Monday, February 26, 2007

Case of the ex

The job interview went good.
Who the hell am I kiddin'??? I would definetly say the interview went great, with the partner asking me if I was available early this week to meet the whole team. Only, he still hasn't called me back.
And this sucks horribly, because I liked him and I think he could be a nice boss. Plus (drums roll) there are 3 other women in his team. Which sounds, like, paradise. Oh crap. Why doesn't he call me?????

Furthermore, things at my office are getting weird. People keep stabbing each other backs, we don't have much work and the spare time means everyone has nothing to do but gossip. Dangerous.
Plus, today and tomorrow the plenary meeting takes place. This means, it was one of the rare occasions during which I can see all of my colleagues at the same time. And, I have to admit, I definetly felt a bit like a fish out of water.

Back to my less-favourite-most-recurring subject: the birthday party of KS' ex.
The girl has asked someone (I suspect Nath) my phone number and then called me.
I acted nice and reassuring, explaining I'm not going to spoil her party and that I'm normally a decent person.
She gave me her speech and everything (including "I've been alone for so long and still have no one, it's been two years since KS dumped me" I mean what kind of nerd would tell such a thing to a complete stranger???), but in the end she let it go. Only, later yesterday night, she called KS and made a scene about the whole thing. It all sounded a lot like Mya, you know: "It's after midnight and she's on your phone, saying come over 'cause she's all alone. I could tell it was your ex by your thone, why is she calling after so long?".
This thing put me a bit in distress, as you can imagine.
Furthermore, this morning Nath asked me to join her for a coffee and basically insulted me for the whole thing.
This thing has definetly gone one step too far, and I'm sick of it. How did I let the situation get to this point? I mean, KS' ex is having an influence (needless to say a bad one) on my life. And this, is not okay for me.
So, I'll go to the damned party, put on a smile and all my best manners, and then explain to KS that either she is out of both our lives, either I'mll soon be out of KS' life.
When the game gets tough...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Job interview

I have great news.
And, for once, they do not imply guys, relationships, infidelities or exes.

I’ve got a job interview.
The thing is, during the last few days my colleagues bored the hell out of me. The two who were performing best among us, have announced they’ll be living in three months, and I feel like I’m not going anywhere, I mean I’m not growing, not learning anything and so on.

So on Tuesday night I went home feeling a lot like Bridget Jones: I need to lose 5 kilos (about 11 pounds), I hate my colleagues (ok, I don’t water their flowers with orange juice, but it’s just ‘cause they’re males and they don’t keep flowers on their desks).
When, on Wednesday morning, someone made for the ten millionth time a joke about me and my ex, the Little Prince, I decided to “un-dust” my CV.
And so, yesterday at 4PM I sent it to our main competitor.
20 minutes later, the partner of our main competitor called me and asked if I was available for an interview ASAP. Of course I was positive, and he proposed later in the afternoon. I checked myself: I was wearing Nike, jeans and a shirt: no way! So I quickly replied I had a meeting with a client and he proposed Thursday, like today!!!

Now, the only thing is that I haven’t gone through a job interview since November 2004, which means more than two years: Oh. My. God.
Interviewing is much like dating, you know? When you’ve had a serious relationship for two years or more, going back to dating ain’t easy: you don’t remember what to say in those occasions and so on. Ouch.

So, what I’m wearing: white-cream tailleur, with a very classic knee length skirt; a light beige shirt with a Korean neck; suede brown boots. On top, my beige coat with coordinated basque-hat.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend at the in-laws

Sorry ‘bout not posting on Friday as promised. I don’t know how, time seems to slip away so fast. Like, when people ask me when did I move to France, I think why, must be some 6 months or so, then I realize it’s almost 18 months.

Anyway, let go spiritual subject, and let’s go back to the weekend at Killer Smile’s parents.
No special drama concerning KS family and I happened: we went along quite well, and I especially liked his mother. Of course, there are things I wouldn’t mind changing (like, turn off the damned tv for at least five minutes!!!!) but who cares? I mean, it’s not like we’re ever going to live next to them or anything, so as long as we keep it civil, that’s more than enough for me.
The fact that both his sisters and their boyfriends were there didn’t hurt either, allowing me to stay quiet when I felt so, and so on.

Things got juicier, however, about KS’ friends.

I met a few of them, including her best g-friend, Flo, who seems to me quite nice and funny, you know, the kind of person with which you can share a beer and a good laugh.

Annoying thing number one was that, with the exception of Flo, everyone felt obliged to compare me to Delph, his ex (previously mentioned as GF1). Although all comparisons were made to my advantage, it was still embarrassing and uncomfortable, as it clearly shows how everyone still associates MY KS to his stupid ex girlfriend.

Annoying thing number two, is likely to end up in some bigger drama.
In 2 weeks, Flo and mentioned Delph, will throw a joint party for their birthdays. Flo invited both of us, but apparently Delph has already spread the rumor that I won’t be accepted at the party. Now, I couldn’t care less about Delph’s party, but KS is going because of Flo, and there is no way he is going to hi ex’s birthday without me. So, tay tuned to discover drama’s evolution…

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saint Valentine

Happy Saint Valentine everyone!
I don’t have much time, because I need to be home early to fix dinner for KS and I.

Since I was 17, I always stick to the same St; Valentine menu, as anyway no boyfriend ever sticked around for more than one or two years. Hey wait a moment, does this mean that my St. Valentine menu is awful? Oh crap, let’s forget about it!
Here’s the menu, by the way:

Various entries, including crudités, guacamole and bruschettas with Italian olives, tzaziky, eggplant caviar, and goat light cheese with nuts crushed on it

Saffron risotto with ossobuco (the meat being for KS only as I’m vegetarian)

Mixed salad

“Meulleux au chocolat” shaped in a heart and dressed with pink pastry

More on Friday!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Moving on

Okay, last entry WAS a little bitchy. Just a little, considering the situation.
Anyway, I bet you wanna know how did it end….
Friday night, KS came home so late for work that we actually ate dinner, plaid a game of darts, and then he collapsed on the couch. I woke him up at 10:30PM, and he said he didn’t really have the energy to go to the damned party. Yuppieeee!!!

Back to Italy for the weekend, I went skiing with the Sponsor on Sunday. How come daddy always seems so proud of me? Anyway, I love him.
We crossed our path with B., the guy I should have married and because of which I decided to move to France (after he dumped me). B, who, according to rumors, got back to his ex, still barely talks to me (read: he says “Hello” when he is obliged to), and apparently doesn’t know I live in France. Like, Hello? I moved away 17 months ago!!!!!!
Anyway, the Sponsor, loyal to me as always, doesn’t talk to him at all (thank-you daddy, love ya soooo much), he seems cool. Okay, I’ll get to the point: he still is as beautiful as a Greek God.
But, I don’t regret him. I can finally say him hello without having my heartbeat race up to 200.

So that’s how I enjoyed a good day of skiing in a snowstorm, and I enjoyed getting home in the night and falling asleep into KS warm arms.

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's her party and she can cry if she wants to

Guess where I'll be hanging out tonight?
If I saild I'm going to Eastern Slut's birthday party, would you actually believe that I'm kidding or that I'm getting insane?

Well, it's ture, no kiddng.

However, it's not for my pleasure. The thing is, it's a double birthday party with a mutual friend of her and Killer Smile. This of course means that in no way I could dissuade KS to attend, and therefore I made out that the best solution was to attend as well, just to keep things under control.
Besides, as I'm leaving at 5AM tomorrow morning (ouch) to meet the Sponsor (aka Daddy) in Switzerland, for a freeride tour, there'll be no space to stay out too late or for getting too much drunk ;-)

Anyway, this only increased my looking forward for Andrea the Hunter to come to the city and settle things down. I mean, I cannot have to deal with this all the time, huh?

The most important thing right now, is what to wear. Once again, I'm up to 54 kilos, 4 more than my usual, which obviously forbids the always-winning white trousers and tank top.
So, I'll probably go for satin black shirt (veeeery stretch), black short skirt and stiletto boots with a flower patch, all covered by my furry-necked white coat to get there. Mascara and red gloss. I only need to wash my hair and the I guess my look will do.

Maria, my so precious best friend, asked what will happen if she tries to hook up with KS. I'm confident about KS behaviour (he's quite loyal after all, and the girl is not that much). And about her, well, it's her party, and she can cry if she wants to.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too much is too much

“So, how is my favorite serial dater doing?“
“DDgirl!!!! How are YOU doing babe? Hey, gotta tell you ‘bout my latest trick!!”

After a few days, I decided to call Andrea the Hunter, to see if we could arrange a meeting in London or in Lyon. And also because I have a plan, but I need some help to implement it.

After the regular small talk, he told me about how he apparently hooked up with the new intern of his office one night last week, when they went out with the whole team from their trading-floor (which basically means, they hooked up in front of everyone…)

“You’ll never change Andrea!!!”
“Of course not. And just in case you were wondering, she’s from the US, but of Korean origins”

(Of course I was wondering. I guess that about 80% of girls Andrea has dated have Asian origins. And it’s not because he likes them more: it’s because THEY like him more.)

“So what brings my fave babe to call me? I sense you want something, but I have no clue what it could be, considering you still refuse sleeping with me”

Time to let the bomb out.
The thing is, Eastern Slut keeps coming around my man, and I won’t stand it much longer.
At the same time, I need to get rid of her without making a scene. And, Andrea loves blondes.
I briefly explained him the situation.

“Hey babe, why didn’t you tell me before? I’ll fly to Lyon, you organize a night out and invite her as well, and then I take care of the situation. Your man will never look at her again after that”

Was I taking it too far?

“Andrea, honey, I trust in you, just be careful that both you and I still look clean after this okay? I don’t want KS hating you, and if you decide to go back to Thailand, we’ll be spending all our holidays at your place!!!”
“Keep the faith babe. When it comes to girls, have I ever disappointed you? Plus, I know guys”

He has a point in that. He never fails with girls, and he manages to be friend with guy after stealing their girlfriends. I guess I’m in good hands. The only thing to settle, is the date, and it won’t be before March end, unluckily.