Monday, March 30, 2009

here ya go!

For my Roman friend, who always astonishes me:

Ghetto superstar, that is what I are
comin' from afar, reachin' for the stars
Run away aith me, to another place
We can rely on each other...

You rock buddy!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The door is open, and now I see the sun

Tomorrow evening I’m taking the bullet train to go see my boyfriend!!!
I can’t wait to spend a nice weekend with him in Southern France! Plus, we’re going to a wine fair to buy some Vouvray (one of my favourites) and taste new wines and cheese… And it’s gonna taste even better after two weeks of diet!

I miss boyfriend. And then again, life is so different here, I wonder whether we’ll ever share this life. The thing is I’m no more 20, and I know that, whatever will happen to the two of us, I’ll go on. I feel I have turned cruel, I used to be dramatic about these things, but honestly we always survive and go on, don’t we?
But I really do hope he’ll join me living here one day. Maybe it’s just that I cannot really imagine our life together here since he’s never been here yet, maybe once he’ll have been at my new flat and spent a few nights there with me, I’ll be able to imagine the two of us there!

On to another subject, yesterday night Polish Chick came over at my place, so that she could help me unpacking the last few boxes and then we ordered pizza (bad for my diet, I know…) and talked and talked and talked.
I know she’ll read this and probably think it’s bullshit, but… she’s so different and at the same time, she’s still the same high school girl…

She totally looks the same but for her haircut (looks great btw!), while I have put on a lot of weight, shame on me.
But she looks so more comfortable about herself, so more self-confident! She’s def no more the shy girl who would have never sported a sexy top with low waist jeans to go clubbing!

I was so glad to see her. I am so glad I found her again, after all these years.

I wish we could show each other the years we spent apart like a movie. And I wonder if I have changed from her memories, and in which ways.
And, once more, I’m so glad to have her back in my life!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friends, hiking, goals

Over the last few days I spoke a few times with my friend Gaia, who currently lives in London. Gaia and I went to college and grad school together, and although we’ve never lived in the same country since grad school, we kept in touch, and she and her boyfriend Mark visited KS and I in Lyon, and we’ve seen them in London and Milan.
Last autumn she told me that, due to the crisis, they had lost almost all of their savings which they had invested in their company stock options and had gone down and down.

Now, Mark has lost his job, because his whole department has been shut down. He has a job offer in New Delhi and one in Singapore, and they’re probably moving there. Although Gaia still has her job, and doesn’t really risk losing it because she’s too smart, she’s going to move as well because she’s in love and they shall get married in September.

I am very sad at the idea they’ll be so far away, and I know it’s very very hard for her. Mark is used to have his family far from him, but Gaia is a typical Italian girl, very close to her family, and from London she often flies home to see them, which will be impossible from New Delhi or Singapore.
I really admire her, because I would probably cry and cry and give things up, while she reacts. But than again, I would be so unhappy outside Europe!!

This makes me understand that I should be more grateful for what I have. I’ll do my best to keep in touch with Gaia and to support her in her choices!

On other better news, I have plans for the weekend.
I should go mountaineering ski, and the idea is that we’ll hike 5 different summits all between 4200 and 4550 mt (between 13800 and 15000 feet more or less). In 2 days. The only issue is that the refuge where we should spend the night is closed, but there is a place a 4000, a kind of small hut (more a roof and 4 walls really) where we could sleep. Unluckily it’s unheated, and we should carry food and sleeping bags, which of course would make things tougher, but who cares? I can’t wait for it!!!!
Am I crazy because I feel that if I can do this I’ll have more self-esteem? Are those stupid goals? Probably yes. But who cares?

Wish me luck! And I hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Every night fever

I’ve bee here for barely a week and I’ve been out every single night but one, and most of the nights I’ve been to two or more “aperitivo”. This is a typical Milan concept: you go out right after work, and bars offer happy hours with complimentary food buffet.
The idea is that you get there by half past seven, so you can go out but still be home early enough. Unless of course, you pile two or three different aperitivo in one night, as I do. And honestly people, I’m a girl. So when it’s half past eight and friends call me saying “We’re at Armani’s, come over DDgirl!” How in hell can I say no when I had never been at Armani’s place before? And who cares if the effing place charges 15 bucks a drink, when girls never get to pay a single drink around here?
I mean, I’m not THAT glamour but let’s face it, people like David Beckham and Victoria go there!!! Plus, it’s stylish:

And there’s more, it’s not just Armani. There is Dolce & Gabbana place, other trendy bars, and even better the thousand ubercool bars that have nothing to do with fashion. What’s most important, there are thousands of people who go out every night, and there’s a ton of them calling me to go out.

There are only two downsides on this. First, I’m trying to stay on no-carbs, and this places offer an incredible selection of carb-rich food for free.
Second, I wake up VERY early in the morning (between 6 and 6:30 AM) to go running on the mill. And it’s fucking hard to wake up after 4 drinks at night.

All in all, I’m doing pretty well down here. I miss KS a lot, but I kinda like this life. I’ll write more about work, for know I’ll just say everything’s fine.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Illness and craziness

So I did it.
I pulled together all my shit, and then the Sponsor and Bro came with a truck and loaded everything and we left France.
Before that, I had some amazing leaving parties at work and with friends (I somehow managed to drink 132 Euros of alcohol at the latter and still not cry!).

KS managed to hold it together when I left, and so did I, probably also because of the presence of the Sponsor and Bro. It was still pretty hard. Soon enough however, other things came up so I couldn’t pout too much….

As soon as we got to my Parents’ place, I started puking my guts. And then again. And again. And again, and on and on for the whole night. By the next morning, I had a bad temperature and no strength left. Since my sis in law was on vacay, my 2 years and a half nephew was staying with the Panther: in other terms, the noise in the house was unbearable.
I spent this way the next few days, and by Wednesday I started feeling better, so I went to the city to visit the apartment I’m now living in. The flat is huge and nice, but it needs badly a few interventions: painter, electrician, plumber, cleaning etc etc….

By Thursday I desperately wanted to DO something, so I went mountaineering skiing with the Sponsor and Bro. However I overestimated my conditions: we climbed up 1000 meters (almost 3300 feet) and then, when we were already seeing the top of the mountain, I puked my guts once again. Classy huh?
I spent Friday running errands in order to obtain all the papers I needed for work, and then I got a call from a friend from Rome, that we’ll call Sportsman, who told me he was heading towards the Mont Rose with a bunch of friends from Rome, and then put me on speaker. The guys were planning a weekend of ski with helicopter, mountaineering ski and extreme free ride. $ of them plus one guide. Was I interested (and good enough) in joining them?
Of course I didn’t need thinking about it, so I said:”just let me know what time shall we meet tomorrow morning and I’ll be there”!

This is how I spent the most two amazing days of the year: 4 roman gorgeous guys, me, the guide, skiing up and down the Alps like madmen, flying with the helicopter, screaming, laughing, and OMG it was GREAT! We slept in a hut, and we had so much fun at night!
But honestly? My muscles never ever ached as much as they did on Monday!!
The guys kept complimenting me because I was the only girl they know that can stand up to them when it’s about alpinism, but fuck, it was tough!!
I can’t wait to see the pics now, and the movie, because two of them had a camera on their helmet and filmed the whole first day!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I know once again I disappeared...
I just wanted to let you know that I'm fine, I've just been busy moving, and then I've been seriously ill... and once I was better, I went skiing...
I'll try to update better tomorrow!