Friday, March 30, 2007

DDgirl, the Hunter and the Boss

“Hey Hunter, how are you doin’ ??”
“DDgirl?? Whazzup with my fave babe?”

When I finally called Andrea to discuss the engagement matter, it was already too late.

“I screwed up hun. I hooked up with the fiancĂ©e’s best friend, and now mom wants my head on a silver plate”
“Wait, what the hell were you thinking?”
“The thing is, I wasn’t thinking. You know, the problem with these Finnish chicks is that they can drink alcohol all night long without getting drunk. After one bottle of vodka, things started to be blurred. And they were both so damned hot! So when one of them started to flirt in that certain way, I just went for it. It was only later I realized it was the wrong one.”

Oh. My. God. I mean, he really did it. I quickly suggested that he apologizes by sending flowers, and then invites both girls for dinner without hooking up with any of them, and try to stay cool. Eventually, beg forgiveness. Mostly, I offered the spare bedroom of the new house, should he really be in trouble.

Somehow during the week, I also managed to confront the big boss. I walked into his office and said: “Good Morning Mr.B., can I talk to you a minute?”
“I really only have one minute, so make in fast” (Ok, not so encouraging)
“So, the thing is, I’m leaving” (yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!!!)
“WHAT?? Oh, I see, you’re moving”
“Well, actually no, I got hired at [Competitor’s name], here in the city” (please don’t kill me)
“You see, they proposed me an important increase, plus a promotion, so…”
“Money is not everything”
“So what do you think, you big pig? Do you think that I work because I have nothing better in my life than seeing your freaking face every morning??”
Okay, I didn’t say this, I just did the chicken and asked him to let me leave in one month instead of in the three months as per my contract, and he finally agreed.

And now, you will excuse me, but I’m sooooooo going to buy a big big present for my love, who offered me 19 roses to celebrate my new job!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The hunter is the bait!

Little things happened over the weekend and the last few days. It’s still freezing cold around here, and the weather was horrible, so I basically spent Saturday and Sunday fooling around bed with KS, watching movies, sleeping and those kind of stuff.

I still managed to have a good laugh and a funny (though weird) chat with Andrea, the Hunter, alias my college best guy friend.
Andrea is staying in London, but only for a few more weeks, then he’ll be once more hittin’ the road. Your guess is as good as mine, but I bet he’ll stay a couple of weeks in Milan, until friends will be tired to have him at their place, and then he’ll head back to Thailand.
I laugh while saying this, but each time he leaves for the Far East I wonder if I’ll ever see him again: after the Tsunami accident, when he was considered lost for 12 days, I can’t help but worrying.

Anyway. Andrea basically lives on his mom’s money, and, as she’s practically millionaire, he can afford it: she stays home in Finland, and once a month or so wires him a few thousand bucks. Not bad huh?
This obviously implies that he must not make mom mad at him (yes, freedom is never cheap).
So I laughed hard when I got this mail.

From: Andrea, the Hunter
Subject: Engagement advice

Whazzup buddy???
London sucks, I’m bored to hell of working, but luckily it’ll soon be over.
How do you manage to work all year long, is something I don’t get. Nevermind.
I’m in trouble girl, and I need your help (you’ve always been smarter than me in family stuff).

Mom got me engaged to some Finnish girl, daughter of a family friend, that I’ve never met.

Okay, stop laughing, this is serious, no joke. The young lady is coming to pay me a visit in London, and she’ll be here in two days, with her best friend.
Normally, I would simply hook up with both and then say bye bye, but I’m afraid mom will cut the monthly wire if I screw up this.
So I’m in trouble.

Write back with constructive advice ASAP, please.

Missin’ ya
The Hunter

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Back to the present, yesterday night I was home alone (KS had a long day at work and only came home at 11PM) and I realized how lucky I am.
I mean, I love my man, I really do, and he loves me and wants us to be together for the rest of our lives (yes, he said it). And, he is a good man, who works without being workaholic, who loves kids, who understand most of my needs and moods. And, who is capable of making me laugh.

So, while thinking about how lucky I am, I got the phone call: the job is mine.

I did it. I still can’t believe it, but the woman from the HR told me that I rocked at all the interviews, and how glad they were and all this stuff, basically to tell me they are also going to pay me the amount I had asked for. Which means that, although I’m not going to become Bill Gates, between KS and I are going to make enough to have not the slightest problem in paying the loan on the new house and all the furniture we need and whatever.
I mean, how many couple of people aged 24-25 do I know that can say the same? Not that many, so I do feel privileged. And proud. I mean, yes, we are privileged, but we do work our fingers to the bone, we never spent huge amounts of money in holidays, clothes or stuff. What the hell, I don’t even have a car on my own as I believe it would cost too much to maintain it, while I can manage to get to work and to see my parents by using public transports!

So, celebration is in order. Tomorrow night friends are coming at our place for dinner, while on Friday Maria has organized to go to a Spa at 6PM and to reach the boys at 9:30PM to hang out and possibly get slightly drunk.

Furthermore, winter is back down here, and on Monday it started snowing and it’s frigging cold. So, next week, KS and I are taking a day off to go skiing.

We deserve it!

The only thing that still worries me, is that I still have to tell the big boss I’m quitting. And he won’t be back ‘till tomorrow, but I hate telling people I quit.
Well, I’ll keep you posted on that!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Flashback: the guy who broke my heart (part II)

I loved him. Together, we did things that sometimes still look impossible to me. We went free climbing, paragliding, white water rafting, hiking for days, everything we liked. And everyone loved him, my family and my buddies.
So, I tried to forget that he never said the L word to me, and when, a few months later he asked me to marry him, I said yes.

Then, after I got my current job, things turned bad: I had to work weekends and nights, and I was always so tired that, when he wanted to fight, I just felt like crying.
Until, one evening that he was staying at his parents’ place, he called me and dumped me, saying he had never been in love with me.

For months, I thought I would die. I spent all my spare time in the mountains, but as much as I kept myself busy daytime, at night I couldn’t sleep and I would just cry for hours.
My family, although they supported me, thought it was my fault. And so did I.

Then, a while later, I happened to cross his ways, and friends opened my eyes on the truth. He was back with his ex, and he had cheated on me with her for months.
At the time, he wouldn’t talk to me, I mean, I wasn’t stalking or anything, more like we met, I would say “Hello” and he wouldn’t answer.

One day, I met the Little Prince and got the job offer in France, and I left. I left because I couldn’t stand the big city anymore, and I couldn’t stand my flat, my roommates, my office, anything anymore.
And while leaving, I thought, hoping he could hear me, somehow: “Please, please, forgive me, but I won’t be home again, maybe someday you’ll wake up, and barely consciously you’ll seem to know: is it something missing?
You won’t cry for my absence I know, you forgot me long ago: am I that unimportant? Am I SO insignificant? Though I’d be sacrificed, you won’t try for me, not know. Though I’d die to know you love me, I’m all ALONE

A lot of time has passed. And, while I got a new life, I knew that day, as I know now, that I’ll never love again in the same way.

This winter, I happened to cross again his ways, while skiing with my father. We exchanged a few words, like people who had already met but do not really know each other, neither wish to. In times, my wounds have somehow healed, and I don’t feel my heart dying anymore when I meet him. But, there still is a big scar that I don’t think will ever go away.

Today, I don’t regret him anymore, and I would not go back to him. It took me long to realize it, but I finally did it: there was not just the hot and nice guy, who came looking for me at the train station up to the platform every evening. There was also the one who made me feel like shit if I did not train for a week, or who criticized my body if I gained 2 kilos. There was the one who could not understand why I wouldn’t give up my job. The one who kept seeing his ex and cheating on me. The one who, the night he dumped me, told me I had been “the worst mistake of his whole life”.

So now, I am glad it ended before the marriage. I’m in love with my man, and consider myself lucky for spending my time with him.
But it will never be the same again.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Flashback: the guy who broke my heart (part I)

So, yesterday I went to Paris and spent the whole afternoon being interviewed by all kind of people for The Job. They’ll let me know something in the week, so I guess I just have to wait.

In the meanwhile, I realize tht I probably have to start the history about B. It will take long, so I’m gonna split it in two posts.

During my last year in college, I lived through a weird season. I was doing huge amounts of sport, wondering how I would have make a living after college, and this way I spent a few months living alone in a small chalet my parents have in the Alps.
When I mean alone, I mean that in winter, excluding Christmas holidays, there is really no one living there except some old buddies of my father.
Although I’m used to cold winters, that year it seemed to snow all the time. And I’m not talking about some 5 centimeters overnight, I’m talking about weeks of huge snowflake falling without break from the sky.
I loved it: I went everywhere with my skis, and spent weeks skiing in the middle of the freezing nowhere, in the silence only snow storms can provide with. Once every three days, I’d bake a cake and pay a visit to an old folk of dad who was ill. Another old man of the mountain was almost always there, taking care of him. I’d sit for an hour or two, sipping tea or warm wine, they would tell old stories and asked me where I’d been wandering around. I guess they are the only ones who ever understood my love for being alone in the wilderness of the freeze.

In spring I decided to go on to get my diploma of mountaineering ski teacher.

And that’s how I met B., the guy of my dreams. He was tall, blond, with deep blue eyes. More important, he was from the mountain people, like me.
He was engaged, and I decided I wanted him. So I fought to have him, and it took me five months.
By the time snow begun to melt, in the end of May, he was mine, and I was ready to get back to the big city and discuss my final thesis, to take on a new job and all that crap. On the day we finally got together, I also moved in my new rented flat (with my new two roommates), and stated a job as a trader.

Forgive me, but the rest will come on Monday

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Staffroom gossip

The weekend in Toulouse mainly consisted in… clubbing!
Luckily, last week I bought a new lacy tank top, with a white leather skinny jacket, and I brought along my fave stilettos. Add this to some self tanning applied on Friday afternoon, good make-up and I didn’t look any bad.
So, on Saturday night we hit a gay disco, as Seb, KS’ bisexual friend (who is tooooo cool by the way!) was hoping to cross his path with his boyfriend. We danced a chatted a lot, he told me all about his story, and I really liked him. This is a good thing, as I deeply believe that being friend to your significant one’s friends is very important for a healthy relationship.

I didn’t see the Little Prince brother at all, and I realize I did not even think about him during the weekend. Besides, there was a lot of cuddling and pampering with KS, some club-flirting and hot dancing which also led to good sex with him, which was really what we both needed after a hard week. It is now settled that he’ll be coming with me at Easter in Italy, to meet my parents and the Bro, and I’m really excited about it. Since B., the former love of my life, quit me in 2005, I never introduced anyone to my parents (okay, one day or another I’ll jot down a flashback about him).

Between gay bf dramas, dancing, chatting and everything, the weekend slipped away so fast I couldn’t believe it on Monday morning, when I got to work at 7 AM.

And news on two subjects were waiting for me.
The good one is that on Thursday I’ll have a final interview for the job I’m hoping to get, and I’ll have to get to Paris for the day (which also means I’m working about 15 hours a day in order to catch up, ouch).

The bad one is that the big chef of the office has told Lolo, my favorite manager, about rumors that circulate in the office about him and me having had an affair last summer, when his wife was pregnant. Which is obviously completely not true, but very, very annoying. One more reason to do my best at the interview.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New nest

I had promised to finally reveal the big news, so here I come.
After months of research and after visiting more or less 50 apartments (not kidding)… KS has signed to buy a flat!!!
We’ll be moving in about one-two months! Our new nest has 2 bedrooms, a large kitchen, a tiny hall, living room and…. A nice balcony!!!
So I’m spending all my spare time measuring, going through Ikea catalogues, jotting down drafts and obsessing Maria, my best friend who happens to be architect.
And I love it all!

Next weekend we’ll be going to Toulouse, in the South East of the country, to spend the weekend with KS’ friends, who seem to be adorable. We’ll go dancing and visiting and everything (I have already made an appointment with the hairdresser for Friday afternoon).
The only thing is, Toulouse is not a big town. And I DO know someone who lives there: the Little Prince’s gorgeous brother. Who, by the way, love to hit clubs. I know I must be paranoid if I think I might cross his path, but… well, I AM paranoid. Last spring, when I was still Little Prince’s girlfriend, I spent a wonderful weekend in Paris with the hot brother, and I never really thanked him. He showed me all what’s magnificent in Paris that tourists usually never get to see, he told me so many things… We actually spent two entire days walking around, drinking coffees and chatting, chatting chatting. In the end, I feel like I know him better than the Little Prince himself. Oh, and how charming he was!

Anyway, let’s focus: I love my boyfriend, while I finally couldn’t care less bout the Little Prince, so I’ll go to Toulouse, I’ll have tons of fun with KS fiends Seb and Remy, and some stories about the crazy nights we’ll spend there to tell you about on Monday morning. Yuppieee!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Thanks God It's Monday

Well, after a few days of bad temperature, finally I’m back.
Life goes on, basically on some few main subjects.
On the job interviewing storyline, I’ve been called last week and I met the manager of the team for a second interview: SHE has been very kind and really made me wish to be hired…
They should call me in the next days, to plan a final interview with another partner of the firm, and Oh My God, I’m soooo excited about it!!!!
Anyway, I’ll try not to think too much about it (who am I kidding?), and to focus on the new project on which I’ve been planned at work (some US based company, which means that I’ll have to do plenty of overnights due to the 8 hours of difference….).

Then, KS and I finally did go to his ex’ birthday party.
It wasn’t a complete nightmare but almost. First of all, the place was a mix of restaurant-disco, which meant conversation was quite difficult. Food was mediocre, and his ex, without making huge dramas, managed to step in with hideous comments every time KS and I danced, kissed or even talked to each other.
Add to that the fact that, on Friday afternoon I felt so sick at work I had to go home, where I realized I had 38;9° of temperature (102 Fahrenheit…). I simply laid numb in bed until Saturday morning, when, thanx to a few aspirins, I managed to get out and make it to the hairdresser, where I offered myself a new haircut (looks a bit like this Panettiere girl who plays the cheerleader in Heroes, although I’m not half cute as her ;-))

Anyway, it’s Monday morning and I’m almost glad the weekend is over….
I have another great news, but I’ll post it tomorrow as I gotta work now… sorry!