnay with the Sponsor (aka daddy). After all, I still AM daddy’s little princess!
A great thing was also lying naked in the Jacuzzi swimming pool in front of the Matterhorn, catching sun, reading and sipping lemon tea. All this at 2222 meters on the sea!!

Okay, I’ll get to the point. Nicolas.
After his no show-big lie, I was messed up and angry, so I decided to give it a cut. The day after, I called him and simply explained him how I knew he lied. He was nice and all sorry, and excused. At night he wrote me he hoped I wasn’t mad at him, and that he’s not the kind of guy looking for a seriously relationship. I just said “Nor am I”, so we’re still on and should date soon. But we’ll see.

Meanwhile, The Manager keeps emailing me. The Manager is an awfully rich, intelligent, keen man who asked me 18 months ago after one year of friendship. He apparently still wants me, and proposed me to join him next weekend near Naples; for some sun tanning, shopping, swimming,…
And to be honest, if I find a cheap flight, I’ll go.
Oh, c’mon, stop staring at me this way: I AM a sinner, so what???

Last thing: tomorrow I’ll have the interview for that job in Switzerland…

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So, yesterday night Laurent, my fave manager, was taking me home after work, and he called Nicolas, who was in the train, coming back to Lyon.
Obviously I was all excited and makin’ plans, so, when he sent me a message saying “Yo girl, in the end I can’t come to town tonight, sorry! Kisses” I thought he just wanted to make me a surprise.
So I hurried home, took a shower, dressed and all that stuff… and waited… and waited…

At about 10:30 I was annoyed and no so self confident anymore, and tried to call him. No answer.

So I just undressed and went to bed with my teddy to watch Kill Bill. Eventually I fell asleep, and when I woke up to turn off the telly I realized what happened. He had gone to see the football match with his buddies.

Nicolas called me at 2AM in the morning and I didn’t answer. He did not leave a message, either.

Any wonder I’m so sad and fucked up with myself this morning?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Call me maneater

So, I bet you’re dying to know how did it end with Nicolas…
Sunday evening he messaged me he was out for dinner and he would call me later. By 11PM I went to sleep, as I knew he had to go to Paris on Monday morning anyway, so he wouldn’t have stayed out late.. So I just fell asleep a bit depressed.

Monday morning, and the first person I met at the office was my brand new assistant, who stared at me, smiled, and then burst into laughing. I just smiled and shrugged, and then told him discretion would have been welcome. I don’t think he’ll shut up anyway.

I resisted the urge to mail Nico (he wasn’t on IM as he had no cable connection). While a boring, sleepy afternoon was going on, Antoine (coworker, with whom I slept after the summer seminary in Cannes…) tried to catch my attention on the fact that he would have liked to date me for the evening.
I considered the option, but then again, I didn’t want to mess up any chance I might have with Nicolas, so I just ignored Antoine and came home.

And then, what? Well, a HOT session of sexy messages exchanged between Nicolas and me followed… ahuuuuu!!!! He’ll be working in Paris until Thursday, but tonight he’ll come to town to see me. To be honest, he actually asked me to sleep at his place.. we’ll see!!

Something to remember: sexy messages in a foreign language that the “he” of the moment does not wholly understand ALWAYS arouse him incredibly!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Coyote Ugly

The night with Nicolas was… awkward

Do you all remember the Coyote Ugly girls? The idea was that coyotes that get trapped cut away the trapped leg with their teeth, to run away. Just the way you would want to do sometimes, when you wake up beside someone after a funky night, and all you wish is to run away without waking him. You know what I mean, huh?

Before you misunderstand, we did not do it. Ok, I’ll explain everything.

I arrived to the party around 9PM, wearing this innocent/lusty dress I have since college, that never failed to make me obtained what I wanted.
Nicolas wasn’t there yet, but there was Helene, girlfriend and neighbor of mine, who instantly started to pour me her wonderful vodka sour. One hour (and more than one vodka) later, Nicolas arrived with his friends, not yet drunk but already quite high. I just smiled, and he said “My love, why didn’t you answer me?” I was stunned. Picked up the phone and found a message from him, from two hours before, that said “Sweetheart, I’ll arrive later, shall we meet directly at the pub? Kisses”. I watched Nicolas, and smiled while he was saying “I don’t want everyone to see there’s something between us” just to start kissing me right after. Hehe!

By the time we left for the pub, the evening was great.
And we were both drunk, but in a nice way. So, making out at the pub, just seemed a wonderful idea. Music was great, Nicolas (who apparently knows everyone no matter where he goes) was introducing me as his fiancé to everyone, including my new assistant, who just watched me astonished.

When we decided to join the others at the disco, the drama started. They wouldn’t let us in, basically because Nicolas was all over me. And then Arnaud, Nico’s spazzy friend, came out from the disco. I tried to persuade them to get in without me, so that I could join them a few minutes later, but by this time it was getting hard to explain things to Nico. And then, Arnaud started touching me all over.
I was scared to hell, screamed at them both, and tried to left. They tried to persuade me to move to another disco with them, but I wasn’t getting it, Arnaud didn’t let me go and I realized that Nicolas wasn’t seeing what was happening. So, when they slipped in a friend’s car, I just stormed away in the rain, found a cab and headed home.
Nicolas kept calling me, and to his honor I must say that he came to my place fifteen minutes later, without Arnaud.
By the time, however, I was so freaked out, I totally refused to make love, and we just fell asleep. I woke up one hour later, and he was dead sleeping. As I had to catch the train at 6:30AM (weekend with parents had been planned long ago), I didn’t wake him, but just left leaving him a note.

I called him Saturday evening, but my mobile had no battery, so we didn’t really talk. He didn’t call back either.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m going back to town. Nico was supposed to call me this evening to meet at his place, but I don’t feel like he’s going to. I don’t even know if he remembers he promised it either. What’s horrible is that as he probably didn’t realize what happened with Arnaud, he probably considers me the reigning queen of stupid drama.

And I don’t even know how the hell will I manage to walk into the office on Monday morning, after everyone saw the two of us on Friday night.

Well, I’ll keep you posted ‘bout this!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beauty and the hunter

This morning I was walking into the office building when I stumbled into some guys from the audit department, who were going to take a coffee. I joined them, just to step into Nicolas who was taking his coffee as well.
Basically, he turned our Thursday date into an inauguration party of some co-workers’ new apartment.
To me, this means he’s not so keen about going out with me.

Am I becoming one of these awful people who always think things turn bad on them? Ouch.

Later, I got a mail from my favorite guy-friend Andrea, who has a job interview for a hot, marvelous position in Paris on Friday. So, I’ll try to persuade him to come to town to spend the weekend with me after, instead of going back to Finland or to Italy or wherever (the guy is half Italian half Finnish, and although it may sound bizarre, I can swear the result of the mix looks awfully good).

Meanwhile, I was thinking that stepping into a party with Andrea by my side is probably the best way to become men’s main target, as Andrea is quite likely to raise competition.
Okay, I see I oughta tell you something more about him…

Andrea is a dark blond guy, with luxurious straight but volume-full hair, with brighter strands around his deep blue eyes. He isn’t tall, but not a short guy either, quite in shape, very few freckles on his nose when he’s suntanned (90% of the time), that give him this sexy-innocent look.
The thing is, Andrea is everything but innocent. He’s a real hunter, and, given his look, a successful one. But don’t think he’s a tender lover or something: he’s the reigning King of One Night Stands. And basically, that’s why he’s my best friend and not my boyfriend. (Ouch, I can’t believe I just admitted this!!)
Well, Laurent, my fashionable adored lovely manager is faxing me some data to work on, so… I’ll keep you posted!

Monday, September 18, 2006

And the winner is...

So, can you guess who’s my date for Thursday night?
I bet you have no clue!!!

So, I was at work when Laurent, my favorite and very married manager arrived at noon. After swimming and Jap lunch (puah!! I’m sick of living on veggies and boiled rice!! I want some cheese!!!) we went back to work and I crossed Nicolas, who was cool but kept the distances.
Merde! My ego started instantly working on me, and after half an hour I was a bit depressed of having another week without a single, decent date. Laurent watched me stepping into his office, a lollipop stuck into my month (not soooo professional, but it works), and started inquiring.
“What’s up babe? Who did you go out with in the weekend?”
I tried to stay cool, and focused on all the sport I’ve been making over the weekend. He didn’t take a word of it.
“So, what’s up with Nico?” (I might have hinted, on a drunk in the Netherlands, that we hanged out).

2 minutes later he was stepping pout of his office: “Follow me”
He rushed into the staffroom on the other side of the building and stopped by Nicolas.
“So Nico, can you manage to finish this thing by tonight?”
“Ok, so, later can you take out DDgirl for a drink?”

Oh My God. I only let you imagine how I BLUSHED!

Nicolas reply: “Sure” (turning towards me) “I’ll give you a call right?”

Later he IMed me

NicolasB: hey babe you right?
DDgirl: fine… uh, sorry ‘bout Laurent, dunno whazzup with him!
NicolasB: no probs sweetheart… I’d still like to date you though
DDgirl: ok, cool
NicolaB: but I’m to tired tonight, I need some rest.. how about Thursday
DDgirl: ok, keep in touch

I signed off, and Laurent gave me a lift home as underground’s on strike.
Did I mention I adore Laurent?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rainy Friday

To ask or not to ask?

Yesterday the Panther bargained as usual, and we weekend in the Alps was cancelled.
Usual family drama, anyway.
Somehow I did not managed to leave the office before 1 AM, and today we started at 6AM. Consider time to go back home, heat something to eat, fall asleep and take a shower this morning, I hardly slept at all.

However, as this year motto is “No more drama”, I dressed up casually instead of wearing a suit, and got to the office trying to keep a smile on my face, and it seems to have produced its effect, as my brand new Romeo assistant greeted me enthusiastically and asked me if I’ll join him for the swimming pool at noon.
Straggling to keep my eyes opened, I still answered positively: after all it will only be the two of us, plus Nicolas is out of the office today… and did I mention it rains cats and dogs and we'll be sharing one umbrella?

Am I messing up? Yeah, probably.
Am I being a little bitchy? Yeah, probably.

Still, I don’t give a damn, especially as, after all, I’ll be spending a very lonesome weekend, cleaning up all the mess in my apartment, sleeping, jogging as much as possible, and doing the laundry (otherwise I’ll have to go out commando…).

Tuscan Guy, by the way, is MIA, so….

Enjoy your weekend ya all!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Work meetings

Yesterday night I was watching Desperate Housewives, when I got a call from my mother, who is also known as The Panther, in family slang. I’m supposed to meet her and dad on Friday morning for a long weekend in the Alps, so I was a bit astonished when I saw her name, but I picked the call (bad mistake).

After usual chat, she came to the point.
“Darling, you know, I think your brother and his wife might be thinking about having another baby”
Guilty feelings rising around me.
“Hey Panther, you gotta be kiddin’”
I mean, Bro is 29, and he already has two kids, aged 20 months and 2 months respectively. They’re lovely, but they can be a real nightmare.
Anyway, as long as Bro goes on having kids at the rhythm of a rabbit, the whole family is fine about me being a spinster, so…

Later on, I went out for drinks with the girls from the office, to celebrate a German friend who’s leaving us to go back to Stuttgard.
Nice evening, great gossips, little alcohol. It’s week time, and I’m a professional!

The final news came this morning from my manager: in January, we’ll have a winter meeting just like those we had in June in Cannes. Oh. My. God!!!!!!
Three days in Cannes, doing nothing but sun tanning around the swimming pool, bathing in the sea, drinking ridiculous amounts of champagne. Oh, and there was a little kissing. Ok, a little making out as well, in the Mediterrean sea, one night around 4 AM. But it was a guy from another office, so not strictly a coworker, right?

Plus, look at what I was wearing for the gala dinner!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Guys, guys, guys...

Yeah, I know, I didn’t write for a while.
Work sent me abroad, traveling through Norway and Holland, and then I finally got to Florence. So I met Tuscan Guy, for a cute, romantic, sexy weekend in the most fab town you can imagine.
Then why didn’t I fall in love? No clue. But I don’t see this whole thing as a serious potential relationship. Basically, we live too far away, and he is not the kind of guy who travels as easily as I do (but in the end, who does beside Le Petit Prince and I??). So I can’t see how we could meet often enough.

Ok, there’s more.
Nicolas, a guy from the office I hanged around with, before holidays, asked me out for drinks next week. He’s not sooooo cute, but God, he IS fun, intelligent, reliable. Basically, evenings with him are great. Main problems:
- I shouldn’t be dating coworkers (but he’s in a different team), and I’ve already dated 3. And I’m more or less still dating all of them (OMG did I really just admit this???)
- I don’t know if he thinks we just hang around, if he wants a relationship or something
- They just assigned me a new assistant. You remember DiCaprio in Romeo+Juliet? His double, just taller and more muscles. Gosh!!!!

So, I guess I will “date” Nicolas next week, and then we’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted on that!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Le Petit Prince: flashback

So, as I still cannot help mentioning him awfully often (ouch), I shall probably flashback a bit to explain my relationship with le Petit Prince.

When I was still working in Italy, I was sent for a mission in Tuscany for the French office, and the client's director of legal affairs joined us. I was supersingle at time (well, I had a Toy boy, but really nothing serious), so when he asked me out for my birthday I accepted. We got together, and I joined him in Paris the next weekend. Although he lives in Chicago, he's 100% French, and he spends almost half of the year around Europe for work.

To summarize things, I fell in love, and when I was offered a job in France, I discussed the matter with him during a lusty weekend around Italy, and he encouraged me to move. So I did, only to discover he dumped me the day I arrived to France. Oh, and did I mention I did not speak a single word of French?

However, he's a major client, so I meet him now and then. In late winter he came back and we got together again, then we left on holiday with his whole family (meaning his parents, his hot brother and his cousins), and then... yeah, he dumped me once more, saying he loves to spend his time with me but he'll never fall in love with me.

Did I mention he broke my heart twice??

Now, I refuse to hear from him unless it's job-related, but... I still feel something is not yet completly over, between the two of us (did I really just admit this? OMG!!)

I'd better go on and think about Tuscan Guy! Who may or may not ask me to Tuscany next weekend. Mmmmm, I'll keep you posted on that!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday lazyness

So, here we are, Monday morning back to work, the office begins to be populated and doesn't look like twilight zone anymore. Alex, my favourite co-worker, is back from holidays, which is great. Blackbeard, alias big big boss, is back, which is a bit less good, especially as the poor man is jetlagged from his 4 weeks vacation in Vietnam (poor guy, huh?), so he's behaving even worse than usual. Anyway.

The weekend with Tuscan Guy was mindblowing. We visited the city, hanged around, got drunk, and had huge amounts of sex. I kissed him goodbye at the airport yesterday night, and he wants the two of us to be together, so I'll probably visit him in Tuscany soon. Great!

Besides, I must not forget we live so far away, and I've already scared myself with long-distance relationship (former le Petit Prince), so I gotta keep a low profile on this.
Le Petit Prince, by the way, called during the weekend (how does he dare??), but I let him on answering machine. I'll tell you later about this!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tuscan dreams

Okay, I don't need to panic. The coolest guy I ever met, tall, blond, big blue eyes, nice and kind, is arriving in a few hours. Here, chez moi. Just to see me, you see what I mean? He lives in Tuscany and he's taking a plane to come to town. To. See. Me.

Doesn't matter that I moved to a smaller apartment last week and then left for holidays, so I still have boxes full of things all around. I can manage it. Maybe.
Just in case you didn't know, my 2006 motto is "No more Drama", so I'll just keep it cool, and this afternoon I'll leave the office with discretion around 2PM, go home, clean up and then get to the airport to pick him up. Wow!

Something tells me I would be a perfect housewife, living in Tuscany and having 4 kids, in a nice cottage in the countryside. Am I running a bit? oh, c'mon, let me indulge for once!!!