Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guilty and tired

After being sick, working way too much and other minor stuff, on Monday night I’ve been called for an emergency that required me to be in our Paris office on the next morning, 9AM.
So, after swearing a little, I found an hotel, a bullet train ticket for 5:30 AM, went home and wrapped up all the clean clothes I had (not many, honestly, and the lack of iron shirts in my closet was dramatic).
I left on Tuesday morning, under one of the worst storm we’ve had over the last few years, and now here I am, dealing with this bullshit: some asshole (sorry, but that’s it) sold a big big project without realizing that all the documentation is written in Italian and that strictly no one but me in the firm understands Italian. Of course, this is the kind of project that would require at least 3 people (including someone more experienced than me) working on it, but since no one understands a thing, I’m alone on it, and it sucks big time.
So, once more, I’m in Paris and I cannot even manage to buy shampoo (and the one provided by the hotel does not smell good): yesterday I worked non stop 7:30AM to 11PM. Luckily, Kevin was ready to rescue me when I left, so he came picked me up and took me out for drinks.

Now, the thing that has been on my mind is this: Kevin invited me to go to his country house (well, his parents’) with a bunch of friends for the weekend. It’s only 45 minutes from Paris, and it would be a nice relaxing weekend: BBQ, sun tanning, playing volley and so on. KS had a party in Toulouse planned, and since I didn’t feel like going the whole way back to Lyon, than to Toulouse and back to Paris on Sunday night, I had planned to go with Kevin.
KS was a bit jealous, but hey, I cannot spend my life on trains, right?

So this morning, it turned out that the party in Toulouse is cancelled. I would like to go to the country, but honestly, I feel guilty for leaving KS home alone….
Any advice?

Monday, May 26, 2008


...for disappearing once more...

Work has been hard, but mainly I've been really sick.

I'll post something by Thursday at latest, I promise!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I’m back in France, after a weekend spent at my parents’ place with KS, the Parents, the Bro and his family.
The weekend was great, we had nice warm weather that allowed us to spend most of our time outdoor; eat delicious ice creams and so on.

Bad news was offered however: the Sponsor (aka Dad) has to go through more chemo. Of course, this makes me feel even guiltier for living abroad and so on.
On our way back to France, KS wanted to discuss the possibility of moving to Milan. His response is that he may move to Milan, he would even promise to do it, but not until January 2010.

I, on the other side, can’t wait that long. I’ve been here for almost three years, and I really want to go back.
So, I can try to convince KS to move by January 2009 (I would move two or three months earlier, but this wouldn’t be a problem, I could use the time to set a flat for both of us), but what if it turns out he isn’t coming?
I love KS, and it will hurt badly if I have to leave.

Okay, enough rambling, it’s almost 7PM, I haven’t quit the office over 12 hours and still have work to do before I can go home…

Friday, May 09, 2008

Why I love this country

French people are (forgive me, my loyal French readers) somehow « colder » than Italians.
In France, a guy complimenting a girl is trying to hit on her. Otherwise, he won’t compliment.
Any kind of attention that includes compliments has a deeper meaning.

Now, you all know I love to be at the centre of the world, I mean, I like when boys like me.
Seriously, who doesn’t like to be complimented? So I missed it in France, at the beginning. Then I forgot about it, because habits change quickly, and 3 years is a long time.

These days I’m spending in Milan took me back to old lovely times. When I come to the office, guys actually DO compliment me in the morning. They do it because they’re nice, not because they’re hitting on me or something. This is the way they have been educated, so they look at you and compliment what they think is beautiful about you, which can be your hairstyle, the way you dressed, your nail colour… whatever. You see what I mean? No one here would tell you “You look tired” or something like that, when you get to work.

Being a natural venetian blond helps even more, because real blonds are rare in Italy.
Today I went out for lunch with a bunch of colleagues, and the waiter offered me a nice flowers. Call me silly if you want, but these little, nice things can make your day.

On other news, I’m going to visit the Parents for a long weekend (Monday is holiday in France), and KS is arriving as well tonight, because apparently he was getting bored without me back in France, so we’re going to spend a lovely spring weekend by the lake, in Italy.

Isn’t life beautiful?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Back to La Dolce Vita


Okay, first of all, sorry for not posting for so long, I know I suck, but those days have been a little full of drama.

A few days ago, KS and I went out running, and after some 10 minutes of small talk I blurted out
His answer: “What? I didn’t understand a word”
“How would you feel about us moving to Milan for a while?”
His answer: “Are you kidding? Noway”

Now this is not how I expected this conversation to go.
I started explaining that I want to go back to Italy and to state my reasons and that I would love him to go with me. He didn’t talk to me for a few hours, then we “reconciliated” (read we made love), and we didn’t talk about it anymore.

I will try to move between Augoust and September. My opinion? KS won’t come with me. This is hard, but we always knew I was not going to spend my whole life in France. In September it’ll be three years since I moved to France, and I wanna go back. If he loves me as much as he said, he’ll give it a try, otherwise, I’ll have to move on. I sound heartless, but I have to face the truth.

In the meanwhile, I’m trying to enjoy our time together. We went out on real dates, we went dancing with friends, and I also enjoyed a bit more some ladies night with Maria.

Last Friday I was announced I had to work in Milan this week (and maybe next), and it’s definitely fine with me: the weather is warm, I have tentative plans for each night of the week, and I’m building some potentially useful work-relationship.
And I’ll sure have things to tell you about my nights out, over the next days!!!