Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crazy week!

Once again, work has become nuts last week. On Saturday night, while I was in Italy for the weekend to celebrate the Sponsor's birthday, I got an sms from a senior manager of the Paris office:

From: Senior Manager
To: DDgirl
Hey DDgirl! we have to provide additional information and analyses to our client, and a report to issue for Monday evening. I understand from your ususal manager (agreed with the partner) that you could come up to Paris on Monday for the day. I do not know if you were aware. Please call me on my mobile so we can discuss. Thanx have a nice wekend. SM.

Now, first of all, since she had not picked up the damned phone to tell me before, of course I was not aware. Secondly I was on another project (I still am) and I was already running late on it, so that would mean losing a whole day on my prior project.
Furthermore, during the whole weekend the railway site often does not work.
So I got up at 4:30 AM on Monday, went to the rilway station and jumped on the 5:30 bullet train to Paris. Of course it was full, so I had to stand into the bar wagon for two solid hours. Once in Paris, our ffice is almost one hour from the station, so I jumped into the cab I had booke on the evening before (gettin a cab on monday morning in paris = crazy), and continued working on project 1 on the whole way.
When I finally got to the Paris office, the Senior Manager was not there (8:30) because she has kids and she's always late in the morning. Let me say tht I hate someone who makes you wake up at 4:30 in the morning and than cannot manage herself to be on time.
The good thing is I could continue working on project 1 until she finally dragged her butt to the office 9:30AM!!!!! WTF!!!!
Now let me explain that the reason I'm the only one who is able to work on this job is that the whole documentation is only available in Italian, and noone but me is fluent in Italian in the whole French office (we're talking about 3000 people). Anyway.
By this time I had talked to my usual boss on the phone, and she had made me promise I would be back in my city office on Tuesday morning, and not to be too tired because we were going to have a tough week (great...)
Needless to say, even by skipping lunch we were still far from issuing a report by 8:30PM. At this point, I was granted permission to leave, which means I managed to take the bullet train leaving at 10PM and that I was at home at 12:15.
Of course I went to the office at 7AM on Tuesday morning... So it was a crazy week, and so will be next one.
The cute thing is that one of my best friends from college who now lives in London (we'll call her business girl, because she has a great creer going on) came to visit me and KS with her boyfriend (The Icelander, because he's from Iceland and I don't know anyone else from Iceland, even though they both live in London now...).
It was so good to be able to catch up and gossip, to complain about our expat situation, to go shopping together and all this stuff! Plus the boys did get along very well, so we're planning to visit them in London at the end of the summer, whih is great, especially sinc ealthough I used to live in England, well, I've never been in London!!

Okay, just because I had said I would post it, this is a picture of the cake I've prepared for my dad's and my birthdays...

Friday, June 20, 2008

My birthday card

Last Sunday, right on time for my birthday, I got this mail.

From: Andrea the Hunter
To: DDgirl

Subject: My Babe is getting’ older

Hello Beautiful,

And let me say also, “Happy Birthday!”
Sorry for being such a stranger, I’ve been kinda busy.
Things are going great, I have started this MBA I had talket to you about, it’s not that exciting but better than work in any case. Mom has been around here for a few weeks, and she bought me this amazing apartment, which basically is in a building that hosts a five stars hotel and 5 flats like mine: I totally love it!! And it’s pretty huge, 120square meters, and the view is great (I’m on the 22nd floor), and I have a guest bedroom of course, so if you come around here we won’t have to sleep all piled up into a microscopic bed the way we used to back in college!
I’m really going out a lot, and I’m also dating a few girls. The Japanese I’ve been seeing for a month or so, well, I’m a bit over her, but then again she has these amazing geisha techniques that make me shut up every time I try to get rid of her.
I’m also fooling around with my private banker: let’s just say that the chick takes care of my business, both in bank and bed (I know, I’m a pig).

What about you? Are you celebrating decently or mourning on your age as usual (I know ya!)?

My recommendations for the next year: have fun, go partying a lot, and if you feel down catch a plane and come around here for a tour of the islands!



Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sexy back

I don’t really think I have ever mentioned Sexy.
Sexy has been my friend with benefits over the last 7 years. We met in 2001, we have never been boyfriend/girlfriend, are very good friends. Still, every time I’m single, I cannot keep him away from my bed, basically because, well, when I see him I want to eat him, if you see what I mean, and it’s more than mutual. Back in 2003, we also used to be neighbours, and used to spend like, every evening/night together!

Sexy is also the only Italian friend who ever came to see me in Lyon (huh, like, 8 times in my first year here…). For obvious reasons, he hasn’t come here since I got together with KS, but we are in touch because well, we really are friends. So I am among the first ones he called when his dad died last winter, and I know he’s one I can count on.
Mind you, it hasn’t always been like that. Back to when we met, I considered Sexy as a totally unreliable person, cute, nice and everything but unreliable. But then again, he grew up I guess.

Anyway, I emailed him about my concerns about my concerns (going nowhere).

His answer:

From: Sexy
To: DDgirl

Little star
(as he always calls me)

It really makes me angry to read those things… knowing your moody and not being able to do anything about it?? Had you been closer, I’d take the matter into my hands (literally, lol)
Now first of all, stop listening to those people who only talk about marriage and kids… we’re young, smart, sporty, do we need to be married to be happy? Of course not!!!
I know, we live in a society that privileges married ones, but who cares? You’ll still be on time to do that in a couple years!! (not to mention kids, your Bro’s ones are more than enough for you to handle!)

You and I, Babe, are dynamite, you know me and you know us, imagine if we were to be neighbours again!!! It would be sparks all the time!!
Be positive babe, if you’re feeling fat or depressed, think about me and think about how I’d hit on you if I had the smallest chance to do it!
Remember, I respect that you’re in a relationship, but as soon as you want me, I’m here for you!!

Take care Babe, and call me if you’re felling down!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going nowhere

The Parents have come and gone, and I have survived.
Last week I was actually so stressed that I have bought two bookshelves at Ikea, assembled them and thrown away the two dusty old ones we had in the guest-rooms.
Yeah, the Panther (aka mom) worries me that much.
In order to welcome the Parents I had also prepared varied and high-quality menus for the whole weekend, not to mention that I baked a charlotte Bavarian cake with white chocolate cream and strawberries. Hopefully I’ll manage to upload a pic soon (I had KS take a pure Nigella Lawson style picture of me presenting my beautiful gateau!).

Now this week I should have gone back to Paris, but in the end they stopped the mission, so I’m hanging at the Lyon office. I could have used some quiet time in Paris, honestly: I can’t remember last time I’ve been shopping for myself. And I’d really enjoy spending a bit more time with Kevin. Honestly, he’s one of the best friends I have around here, I mean he’s always there for me, and lately I feel I really need someone I can count on.

What more? A whole lot nothing. I realized I got almost 8kg since I got to France, so I’m strictly on diet, and I’m practically eating only soup, tomatoes, salads and so on. Don’t waste your time commenting that this is not a good diet: I happen to be vegetarian, so the only way to lose weight quickly is to completely cut carbs. And, since I have a gala dinner on July 4 (and nothing to wear… yet) I need to lose it fast.

Next Sunday I’ll be 26. KS plans for the weekend: we’re going to his parents’ place. Do I need to say this is so not the way I was hoping to celebrate? Whatever. My birthday depresses me anyway, so I guess I’ll just try to forget it’s my birthday. And that I’m one year older.

I know, depressing. But I really feel I’m going nowhere. Does it ever happen to you?

PS I cannot even manage to find the 18th episode of Desperate Housewives, which, sucks. Was it my impression or the man that Susan greets kissing at the end of the 17th episode of the fourth season (five years later) is totally NOT Mike Delfino? Please let me know if you have seen it, 'cause I really wonder...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by PCS, and it's my first time!!

1) What were you doing five years ago?
I was in Milan, ending my last but one year of college. I was also preparing my Bro's marriage at my parents' place!

2) What are three things on my to-do list for tomorrow?
Dieting, working as little as possible, and, if it doesn't rain, I'll go swimming!

3) Snacks I enjoy:
One again, I'm on a diet. But the best snack ever, my sin: french fries. and chips. and everything that involves fried potatoes!!

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Open a restaurant near my parents' place, open a college account for my niece and my nephew. Oh, and buy a ton of summer dresses!!!

5)Two states I have lived
England, Italy, Switzerland, France. It makes four, but it's the countries I have lived in.

6) Some jobs I've had (old jobs, mind-you)
I've worked in a high mountain hut
I've worked as a dancer in a club in the UK (strictly DRESSED, mind you)
I've been a pizza cook (again, in the UK)
I've been a bond trader.

7)How did you come across the name for your blog?
DDgirl comes from my job (due diligence, I'm definetly no double D breast size)
My life, well, I was listening to No Doubt screaming "But it's my life!! Don't you forget: it's my liiiife!!!" when I started the blog!

I'll tag Peyton, but I'll only be able to write her tomorrow (at home I don't have my favourites!!!!)

Oh, and I'll seriously post something tomorrow, I promise!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In the end...

Hello girls,

And thanx for the advice!! It was interesting reading different opinions on the matter (makes me remember that there is no “right” or “wrong” thing to do…)
So you wanna know what did I end up doing?

Well, I had decided to join my friends for the weekend, and by Friday afternoon I was ready to go. KS had made alternative plans, he had a friend coming over at our place and they were going to join a soccer game and play Wii for the whole weekend, so it felt okay to go have fun and relax with my lots,…
Only, my manager came to see me a 5PM Friday afternoon to tell me she had decided that she would not need my presence in Paris on Monday. This meant that, had I decided to go to the country with Kevin & co., I would have had to go all the way back home on my own on Sunday night.

So in the end I went back home. Kevin escorted me (read: carried my heavy luggage) to the station, I made excuses, air-kissed him and stumbled on the bullet train back home. My allergies got worse and I spent most of the weekend dozing, but I also managed to cook decent dinners for KS and our visiting friend.

It is true that I’m a bit the kind of independent gal, but the truth is lately I cannot stop questioning myself: I still haven’t decided when I’m going to finally leave France, and I know KS is not yet ready to do it (but will he ever be?)
I’m trying not to put the pressure on him, but I’m totally overloaded with it.

On other news, the Parents are coming to visit me next weekend, and as usual I’m panicking in advance. Will the flat be clean enough? Will the Panther avoid stupid commentaries?
Just to help things, I woke up yesterday morning with a paralyzing neck-ache that prescription pills are not taking away… I want to sleep 48 hours non-stop….

And I can’t believe in 11 days I’ll be 26….