Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guess who's back?

I started this post yesterday, but than had to leave ‘cause I had an appointment for waxing in half an hour, and my legs (and bikini line) DID deserve it. By the way, although this is WAY TMI, I never got a Brazilian wax. I guess that this is mainly because:
1- I still haven’t worked the guts for it
2- I’m not sure I’d like to be as naked as my three years old niece
My Italian origins are probably dominant here, since after all, Andrea the Hunter, best and more successful “tombeur de femme” I ever met, told me himself he doesn’t like a Bwax on a girl.
Don’t think I’m a prude however. I love my body, and never feel ashamed of it. This also mean that I’m totally a topless sun-tanner (then again, I don’t like crowded beaches) and that I’m at ease in naked sauna, as long as people are decent enough not to stare too much (usually, those who stare are those who are not at ease with their own nakedness, by the way).

Anyway, let go the nakedness subject (but comment if you feel so), something funny happened today.

A few days ago, the winter staff event of my company was announced: we’re going to a club med in the Alps, for four days. You know how I feel about seminaries, I love them, I always have lots of fun and so on. And I am aware that this is also because there are little girls in this business, and I am one of the cutest. Trust me, it’s no big deal, I’m one of the young, I have a sexy accent, unless most of the others I’m not fat, and man, I do know how to dance.
However, I may have kissed a colleague in the past at a seminary, but I never went any further. And, I’m currently in a relationship and in love with my KS, so I’ll have fun, maybe flirt a little, drink a lot and that’s it.
This cleared out, yesterday Nico and a friend of him I’ve never met before, IMed me together.
We’ll call the friend Redhead, because, he has red hair (such a fantasy DDgirl…)

Nico&Redhead: “Hey cutie”
DDgirl “What’s up guys?”
R. “Hi I’m a friend of Nico…”
DD “Hi..”
R. “Nico talked me about you.. Can’t wait for the ski event!!!”
DD “Uh.. Okay…”
R. “You know I just joined the company, and I don’t know many people”
DD “Uh okay”
R. “So Nico told me you worked at the same company before”
DD “Yeah… What did he exactly tell you??”
R. “That you’re pretty hot”
(Okay guys, what the fuck? I don’t like when guys “sell you” to their male friends)
DD “Well, Nico usually shows interest in me only after at least three hours of drinking, so… He’s probably not reliable”
(I know I’ve been a bit hard, but again, what the fuck??)
R. “Hahah, you’re funny! Can’t wait to meet you”
N. “Hey DDgirl… seems we’ll finally ski together”
DD “Uh, yeah”
N. “And once more, we’ll party together”
DD “Okay.. look Nico, you know, I like the fact that in this company I can still walk in in the morning without being ashamed, and I’d like for both of us to keep this status… So please, we’ll party but don’t defy me in following you drinking, ok?”
N. “But it was fun!! And last time we did it, you were so funny!”

Now, if you didn’t read my blog at the time, you’ll find the whole thing over September 2006.

DD “True… And I still regret not having seen your face when you woke up alone at my place on the morning after!!”
N. “Yeah, it was ridiculous!!!”

So… Is it me or Nico is kind of sniffing the air around me again?

Monday, November 26, 2007

You're the different one

Last Friday I was at the office, and since work was slow, I was IMing with Hatim, work fellow, basically about the few latest Prison Break episodes. Yes, not only I am a Whisteria Lane addict, I also watch Prison Break. So we were moaning over Sara, because Hatim, underneath his fa├žade, happens to have a heart.

Hatim is not French, he comes from Morocco, which, to me, is almost the same thing: French is his native language, so…
Apparently he doesn’t feel the same way. That’s the exchange:
Hatim: “You know, somehow you made it easier for me… I mean, I’m less different now.”
DDgirl: “What do you mean? Elaborate please”
Hatim: “You see, before, it was the rest of the team, plus me. I was the different one, because I’m not French, plus I’m Muslim. And then you came, and it was you the different one, with the funny accent, different eating habits and so on. I mean, everybody loves you in the team, but somehow it made me feel more at home”

And somehow, this exchange made me feel more depressed.
It made me think of that Crash Test Dummies song, that says

Once there was this girl who
Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room
But when they finally made her
They saw birthmarks all over her body
She couldn't quite explain it
They'd always just been there

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

But both girl and boy were glad
'Cause one kid had it worse than that

'Cause then there was this boy whose
Parents made him come directly home right after school
And when they went to their church
They shook and lurched all over the church floor
He couldn't quite explain it
They'd always just gone there

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

You see what I mean? I’m not going to say I’m a freak, but I’m FOREIGNER. Like, I am so, every single minute I spend here. And it’s not going to change.
After all, it was Kevin who nicknamed me “Stranger” (he even added it on my facebook argh)
So this is my rant for today.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Civil war

Three years ago, B. broke our engagement, and my heart. He went back to his ex girlfriend, Anja, a plain-face Polish girl, and they decided to move to France. I’d better say, she decided that they were moving to France.
A heart can be broken and still go on beating, they say. So, when I got an offer for a good job in France, I moved as well.
They didn’t know about it, I wasn’t some kind of crazy stalker. I was just in love, and this way I was closer to B.

From mutual friends, I knew that Anja was possessive; she had a lot of drama and a lot of issues going on and had always been like that.
I would have been possessive as well: B. had already dumped her once (for me). And I remember very well what it means to have a man girls literally throw themselves at in bars, even when you’re standing next too him. Yes, B. is that handsome.

And then, just like that, the world got crazy, the national strike that had been going on for weeks evolved into riots in the streets, huge blackout due to the molotovs that had been thrown to the electricity complex, curfew were imposed and not respected. All in a sudden, we were living through what seemed a civil war.
Foreigners were the first target of angry workers, and I knew that. So, I went to seek for B. and Anja, since I may be a dork but I’m not a heartless bitch.
I had found a car and enough fuel to quit the country and go back, and I knew their address, so I just loaded a few things on the car and headed to their place, hoping to avoid the riots.
I almost didn’t make it in time: their building was on fire, and they were standing on the street, just watching. But I knew it wouldn’t take long for them to get in trouble, as people we running around and things were tense.
So I made my way through the rubble, opened the window and shouted them: “Get in the car!!! Now!!!”

Now, Anja had never met me, and I don’t think she did recognize me.
B., was so shocked he just did as he was told.

IT was hard, but we managed to get out of the city, and from there on things went pretty smooth. As soon as we crossed the border, I handed B. some pills and he made Anja take them, so she collapsed sleeping on the back seat.

We didn’t talk much, I drove for almost 30 hours without any stop. The adrenaline kept me going, but by the time we got home, to our origins, I was shaking. B. told me he would come to see me on the next day, I just nodded, gave him the keys of the car, and knocked on my mother’s door. She opened, started to cry of joy seeing me home and safe, and I quickly collapsed on the bed.

On the following afternoon, after I had managed to wake up, take a shower and so on, B. kept his words and he came. He thanked me, and then kissed me. We went for a walk, hand in hand, and laid on the grass, where he took me into his arms.
But when I said “I’m glad you’re back”, he answered “I’m not leaving Anja, DDgirl”.
I stood up, and howled, tears streaming down my face.

And I woke up in my bed, in Lyon, crying. It took me a while to realize it was a dream, that KS, my love was sleeping next to me, that everything was fine, that B. was gone a long time ago and I’m happy now. Breathe, DDgirl, breathe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Top Humiliating Dating Moments

I saw this on a few blogs, and finally took the time to do it as well. This is a pretty good summary of the worst moments of my whole dating career. They are not in chronological order: #1 is the worst. You’ll probably think the order should be different, but to me it’s this way.

Enjoy it!

HDM #5: Me too!
When I was living in Milan, I briefly had a Brazilian toy boy. I don’t know how to define him but HOT. He was probably the hottest guy I ever slept this. Besides, he was totally dumb, I mean, incapable of talking for 2 minutes. He was, however, incredibly talented for music, which helped him socially. He was also pretty skilled in bed!
Anyway, one morning I walked into the kitchen of the apartment I shared with Chris, a nice Sicilian girl, and Gab, cute and totally gay roommate; at the same time, the Brazilian TB walked to the bathroom. Gab looked at him, than at me, and then said “Wait DDgirl, did you sleep with HIM???”
“Yes, why, do you like him?”
“He’s hot right, but I slept with him last week, you remember, the night I told you I was talking someone home and you worked overnight?”
“Oh. My. God.”
Of course right then Brazilian TB joined us into the kitchen, said he had to go and hugged both Gab and I.
Good thing is, over the months, we made some good laughs remembering it.

HDM #4: Brothers
When I was at my first year of college, one night I went to a huge party in the mountains with both my brothers, the Bro and the eldest, Crea. We drove with two cars, and by the time we decided to call it a night the Bro and I were just tipsy, Crea was so wasted he asked another friend to drive his car. At the time, he had a SUV. We headed home, driving downhill, when suddenly Crea’s friend cut our road and stopped blocking our way. Crea stepped out and I pulled down the window, thinking he needed to puke. Instead, he came towards me, opened the door of our car and said “Hey, you’re hot” and planted one on my lips. I was so shocked I didn’t even react, while the Bro laughed to tears. Crea slammed the door and went back to his car. I stared at him, than at the Bro, and I shrieked: “What the fuck???”
By the morning after, Crea had completely forgotten about it. WEIRD!!!!!

HDM #3: How about my skeletons?
A few weeks ago I introduced KS to a bunch of friends I know and I spend holidays with since I was 12. They all had new girlfriends as well, which was a plus. However, as soon as I got to the bar to order a new round for everyone, I realized KS was asking my friends “So, what do I need to know about DDgirl that she’s never going to tell me?” My friends were suddenly paralyzed: I over the years I slept with both of them, but neither KS neither their brand new chicks need to know this!!!! I grabbed the beers and ran back to the table, where my friends looked at me very, very, VERY relieved.

HDM #2: I can’t breathe easy
I already told about it, so forgive me if I just cut and paste. In case you joined later, it happened last April, when I went hiking with the Sponsor (aka dad).

I indulged in one of my bad passions: singing. And so I started out loud the Italian version of "Breath easy", which goes, more or less, like this:

"To those who tell me,
you will come back,
I don't trust anymore.
To those who tell you,
I ache thinking of you,
you just smile and turn to her.

You will not cry,
because you can't see how, but you know
I've lost everything,
while you, you never lose, and now,

I.........can't breathe easy
I cant sleep at night
Without you by my side"

And then, just as I faded the last words, the guy with a dark green jacket approached and quietly told me "Hello, DDgirl".

It was B., my ex.

I quickly looked around for some way to disappear, but didn’t find any, so I took a breath and said, a bit too loud “Hey, I didn’t recognize you! How are you doing?”
Damned, how pathetic did I look? Later on, the Sponsor answered: “Pretty much pathetic”.
Anyway, we made some small talk, than he asked “So, how are YOU doing?”
And that is where I tried to improve my pathetic situation, I mentioned that I’m moving ‘cause my boyfriend has just bought a house and so on.
I don’t know what he thought, I couldn’t care less honestly.

HDM #1: Pregnancy scare
In college, during a dark period before meeting B., I dated for a while with Sexy, who later became my fuck-buddy, by the way. Sexy was engaged with a psycho bitch, and he was friend and neighbour of the Bro. When I moved in with the Bro I quickly ended up sleeping with him, because Sexy and I have always had this huge chemistry going on. After a few months I developed a good crush on him, and started suffering from his engaged situation. And that was when I had a pregnancy scare. I need to precise sordid details: my sister in law was one month pregnant, and I had been using condoms from the same box they did. So, when I was already 14 days late, one night I headed over to Sexy'splace and tried to explain the situation. He freaked out and asked me to leave, so I stepped out, where it was snowing, and headed at my Bro’s sobbing out loud in the night. I didn’t see Sexy for more than 2 years after that, by the time I had moved to France and he became my fuck-buddy.
For the chronicles, 2 days later I finally got my period.

And now, I feel I have earned my weekend, since this is probably the longest post of my whole blog!

Take care!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Coffee and laptops in my own Wisteria World

Last week, my workmates made some comments about how my desk was AWFULLY messy, and I decided they were right and it was time to do some cleaning, throwing away empty coffee paper cups, assembling folders and so on. When I was almost done (meaning I could finally see the desk itself through all the crap) I lost balance and dropped my coffee on my laptop, which some two hours later exploded. Apparently I had screwed the hard disk, the processor and Lord know what else.
Luckily, I convinced to IT guy not to mention coffee with my boss. It took however almost 2 days before he could rescue all my data from the server and provide me with a brand new laptop! By that time, of course, I was awfully late with job, which made me rush through the rest of the week.

What’s even worse, for some random reason I didn’t really get (US girls reading, please leave comment if you know about this), I couldn’t find the new episode of Desperate Housewives, which, since I’m a total addict of Wisteria Lane, sucked.
Before the 4th season, I always wanted to be Bree, and I always thought I was more of a Susan Meyer (with more talent for cooking and less for writing). You girls know what I’m talking about: Susan running down the street in he mom’s bride dress after Mike, who is leaving her. Susan making gaffes. And so on. About why do I want to be Bree, the domestic goddess, that’s a whole different thing. Maybe it’s exactly because I’m sick of being clumsy (see the coffee incident), and I’d rather be irreproachable. I don’t wish for red hair though, I’m happy about being a dark blond.

Anyway, this morning I came to work tired from the weekend, with an awfully sore neck and a bit worried, since I knew I was getting my flu vaccine at noon (and I usually have a temperature on the following day). I turned on my brand new laptop, logged into IM although I knew Kevin was still on holiday, and started going through usual staff, when my IM blinked. It was Nico (previously on DDgirl’s life: see posts around September/October 2006 about Nico…). I already knew he had left our old company and was going to be hired at our Paris office (gossip goes fast), so I was only mildly surprised. Anyway, he was bored since he doesn’t know anyone at the Paris office, hopes we can share a drink at the Winter seminary and so on. At least he made me smile, and I know him well enough to know that, he might be cranky, but he won’t tell anyone we dated. Hopefuly.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Killing me softly, with his pics...

I’ve been too hard about KS. Had I been hard with him, I would definitely apologize, but luckily I didn’t argue or act pissed with him.
Yesterday night, he defiantly surprised me, proposing that in December we go to Zermatt for a weekend. Now, if you’ve never heard about Zermatt before, google it, and then envy as much as you like!
Seriously, Zermatt is in Switzerland, and is probably one of the best ski-resorts of the world, situated between the Matterhorn and the Mont Rose, it’s really perfect (at least for someone who LOVES the Alps like me).

The Manager (see October 2006 posts if you don’t remember about him) mailed me this morning (we stayed friends after all). He recently moved to Kazakhstan, and he told me it was snowing there.
I miss the snow, I miss wandering in the mountains when it snows and no one’s around, and all you can hear are the animals in the woods!

I feel like I have tons of tasks to do lately… KS family is coming over for the weekend, meaning at each meal from Saturday lunch till Sunday dinner I’ll have at least 4 guests plus KS and I… I’m focusing on Saturday night meal, mainly, and I need to hit the supermarket to pick up tons of things, plus choose the meals cut, the fish and veggies, which excludes online shopping…
At the same time, I never have time for Christmas shopping in December, so I try to get it done by November end. I already got gifts for the Bro’s toddlers (that’s easy) and ordered the Sponsor’s gift (and I’m self-complimenting on this, since dad’s always a difficult one). The Panther is an easy one, I always have ideas of presents for her, and my sister in law needs a teapot, but those who really worry me are KS and Bro.

Kevin just texted me a photo of Guadeloupe (he’s there on vacation). I need to go to the supermarket, outside it rains cats and dogs, and I forgot home my coat.
Maybe I should have said yes when he proposed me to go there with him and his friends!! I answered: “Strumming my pain with his message, showing paradise with his cam, killing me softly with his pics, killing me softly with his pics, telling my whole dreams with his mob, killing me softly, with his pics…”

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Moody in November

Halloween has gone, and I’m entering one of the hardest periods of the year. Work always gets tough from September end to May, but once Halloween is behind you, there are almost two long months to go until Christmas without a single day off. The city gets cold at this time of the year, days are shorter and shorter and I’ll probably have to go away on assignments, when all I would like to do is cuddle up in my comfy drinking hot tea and reading a good novel.
Which, I often end up doing at night time, like I did last night until 4AM, because yes, I’m an insomniac (not always, just sometimes). So I end up like today with a very, very sore neck, a major case of lack of sleep (my alarm goes at 7AM, I’ll let you do the math) and a grumpy boyfriend. Ouch.

Yeah, KS isn’t helping a lot. On the Halloween weekend, we went seeing my parents for two days, and then we went to the mountains with a few friends of mine, most of whom, obviously, do not speak French. I know it isn’t easy to socialize when you don’t speak the same language, but seriously, on the first night out, he didn’t exchange a word with anyone, so after ¾ of an hour or so, I decided it was time to take off. He complained my friends were not nice to him, I replied he didn’t do any effort. On the next day, I asked to a good pal to try to put on some conversation with him, and things were better (they discussed sports, obviously). My point is, I get to see my friends two times per year. These are people I grew up with, I shared good and bad with them, and I miss them a lot, so when I get to see them, I would like to be able to spend an evening exchanging stories, updating on what’s been up since last time, drinking with them and so on, instead of worrying whether my boyfriend is making new friends. Maybe I’m a bit hard, but it wasn’t easy for me when I first met his friends, I knew they were going to judge me from the first minute, but I did my best and made friends with them.
Furthermore, KS keeps complaining about me coming home late for work, and yesterday he even had the nerve to suggest I should change my job. I know I said this is a hard time of the year, but I DO enjoy my work and NEVER complain about it with KS, so why would I want to change?

Okay I’ve been a bit hard, things are not as bad as they may seem, it’s just one of those busy moments when you feel tired and grumpy. I’ll go to the SpA tonight, in order to improve my mood ;-)

Meanwhile, Kevin has left for 10 days of vacation, and I miss IMing with him at work. KS knows I have some new friends in Paris, but it’s true I didn’t tell him everything about Kevin, there is no need for it. I know KS has a female buddy at work, and I am a bit jealous sometimes, but I trust him and don’t need to know everything about their friendship, so I think it’s the same about Kevin and I.
As for Kevin’s feelings towards me, that may be a whole different story.