Tuesday, March 23, 2010

...and again. Plus, something incredible

Now, in first place I want to tell you something amazing that happened on Sunday.

I saw three wolves. No, not in a zoo. Free wolves, hunting in the mountains. At no more than 500 meters from us.

I am used to see wild animals, just last Saturday I saw a fox in the woods not far from home, but wolves? I never thought I’d ever see wild wolves in my life.

It was an incredible experience, also because I was skiing and I kept seeing them for a couple of minutes (that’s why I’m so sure they were wolves).

Besides that, the weekend was incredibly exhausting, physically AND emotionally.

Last Saturday I helped the Panther for a tough job: a huge fountain we have in the woods had been, over the last two years, submerged by mud, so we had to dig until it was visible again, and then clean it. Last week I had trained VERY hard, and I was already pretty tired, so this job was pretty much exhausting by itself.
The in the afternoon I ran a couple errands with the Panther, and also bought myself a suit and shoes for the office. We had the grannies over for dinner, and I also stopped by at Bro’s place, so I ended up going to bed without having had a moment for myself, but that was fine because ski touring was planned on Sunday.

And so Sunday morning I woke at 5 (as usual), and went to ski, but the weather was awful and I was feelling sick.
We met the others, and I was relieved to see that B just said hello but did not approach me.
We started hiking, and soon I had to stop to throw up, but at least I managed to do it discreetly and not in front of anyone.

And then we saw the wolves, and that really made me feel better! I kept on hiking, also because we had decided that, given the awful weather, we would just get to the next hut and stop there.

When we got to the hut, I was feeling a bit dizzy, so I stepped right inside thinking I would change my wet clothes. B stepped in right after me, and started talking. He had opened a bottle of beer and (again) offered me some, but I said
“Thanks, but no thanks. Actually I was sick half an hour ago, so no beer for me”
“Sorry to hear that baby”
(Baby? BABY? Who the hell are you calling BABY?)
He went on with small talk, while I took off my sweater, then I realized both my T-shirt and my top were soaked, so I wore my jacket and pulled out my top from underneath (no nakedness in front of B, DDgirl!). I turned around and he was facing me holding a clean sweater
“Here, DDgirl, take my sweater, you’ll be more comfortable”.
“Oh thank-you, that’s not necessary. I’ll put mine next to the stove so it’ll be dry in no time”

(and seriously, B, do you think I’d drink your beer, and then wear your clothes? And then tell me, what would next step be?)

“I insist, wearing windstopper on bare skin cannot be comfortable and I have another clean T-shirt for myself”
“Really B, thank-you but it’s not necessary”

And then I managed to grab all my stuff and get to the other room (where the stove was).

From then on, things declined: I started feeling worse, and the Sopnsor and I soon made our goodbyes, and went home. I felt better for a while and then I plunged into stomach flu, so much that yesterday I called sick at work for the very first time in my life.

This morning I felt way better, so I came to work.

I logged into Facebook and I had two messages, one from an old friend. And one from B.

“How are you? Feeling better?”


Katarzyna Z. - "Stray" Kat said...

Seriously, what's he playing at? It's hard but you need to ignore him as much as you can, DD, I love you and I don't want him to make you feel bad as he did some time ago. He is an asshole. Period. He thinks he can have you again then run to his wife when his guilt is too strong? Nay! Introduce me to him, I can solve your problems by killing him.

DDgirl said...

Kat, remember not to buy a gun, you'd be scary!!

Well, hopefully I won't see B again over 2010...

And this is good because
the truth is thet

Katarzyna Z. - "Stray" Kat said...

hehehe :) great gal, you're looking at the bright side ;)

Oh yeah, I should really hide my swords then... hehehe


mum said...

He's a jerk. You were obviously not feeling well, cold, wet, and trying to get away from him. I hope you don't see him again anytime soon. mum

Nic said...

He's a jerk indeed. To you DDgirl but also to his wife. Who would want a guy like that?

Good to see you strong (even though you weren't feeling well) and getting away from him.

Are you feeling better now? You're a real workaholic so you've probably only missed one day at the office.
But don't forget to take care of yourself, you're heading into a burnout if you don't watch out.

Miss Burton said...

B sounds interesting ... maybe because I really don't know his story. Who is he?

the wolves must have been awesome. seeing wild animals in their natural environment is always great. I hate seeing them locked in a zoo, it's so unnatural ...

sorry to hear that you were sick. but at least you feel better now :)


Miss Burton said...

You did a good job! 3 is awesome and I congratulate you. Well done :)
Yeah I think I might actually do another one some day but you're absolutely right, weekly updates would be way better. I was a bit disappointed with myself because I sucked at managing this thing, even though I tried my best. But I'm glad you'd be up for a second round!

I really hope your weekend will be better even though the week will be very ... hm. same every day. hmhm.

love you :)