Sunday, December 24, 2006


Back to my parents place, I steal a few minutes from my nanny-cook activity to jot a few lines on latest events.

During the week, plenty of nice moments with Killer smile, but the mosts remarkable evenings were Wednesday and Thursday.
Wednesday night it was the Summer party at the Australian Pub: outside it was -10 Celsius, inside +30, they had filled the floors with sand, and all the girls (Maria and I leading, of course!) were dancing in swimsuits, while the guys wore shorts, Hawaiian shirts and so on.
KS and I had started drinking together at 7PM, and then we danced ‘till 4AM…
KS and I were really on a sexy mood, dancing a bit dirty, n' I could tell it wouldn't be long
Till he was with me, yeah me, singin'

I love rock n' roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, baby
I love rock n' roll
So come an' take your time an' dance with me!

Of course, we ended home making love… I won’t even try to describe my look on Thursday morning!!!

Thursday night I was craving for my bed, but I decided to stop by at Maria’s place to exchange Xmas presents and so on. She popped out a bottle of wonderful white whine, offered me a bijou, and, just when I was ready to leave, sorted out her brand new karaoke.
We started singing like idiots, all old songs of the eighties, and laughed all along. Which was indeed a very good thing, as Maria isn’t having a good time at all, so every moment of joy is a gift to her.

Back to earth, this morning KS woke up at 5 to take me to the airport: time to go back to my parents place. We hugged and kissed until the very last minute, and he was so lovely… Could it be that I’ve finally found someone who is nor a looser nor a workaholic, who’s not scared by my lifestyle and my job, someone who can just love me as I am?

Okay, my niece is hunting my cat, I’ll need to rescue her before they start fighting!!!
Have a Merry Xmas you all!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Friend of Foe?

Do you remember about Nath, the friend who introduced me to Killer Smile?
She’s been acting weird, lately, as if we were best friends since ages and so on, while it’s not the case. I mean, we go on well together, but that’s all.
Anyway, my sixth sense told me that she was not so enthusiastic about KS and I as she claimed, and things proved I was right.

The first thing that astonished me was how she got friend to Eastern Slut. She keeps calling her and so on, and I mean, what the fuck!! Shouldn’t she be on my side?
I started realizing she was backstabbing me a while ago, but KS prayed me not to confront her until we were really sure what it was all about.

Until, last week, she apparently told all KS friends that I’m deadly jealous of his ex-girlfriend (???) and that if I cross her ways I’m going to kill her (!!!). Just to drop the final bomb, she even told so to mentioned KS ex girlfriend herself.

Okay, I know I AM jealous. But, I’m not jealous of KS’ ex girlfriend who he dumped about two years ago. So this whole thing is just ridiculous.
Besides, what is far from being ridiculous is that Nath is obviously talking behind my back, not to say that she’s trying to put bitterness between KS and I. The question is: Why is she doing this, while acting as best friend ever each time we meet?

And how I am going to deal with this?
No clue yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Water and Snow

Christmas is almost there, and, for once, I’ve got almost all Christmas presents. Here we go:

  • The Sponsor (aka Daddy): ski bonnet and scarf
  • The Panther (aka Mom): a bell for home that sings like a bird (I know, it’s weird, but she’s going to love it
  • Niece and Nephew: clothes, games, candies…
  • Old Auntie (the best one of the family): wind bells for her garden
  • Maria: a book she will simply adore, some traditional chocolates and a short poem
  • Kia (my best friend in Italy): an animal-shaped hot-water bag (she suffers cold…)

As for Killer Smile, I gave him his present over the weekend (he brought me skiing for the we, as Xmas present!!). It was a snowboarder backpack, filled with a side-zipped pull, a scarf matching his new coat, nutella, candles (he adores candles), some chocolates and a book.

Well, I said ALMOST: I only miss the most difficult presents: Bro and his wife. And I have no clue about what they would like. Ouch!

Talking about the weekend, well, it was simply great. We got to the trendiest French ski resort, checked in at the hotel on Saturday morning, and then skied until 4PM.
When we got back, I realized that the hotel (which was quite charming) had sauna and swimming-pool. So we headed there, swam a bit, took a sauna, and meanwhile everyone else got away. Back to the swimming pool, we started kissing, which quickly turned into making out a bit and…. Yeah, ok, I’ll admit: wi did have sex into the hotel swimming-pool. Am I disgusting? Maybe. Am I kinky, naughty? Surely. But Lord, it was MINDBLOWING!
The rest of the weekend was very nice also (although not so remarkable, hehe), and now I’m back in town until Saturday morning.
Yeah, Saturday morning, because then I’ll be leaving to sped Xmas with the DDfamily (Oh. My. God.)

Back to KS, he’s more and more lovely. I only wish he gave up his Eastern girl-friends, but I’m too coward to ask him to. More about jealousy and drama in the next post!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to town!!

Finally, I managed to find an internet connection!

So, the main event has been, of course, the dinner with Killer Smile parents. Parents, like his father AND HIS MOTHER (in my experience, moms are far more dangerous for your relationships than dads).
It actually went surprisingly great, with no drama at all. Almost unbelievable, huh?
So, to resume, we went to this small place next to KS’s quarters, to eat a cheese based dinner (fondue, which I simply adore, as I can be a real pig sometimes). We did plenty of nice small talk, jokes and so on, and apparently they even liked me.

However, my life cannot be drama-less, can it?

That’s probably why I had to leave on Monday morning at 5AM to go to Paris. Only, the hotel for the week was in the outskirts. Like, the outskirts where they burnt cars and few people died during last year’s riots. Plus, I had to work with two pigs that usually aren’t part of my team, and we didn’t exactly socialize.
Anyway, on Tuesday morning I realized how nice the hotel was: over the night, fleas had bitten my entire right arm!! I was so nervous by night (in another hotel, luckily) that I got angry when KS hinted he was a bit jealous of me when I’m away for work, and I argued badly, just to feel sorry and miserable right after.

To make it short, I managed to cross KS in Lyon for Friday night, as on Saturday he was busy and on Sunday morning I had to leave for Rome, for work.
Basically, I worked, worked, worked worked….. with a little drama on Sunday morning, when, one hour before leaving for the airport, I accidentally locked myself out of my flat. I seriously considered the option known as “call daddy and start crying hysterically” but than realized I had no time to implement it: I needed ACTION! Somehow I managed to find a 24/7 service that dealt with it. They came in some 5 minutes, didn’t even break the door (they have a kind of magic key that opens everything) and… charged me 150 Euros (grrrrr).

To get to the present, I need to find all the Christmas presents like, now. Tomorrow KS is taking me to a ski resort for the weekend (nice Christmas present, huh?), so today is the last chance.
Only, I have promised to prepare a dessert for tonight (dinner at KS’s best friend) I have to prepare my backpack for ski, do the laundry as I have nothing clean left, oh, and work ‘till 6PM at least.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Short notice

Just to let you know, I'm not dead.
I'm just stuck on a job in Paris outskirts, where I have no connection.
Sorry everyone, I'll catch up in the weekend!!