Wednesday, September 27, 2006


So, yesterday night Laurent, my fave manager, was taking me home after work, and he called Nicolas, who was in the train, coming back to Lyon.
Obviously I was all excited and makin’ plans, so, when he sent me a message saying “Yo girl, in the end I can’t come to town tonight, sorry! Kisses” I thought he just wanted to make me a surprise.
So I hurried home, took a shower, dressed and all that stuff… and waited… and waited…

At about 10:30 I was annoyed and no so self confident anymore, and tried to call him. No answer.

So I just undressed and went to bed with my teddy to watch Kill Bill. Eventually I fell asleep, and when I woke up to turn off the telly I realized what happened. He had gone to see the football match with his buddies.

Nicolas called me at 2AM in the morning and I didn’t answer. He did not leave a message, either.

Any wonder I’m so sad and fucked up with myself this morning?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Call me maneater

So, I bet you’re dying to know how did it end with Nicolas…
Sunday evening he messaged me he was out for dinner and he would call me later. By 11PM I went to sleep, as I knew he had to go to Paris on Monday morning anyway, so he wouldn’t have stayed out late.. So I just fell asleep a bit depressed.

Monday morning, and the first person I met at the office was my brand new assistant, who stared at me, smiled, and then burst into laughing. I just smiled and shrugged, and then told him discretion would have been welcome. I don’t think he’ll shut up anyway.

I resisted the urge to mail Nico (he wasn’t on IM as he had no cable connection). While a boring, sleepy afternoon was going on, Antoine (coworker, with whom I slept after the summer seminary in Cannes…) tried to catch my attention on the fact that he would have liked to date me for the evening.
I considered the option, but then again, I didn’t want to mess up any chance I might have with Nicolas, so I just ignored Antoine and came home.

And then, what? Well, a HOT session of sexy messages exchanged between Nicolas and me followed… ahuuuuu!!!! He’ll be working in Paris until Thursday, but tonight he’ll come to town to see me. To be honest, he actually asked me to sleep at his place.. we’ll see!!

Something to remember: sexy messages in a foreign language that the “he” of the moment does not wholly understand ALWAYS arouse him incredibly!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Coyote Ugly

The night with Nicolas was… awkward

Do you all remember the Coyote Ugly girls? The idea was that coyotes that get trapped cut away the trapped leg with their teeth, to run away. Just the way you would want to do sometimes, when you wake up beside someone after a funky night, and all you wish is to run away without waking him. You know what I mean, huh?

Before you misunderstand, we did not do it. Ok, I’ll explain everything.

I arrived to the party around 9PM, wearing this innocent/lusty dress I have since college, that never failed to make me obtained what I wanted.
Nicolas wasn’t there yet, but there was Helene, girlfriend and neighbor of mine, who instantly started to pour me her wonderful vodka sour. One hour (and more than one vodka) later, Nicolas arrived with his friends, not yet drunk but already quite high. I just smiled, and he said “My love, why didn’t you answer me?” I was stunned. Picked up the phone and found a message from him, from two hours before, that said “Sweetheart, I’ll arrive later, shall we meet directly at the pub? Kisses”. I watched Nicolas, and smiled while he was saying “I don’t want everyone to see there’s something between us” just to start kissing me right after. Hehe!

By the time we left for the pub, the evening was great.
And we were both drunk, but in a nice way. So, making out at the pub, just seemed a wonderful idea. Music was great, Nicolas (who apparently knows everyone no matter where he goes) was introducing me as his fiancé to everyone, including my new assistant, who just watched me astonished.

When we decided to join the others at the disco, the drama started. They wouldn’t let us in, basically because Nicolas was all over me. And then Arnaud, Nico’s spazzy friend, came out from the disco. I tried to persuade them to get in without me, so that I could join them a few minutes later, but by this time it was getting hard to explain things to Nico. And then, Arnaud started touching me all over.
I was scared to hell, screamed at them both, and tried to left. They tried to persuade me to move to another disco with them, but I wasn’t getting it, Arnaud didn’t let me go and I realized that Nicolas wasn’t seeing what was happening. So, when they slipped in a friend’s car, I just stormed away in the rain, found a cab and headed home.
Nicolas kept calling me, and to his honor I must say that he came to my place fifteen minutes later, without Arnaud.
By the time, however, I was so freaked out, I totally refused to make love, and we just fell asleep. I woke up one hour later, and he was dead sleeping. As I had to catch the train at 6:30AM (weekend with parents had been planned long ago), I didn’t wake him, but just left leaving him a note.

I called him Saturday evening, but my mobile had no battery, so we didn’t really talk. He didn’t call back either.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m going back to town. Nico was supposed to call me this evening to meet at his place, but I don’t feel like he’s going to. I don’t even know if he remembers he promised it either. What’s horrible is that as he probably didn’t realize what happened with Arnaud, he probably considers me the reigning queen of stupid drama.

And I don’t even know how the hell will I manage to walk into the office on Monday morning, after everyone saw the two of us on Friday night.

Well, I’ll keep you posted ‘bout this!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beauty and the hunter

This morning I was walking into the office building when I stumbled into some guys from the audit department, who were going to take a coffee. I joined them, just to step into Nicolas who was taking his coffee as well.
Basically, he turned our Thursday date into an inauguration party of some co-workers’ new apartment.
To me, this means he’s not so keen about going out with me.

Am I becoming one of these awful people who always think things turn bad on them? Ouch.

Later, I got a mail from my favorite guy-friend Andrea, who has a job interview for a hot, marvelous position in Paris on Friday. So, I’ll try to persuade him to come to town to spend the weekend with me after, instead of going back to Finland or to Italy or wherever (the guy is half Italian half Finnish, and although it may sound bizarre, I can swear the result of the mix looks awfully good).

Meanwhile, I was thinking that stepping into a party with Andrea by my side is probably the best way to become men’s main target, as Andrea is quite likely to raise competition.
Okay, I see I oughta tell you something more about him…

Andrea is a dark blond guy, with luxurious straight but volume-full hair, with brighter strands around his deep blue eyes. He isn’t tall, but not a short guy either, quite in shape, very few freckles on his nose when he’s suntanned (90% of the time), that give him this sexy-innocent look.
The thing is, Andrea is everything but innocent. He’s a real hunter, and, given his look, a successful one. But don’t think he’s a tender lover or something: he’s the reigning King of One Night Stands. And basically, that’s why he’s my best friend and not my boyfriend. (Ouch, I can’t believe I just admitted this!!)
Well, Laurent, my fashionable adored lovely manager is faxing me some data to work on, so… I’ll keep you posted!

Monday, September 18, 2006

And the winner is...

So, can you guess who’s my date for Thursday night?
I bet you have no clue!!!

So, I was at work when Laurent, my favorite and very married manager arrived at noon. After swimming and Jap lunch (puah!! I’m sick of living on veggies and boiled rice!! I want some cheese!!!) we went back to work and I crossed Nicolas, who was cool but kept the distances.
Merde! My ego started instantly working on me, and after half an hour I was a bit depressed of having another week without a single, decent date. Laurent watched me stepping into his office, a lollipop stuck into my month (not soooo professional, but it works), and started inquiring.
“What’s up babe? Who did you go out with in the weekend?”
I tried to stay cool, and focused on all the sport I’ve been making over the weekend. He didn’t take a word of it.
“So, what’s up with Nico?” (I might have hinted, on a drunk in the Netherlands, that we hanged out).

2 minutes later he was stepping pout of his office: “Follow me”
He rushed into the staffroom on the other side of the building and stopped by Nicolas.
“So Nico, can you manage to finish this thing by tonight?”
“Ok, so, later can you take out DDgirl for a drink?”

Oh My God. I only let you imagine how I BLUSHED!

Nicolas reply: “Sure” (turning towards me) “I’ll give you a call right?”

Later he IMed me

NicolasB: hey babe you right?
DDgirl: fine… uh, sorry ‘bout Laurent, dunno whazzup with him!
NicolasB: no probs sweetheart… I’d still like to date you though
DDgirl: ok, cool
NicolaB: but I’m to tired tonight, I need some rest.. how about Thursday
DDgirl: ok, keep in touch

I signed off, and Laurent gave me a lift home as underground’s on strike.
Did I mention I adore Laurent?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rainy Friday

To ask or not to ask?

Yesterday the Panther bargained as usual, and we weekend in the Alps was cancelled.
Usual family drama, anyway.
Somehow I did not managed to leave the office before 1 AM, and today we started at 6AM. Consider time to go back home, heat something to eat, fall asleep and take a shower this morning, I hardly slept at all.

However, as this year motto is “No more drama”, I dressed up casually instead of wearing a suit, and got to the office trying to keep a smile on my face, and it seems to have produced its effect, as my brand new Romeo assistant greeted me enthusiastically and asked me if I’ll join him for the swimming pool at noon.
Straggling to keep my eyes opened, I still answered positively: after all it will only be the two of us, plus Nicolas is out of the office today… and did I mention it rains cats and dogs and we'll be sharing one umbrella?

Am I messing up? Yeah, probably.
Am I being a little bitchy? Yeah, probably.

Still, I don’t give a damn, especially as, after all, I’ll be spending a very lonesome weekend, cleaning up all the mess in my apartment, sleeping, jogging as much as possible, and doing the laundry (otherwise I’ll have to go out commando…).

Tuscan Guy, by the way, is MIA, so….

Enjoy your weekend ya all!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Work meetings

Yesterday night I was watching Desperate Housewives, when I got a call from my mother, who is also known as The Panther, in family slang. I’m supposed to meet her and dad on Friday morning for a long weekend in the Alps, so I was a bit astonished when I saw her name, but I picked the call (bad mistake).

After usual chat, she came to the point.
“Darling, you know, I think your brother and his wife might be thinking about having another baby”
Guilty feelings rising around me.
“Hey Panther, you gotta be kiddin’”
I mean, Bro is 29, and he already has two kids, aged 20 months and 2 months respectively. They’re lovely, but they can be a real nightmare.
Anyway, as long as Bro goes on having kids at the rhythm of a rabbit, the whole family is fine about me being a spinster, so…

Later on, I went out for drinks with the girls from the office, to celebrate a German friend who’s leaving us to go back to Stuttgard.
Nice evening, great gossips, little alcohol. It’s week time, and I’m a professional!

The final news came this morning from my manager: in January, we’ll have a winter meeting just like those we had in June in Cannes. Oh. My. God!!!!!!
Three days in Cannes, doing nothing but sun tanning around the swimming pool, bathing in the sea, drinking ridiculous amounts of champagne. Oh, and there was a little kissing. Ok, a little making out as well, in the Mediterrean sea, one night around 4 AM. But it was a guy from another office, so not strictly a coworker, right?

Plus, look at what I was wearing for the gala dinner!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Guys, guys, guys...

Yeah, I know, I didn’t write for a while.
Work sent me abroad, traveling through Norway and Holland, and then I finally got to Florence. So I met Tuscan Guy, for a cute, romantic, sexy weekend in the most fab town you can imagine.
Then why didn’t I fall in love? No clue. But I don’t see this whole thing as a serious potential relationship. Basically, we live too far away, and he is not the kind of guy who travels as easily as I do (but in the end, who does beside Le Petit Prince and I??). So I can’t see how we could meet often enough.

Ok, there’s more.
Nicolas, a guy from the office I hanged around with, before holidays, asked me out for drinks next week. He’s not sooooo cute, but God, he IS fun, intelligent, reliable. Basically, evenings with him are great. Main problems:
- I shouldn’t be dating coworkers (but he’s in a different team), and I’ve already dated 3. And I’m more or less still dating all of them (OMG did I really just admit this???)
- I don’t know if he thinks we just hang around, if he wants a relationship or something
- They just assigned me a new assistant. You remember DiCaprio in Romeo+Juliet? His double, just taller and more muscles. Gosh!!!!

So, I guess I will “date” Nicolas next week, and then we’ll see.

I’ll keep you posted on that!