Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Girls night in

Yesterday night a “Home Spa & pamper-food” was planned at my place.
KS had some squash game with colleagues, so I planned with Maria in order to make the night a success.

I went home quite early (although I’m still working, everyone is on holiday and there is very little to do… lovely!), in order to prepare Maria’s (and mine) favourite finger-food: panzerotti.

Now I realize that almost everyone who is not Italian (and some Italians as well) might not know what a panzerotto is, so some explanation might be required, and, why not the recipe!
Panzerotti are a sort of small “calzone” (like pizza folded), although quite different. What I do (and did yesterday night) is to prepare a paste mixing flour (non self-raising!!), a little salt, water and olive oil. Then you let it rest one hour (or more) in the fridge, you take it out, level with a rolling pin until it is 2 mm high. Next, you cut squares of 5 to 7 cm sides, fill them in the middle with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and ham (for those who eat meat, vegetarians like me, let out the ham), and fold into triangular shapes, closing the borders by finger pressure.

At this point yesterday night, Maria arrived, and we settled for the home-Spa. Basically this means she waxed my legs (she has had laser done to hers, so no more waxing, lucky girl!!), I scrubbed her back and applied self-tanning and so on. Oh, don’t forget vanilla massage oil at the end.
Of course, this was accompanied by some home made pop-corn, relaxing music, fruity drinks and plenty of candles everywhere. Total cost of the night, around 15 Euros (including dinner). Wow! Not to mention all the girls talk!!

Back to panzerotti, I preheated the oven at 200 Celsius, and baked until they got golden and smelled nice. By the time, we had chosen a movie (Orlando, btw, but I guess it’s not really well-known), and we had our panzerotti while watching it.

For once, a great night at home!

Friday, July 27, 2007

August falling stars: save a prayer 'till the morning after

In a week or so, I’ll be leaving for my yearly summer holiday in the Alps, where I’ll meet all those guys and gals I’ve been friend with for the last 15 years.
It’s a really heterogeneous group, where age varies between 20 and 26, education from those who only speak dialect to those who are taking an MBA or a PhD in Arts... You see what I mean? We only know each other because we’re “holiday neighbors”. But one thing we do have in common: we love to party.

As most of us also like 80s and early 90’s music, when this morning I heard DuranDuran’s “Save a prayer”, I couldn’t help thinking about our annual camping night.
Around August 10, we usually pack lots of alcohol, sleeping bags (those who own one!) and we all hike one hour or so, until we’re sure there will be no light pollution. Then we seek for wood, we start a good fire (always paying great attention, in order to avoid forest fires!!), and settle. The aim is to watch falling stars. However, in the few years we’ve been doing this, no one has yet seen one. This is probably due to the alcohol quantity we start drinking around 5PM. Also, most of the times we forget glasses or even plastic goblets, so bottles are passing from hand to hand, while we sing (awfully).

Now the thing is, during the years, before or later, each of us has ended up by snogging with at least a few of the others… And there probably have been also a few one night stands (not I, though…). So, when I think about “Some people called it a one night stand, but we can call it paradise…” of course I think about these occasions. What’s nice is that there has been almost no one who got hurt from those “escapades”, probably because anyone who would want to try something serious with someone else of the group would choose another occasion to step in!

Anyway, there is an episode where someone got kinda hurt, and that everyone still remembers.
A few years ago, I actually spent the night kissing one of my friends in a tent, and at around 4AM I stepped out seeking some water. Now, I wasn’t wearing my lenses, so I was pretty blind, and I tried to hurry in the fire fainting light (I was wearing only panties and a T-shirt and at that time at that altitude, even in August, it’s freaking cold), so I completely stepped over one of the guys who was wrapped up in his sleeping bag. It ended up being one of my best buddies, who was completely wasted and, thanks to the pressure of my foot on his tummy, started puking all around… Of course at this point most of the group thought I was making out with him, instead than with the other guy, and it really took quite a while to calm down misunderstandings!!!

Can’t wait to see what will happen next time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mental floss

I did not post for a few days, due to the fact that I feel my mind is messy. As this situation does not appear to improve, I’ll post anyway, but please, beware that this post could make little sense (also because I keep changing subject). By the way, do you ever feel this way?

The biggest event of last week was that I got a job offer, and I mean, the kind of job offer you have problems saying no. Why, will you wonder? Because of the fabulous salary and bonus.
Still, as nothing come for free in real life, those are the issues.

Firstly the job would be in Milan, Italy, a city where I swore myself never to live in again, due to total lack of security (when I was in college girls did not walk home alone after 9PM!!), horrible weather (up to 45 Celsius in summer, I guess it’s like F113), awful services and so on.
Secondly, it’s an M&A advisory position for one of the world biggest banks, the kind of, no matter where you live, if I say the name you think “ah, yeah, I know it!”. Into practical terms, this kind of position, in Milan, means that you work around 40 weekends per year (not to mention the 70working hours weeks).
Thirdly (and far from least), I could not bring myself to quit KS, and, right now, he is not ready to follow me there.

On the boyfriend side, last Friday we attended a party where his ex was invited also. Saying everyone was bitchy towards me would be too nice: stating that I spent the night alone in one corner, talking only to an outsider, would be much closer to the truth.
We also had a little argument about this, but in the end he admitted I was right and that anyway we’ll attend lesser and lesser those kind of parties (thanx Lord!).

Truth is also, I miss my friends. Since I moved in with KS, no one from Italy visited me but my parents, and while in Italy I only meet most of them at Christmas and in August. So I am a bit melancholic, but I know I’ll probably be feasting every night with them on the first half of August, so I guess it’s all right…

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family issues

The Panther called me this morning, while I was trying to sober from the white wine I shared with Maria last night. Very Panther-like as usual, she came straight to the point: the Bro.
Now, as I don’t recall if I already written about it (and yesterday wine is not helping either), here’s a little summary of what I knew so far: the Bro had decided he was tired of his current living style, and had therefore applied with positive response for a cardiologist position at my parents’ town hospital. Therefore, the whole Bro family had decided to move some half-a-mile down my parents’ road between July end - August beginning.

Being on July 18th, I would have thought everything was settled, by now.

Instead, the Panther told me he was still uncertain about being hired, that his wife was not so sure about moving anymore, and so on.
The thing is, they had asked the Panther to arrange for them to have a house ready to move in, so she had to do miracles dealing with bricklayers, plumbers and so on in order to have everything ready in time, so I kind of understand why she was more than a bit distressed.

As my home-phone does not work, I emailed him right after

From: DDgirl
To: The Bro

Subject: whazzup?

Hey Bro,

What’s up buddy? I just had the Panther who sounded like she had just eaten a lemon, does it have anything to do with you?
BTW, are u movig? And when? And how ‘bout the new job?
Keep in touch Bro, it’s been ages since we last spoke!!!!

Take care


So far, I did not get any answer from him. Instead, Andrea wrote me again saying he’s having fun but he’s a bit tired of parting all night long, so he’s going to focus a bit more on sun tanning daytime. Ah, what a hard life he has to deal with!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Call me Miss Goody Two Shoes

This morning I was alone in the office (Karine and the crew are working from the Paris Office), so when my mob rang displaying Maria’s name, I took the call.
Man, I had a blast on this!
As I already knew Maria had recently chosen her knew flat mates, a girl who has already moved in, and this hottie guy who’ll join the house in September. She had been talking plenty about him, lately, so I guess I should have seen this coming, but anyway, when she told me (and I could figure the sparkle in her eyes) that yesterday night, after being to a concert, they slept together, I laughed so hard I couldn’t stop myself.
I mean, the guy has not yet moved in and they’ve had a sack session already!! The chick is my new idol!
Obviously we discussed the subject in details, until I hanged up as I had to do some work.

It was just a few minutes later when Andrea, the Hunter, wrote me. He answered to my previous message, of two days ago, which said:

From: DDgirl
To: Andrea, the Hunter

Subject: Where is the Hunter?


According to your last mail, you should have arrived in Bangkok two days ago, but I still have no news from you. I can only picture two scenarios:
WORST CASE SCENARIO: you have nothing spicy to tell me about
BEST CASE SCENARIO: you’re screwing so much that you don’t have time to email me.
Anyway, keep in touch


So, I was curious and immediately opened his mail

From: Andrea, the Hunter
To: DDgirl

Subject: Re: Call me THE HUNTER

My dearest DDgirl,
You got it right, and of course I was going through the best case scenario. This holiday begun in the best way. Although I had been thinking about going to Laos, after one night here in Bangkok I realized I love this place too much to go anywhere else, and, after all, I’m here to relax, right? In the end, I chose sack adventures instead of jungle adventures.
I didn’t call any of the girls I know here, partly because, as you reproached me, I have already recycled Paola once more, it’s time to meet new gals.
That’s how I met this Kisha (not sure about the name though) while clubbing last night, and Lord, she made me shiver all night long. I’m not going to date her, anyway, basically because her English is practically zero, so besides sex, there’s nothing I can do with her.

Beauty, I’ll write again as soon as I have something spicy to tell you!! And take care of you and of that booty of yours!

So, I adore them both, but after those news, I really felt like I’m the only goody two shoes here.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Toulouse, the town in rose

Back from the weekend in Toulouse, it’s pretty hard to start another awfully long week…
My diet did work, and I really looked good in my strappy dress. Plus, all of the other girls weighted at least 10 kilos more than I do, so it was quite easy (excuse me if I’m being bitchy, but…)
So the night begun when Camille arrived. Camille is someone I simply cannot stand. This is because she’s a real alpha bitch. And, also, being used to work with men, and being DDgirl, I am a bit of an alpha bitch as well, so of course I cannot stand another one. At least I am able to admit it.
So the alpha bitch arrived, fake blond as always, fat as always, late as always. Now I always try not being late, as a matter of respect. So I hate waiting for others. When she finally got there, half an hour later than agreed, first thing she asked was if I could lend her the same nail polish I was wearing and, being the nail polish on the table, I couldn’t say no. So she decided to apply it, and then we all had to wait for it to dry, so we left like, 45 minutes late for the party.

The party itself was funny, we just hang in the backyard, drinking, chatting and dancing a little. I really enjoyed it, spending most of the time with S. (our friend who was hosting us, which happens to be gay) and his new boyfriend, and of course with my beloved KS. It has been the only warm summer evening we’ve had this year, and now back to the city is already cold again, raining and so on.
As the night went on, we moved to a club, but nothing worth telling happened.

Karine, my boss, is calling me. I will tell more about her in my next post!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Friends and work

Back to city, I am still dealing with tons of works (i.e. I’m warking each day from 7:30AM till 11PM….), and trying to have a life outside the office, though it’s a bit hard, as you can imagine…
Plus, KS has plenty of things on his mind, and things are not excellent, mainly due to the fact that I’m never home. Hopefully, we’ll manage to spend the next weekends together doing funny things, which would really help relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. So tomorrow morning we’re heading to Toulouse, this magnificent town in south-western France, where friends are waiting for us to… PARTY!!! Yeah, it will be shopping, feasting and having fun all weekend long (and Lord knows I do deserve it!!). As I have already mentioned, I have gained a few kilos, and, as I want to wear my best innocent/seductive strap dress on Saturday night, I called The Panther for advice on Monday morning. She told me to stick for the week on a diet limited to fruits, crudités and a cup of fatless milk with Special Ks for breakfast. Which I am complying to, but it’s like starving all the time. But it seems to work, so…

On friends side, Andrea the Hunter emailed me this morning:

From: Andrea, the Hunter
To: DDgirl

Subject: news

Hey babe,

On July 23 I’ll start working as a trader on [big bank] equity platform.

In the meanwhile, I’m taking a little break, and I’m leaving tomorrow morning to get to Bangkok, Nocciolina (
one of his regular “girlfriends”) is waiting for me.

I can’t wait to be fullmooning in Kho Phanghan!!!

Care to join me?



Dear Lord, I know very well Andrea is not a happy person. Everyone says he’s got everything, but I know him enough to see the truth about him. But, I DO envy him sometimes!!
Joining him is absolutely impossible, for work, KS, no holidays, there are 10K reasons.
But I wish I could!!!
Karine, my boss, has just stopped by to see how I was dealing with this job.
How come that Karine, who is a pretty cold person to everyone, always lean against me to look at my monitor? And keeps complimenting me each time I wear a skirt?

Monday, July 02, 2007


I’m still here, in Switzerland, but thanx God tomorrow I shall go and see the parents for the weekend.

While staying here, with the team, we kept talking about Top Gun, basically as we’re next to a military airport, and army jets keep taking off and landing (destroying our ears). The funniest things I found out are, in the order:

1 - Top Gun, in France is a cult film. I mean, it really IS a cult, even now, and I’m not talking about teenagers.
2 – In the French dubbed version, when they finally go for it, Charlie says to Maverick “Maverick, sex beast, make love to me or I’m not answering of my body”.

Like, SEX BEAST???? I mean, it’s ridiculous!!

Anyway, after one week spent listening to “Take my breath away”, and having lunch at the airport cafeteria, yesterday while waiting for our food, I parted from the team to go and buy chewing-gums and a stamp. And then this blond army pilot came and started to talk to me. In German. Did I mention he was wearing his uniform?
So I flirted for like, 10 seconds (I’m taken, plus my German is quite rusty) before going back to the table.
Needless to say, my colleagues immediately started teasing me: so, u like him, are you going to see him and all kind of nonsense.

It was so obvious we were all just joking that when they asked me
“What’s his name?”
I didn’t hesitate, and answered
“Sex beast”