Thursday, June 28, 2007

A night in Switzerland

I’m so tired I don’t even care anymore if I’m thirsty or hungry, or if my hair needs to be washed. Whatever.
I’ve been working approximately fifteen hours per day over the last fifteen days, including Sundays. And I was fool enough to go white water rafting all day long on Saturday, instead of resting by the swimming pool. Well, at least I have spent a great day on the rafts with KS, we really had a blast.

I am still in Switzerland, writing late at night. Right now, the only thing that can give me the smile is Andrea, the Hunter.
He emailed me for my Bday, at 1AM in the morning.

From: Andrea, the Hunter
To: DDgirl

Subject: DD day

Whazzup babe? I’ve come back from a wild night just to write you and wish you a great wonderful birthday…
I’m kidding of course, the night was sucking (meaning no babe half as hot as you around), and I know you hate your birthday, but still I remembered and here I am!

Okay, so I’ve got this offer for [Big Bank], on their trading floor, so I’m trying to make up my mind between joining them or going to Thailand for a while… Any advice?

What else? Well, I hate to admit, but I do miss you a bit. Wouldn’t you be considering coming back to Milan, by chance? Oh, whatever babe, anyway we both know We’ll end up married one day. After all, you still have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen (and I have good records).
Take care and wbs!

Of course he kids, he’s not after me. Years ago, we said that, if we’ll be both single by the time I’ll be 30, we’ll get married, but it’s only a joke. Anyway, in order to give him a laugh, I answered.

From: DDgirl
To: Andrea, the Hunter

Subject: Re:


I know you like me, I know you do. I know you want me, it’s easy to see…
Don’t you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me?
Don’t you wish your girlfriend was RAW like me? Don’t cha!! Don’t cha baby!!

Kiddin’ hun. Are you still seeing that boredom named Paola?
Dunno bout the job, it’s cool, but will u like it or hate it?BTW, I have a spare room, so u can crush at my place if u want. Plus my best friend is single again. Oh, and I miss you too. Thanks for the wishes. Are you still that much of a hottie? Send me a pic.

And no, it ain’t flirty. It’s just the way we are.
And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’l have to call my dear love, my KS who’s at home, missing me as much as I miss him.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Panther's venue. Birthday.

I finally came back to town yesterday night, and I cannot even describe you the mess at home.

Plus, the Panther and the Sponsor (aka my parents) are coming for the weekend. Like, tomorrow night they’ll be here.
Because tomorrow it’s my birthday.

Luckily two miracles happened: the guy form Ikea has come this morning to finally put in place our kitchen (no more boxes everywhere, yuppieee!!) and, even better, I found a woman who will come to clean the apartment on Friday afternoon. As it’s a whole mess, and the windows need to be cleaned also, she agreed to stay for 4 hours. Wonderful!!

Even better, God bless the guy who invented online shopping, so that by the time I’ll be home tonight (and my forecast is that this won’t be before 9PM…) the fridge will be full of everything I’ll need to feed both the Parents.

Now let’s go back to negativism.
Tomorrow is my damned birthday. Not only I hate my birthdays (always have, even as a kid), but, I’m hitting 25.
Which puts me in an awful state of mind, because of all the questions this “25” raises, like: where am I going? How am I gonna spend the rest of my life? Will I ever settle? And so on.
I’m too tired to party, anyway, so couldn’t we just all forget about it?

Maybe I’m just abusing my meds for allergies, which would also explain the nightmare I had last night: the Little Prince found me after stalking me, died in an accident, and I was accused of murdering him. Guess I’ll quit coffee and meds and keep a low profile until the whole Bday weekend is over!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I AM a bastard. And you?

So, Maria needed to be taken care of, and of course that’s what I did, although, what do you tell to a broken heart?
The most sincere comment I ever got was from a colleague, a nice one, when B. and I broke up. He told me: “You know it, it’s hard. But guess what? It won’t get easier. No, it will keep hurting in time, weeks will pass, summer will come and you’ll no longer go on holiday with him, and you’ll keep staying out at night, after work, to avoid your empty apartment. No, don’t trust to those who tell you it will soon get better, ‘cause it’s not true”.

I thought at the moment (at I still do now) that he was right.
Anyway, I didn’t feel like handing out this to Maria, so I just listened and offered compassion and company. At least I hope so.

Meanwhile, in my own head, I was thinking about what a vile thing he had done. And then, as I’ve recently re-read “High Fidelity”, by Nick Hornby, I thought about the 4 worst things I’ve ever done to a man (no matter if the “he” of the moment ever found out or not).

1 - I’ve cheated on my first BF while he was in love with me
2 - I’ve been sleeping for a while with two guys who were best friends one to the other (never both at the same time!!). We would hang out, and if I felt like going home with someone, I would pick up one of them.
3 - Every time I’m in love, I find the BF mob phone and read all his messages (usually it’s me who gets hurt)
4 - I spread at my previous office a rumour about one of the interns being gay. Everybody did believe it.

Those are my excuses:

1 - When I was in love with him, he dumped me (needless to say, he broke my heart: I was 16!!!). Eventually, he came back and my family pushed me to take him back, but I was so angry I made out with another guy while he was on holiday. By the way, later on, I discovered he cheated as well during the same holiday.
2 - I have no excuses, but no feelings were involved, they were just bed buddies. And, after a while, I realized that they both were aware and okay with it.
3 - Let’s be serious, who doesn’t?
4 - The guy made out with me one night, after months of flirting, and then turned me down when I asked if he was coming home with me.

So, I’m a bastard, okay.

But, take a minute and think about the few worst thing YOU have ever done to someone of the other sex.

Okay, so who’s the bastard now?

Monday, June 11, 2007


So, I spent the rest of the afternoon stressing, until the “break-even point”, when I told myself that I was definitely going to be fired due to an unsuccessful mission in Paris, and that I was then going to go back at my parents’ place and start a small restaurant as I’ve been dreaming so long.

I don’t think this way of thinking is so tragic, it’s just that it allows me to step back a little, knowing that anyway I might have a way out, in a worst case scenario, you see what I mean?

Anyway, this whole process went on until the morning after (no paranoia to KS, as we did not talk much that night as he was at a party), when Karine called back saying the mission in Paris was cancelled and that I was to spend this week in Geneva again. Which pretty saved my ass.

I was heading to my parents’ place for the weekend feeling relieved, with nothing in my mind but vague projects about doing some kayak on Saturday, when my mob rang, displaying Maria’s number. As Maria happens to be my closest friend at the moment (and the Best Clubbing/Shopping Mate Ever), I happily answered.
She was crying so hard I had problems understanding what was wrong for a little while.

Her BF had just quit her.

Now, Maria had come to live abroad in order to follow the love of her life (alias ButtHead), who had quit her right after (just like the Little Prince and I, to give you an idea), and she pretty much never dated on regular bases for the two following years.

Then, one night we girls were clubbing (KS was away for work), she met C., who was nice and cute. This was some 5 months ago, and meanwhile they got together, she was introduced to his parents (!!!) and everything. Her only issue was that he is 9 years younger than her (the guy is around 23), but I always told her not to give a damn as long as they were happy together. And they were, as Maria is definitely younger than her age, both physically and mentally.

So apparently the bastard has only just found out her real age, and quit her.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Come out and play

I feel like I’m going to flip out. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this? What if I completely mess up? OMG!

I’d better explain.

I left yesterday to join Hatim, my new colleague, on a job in Switzerland. Everything fine ‘bout this: the job is a bit tough, but we’re dealing with it and Hatim and I go on quite well together. The only shade on the whole situation was that we do not have access to our email while working here.

Only, this afternoon, I got a call from the office assistant, Nathalie, who wanted to tell me about the coordinates of my hotel for the next week.
I had no idea what she was talking about, so she explained I have been planned on a job in Paris. Okay, I said, and who’s coming along?

The thing is, I’m going on my own, which, in this job, is NEVER a good situation. And I don’t feel experienced enough, either.

So, I was already a little blue when I called Karine, the senior manager, in order to be briefed about the job, but there was still a little part of me that was thinking: okay, it must be an easy job, Karine will brief you intensely and tell you exactly what to do, and you’ll manage to make a good job & maybe also a good impression.

Here’s how the call went:

DDgirl: Hi Karine, DDgirl speaking
Karine: Hey, what’s up?
DD: I called you to discuss about next week job
K: yeah, it’s cool, I don’t have much information, but it’s a dataroom, so you go, you make a financial due diligence, and you come back with a report.
K: Look, I gotta go, anyway I’ll call you around Wednesday to know how it’s going.

And she hanged up.

Gotta go, more in the next entry.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The new team

So, I just started the new job a few days ago. Until now I like it, I like the team and everything.
I guess a little summary of my new colleagues would be useful, no? So, here we go.

He’s the big boss, a Partner of the firm. Around 45, grey hair, nice and funny. He really seems the smart one, always asking for each one’s opinion. Love him already.

Senior Manager, around 35. Definitely a no-nonsense, still a very trendy woman. She’s a tough one, but I like it that way, better be direct than sneaky.

He’s the quiet one, and, like me, has just joined the firm.

Hatim & Caroline
They have just one year of seniority more than I do, and we share the same office. So far, they have been very nice and communicative.

She’s the team assistant. Around her 40s, always ready to chat a bit or go for a coffee. As much as she’s a nice person, I think she is maybe a bit lazy, which probably means we’ll stay friends as long as I do not ask her to do anything for me. Still, I may be wrong.

Ali & Jerome
The IT guys. Ali is very sporty and kind, and married. Jerome is very handsome and funny. No wedding ring there.
I’ve been seeing them a lot, as my new notebook keeps bugging.

The great thing is that everyone seems to go along very well. As much as Karine is the diva of the group, she’s a real worker and she’s so much more senior than I am, that there shouldn’t be any problem.

Another nice thing is that, on Thursdays, there is a training coach who come to train those of us who whish so, plus as we’re next to the park I could go running at noon. And I really need it, as I gained a few kilos lately.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Revenge on the French Flagellum

After ruining all of my painting and cleaning, the French Flagellum and his wife (aka my in-laws) spent the night at our old flat, in order to go to buy some wine in the region on the following day.
So I spent the rest of Saturday night not talking, eating my pizza and sending KS body messages about how angry I was, until they left saying they would arrive on the morning after at 9AM.

The fact that at 7:45AM on Sunday morning they were already downstairs at our new flat didn’t help either: we were still sleeping and everything, so I grabbed jeans and sweater and unpacked the coffee machine. And then I started to wonder what the hell where they doing, as we live on the 4th floor, it couldn’t take that long.
And that is when they called on KS’ mob phone, saying they were stuck in the elevator and crying for help.

Instead of dancing, I decided to go to the bakery to buy some croissants and everything for breakfast. When I came back, they were still stuck, but the elevator guy had arrived. I tried to persuade him to leave them inside there a little longer than needed, but he said it was illegal.
Still, it wasn’t before some 3 quarters of an hour they managed to get out, and by that time most of the French Flagellum’s bravado was gone, I was thanked for having organized a nice breakfast and we managed to spend a decent day without stepping on each others’ feet.

Now I’m not enthusiastic to know KS and I are going to visit them at their place on next weekend, but hopefully it’ll be sunny and I’ll spend the whole we lying in sun by the swimming-pool.

And, before that, I’ll have to tell you about my new colleagues! Stay tuned!